Gang Related Garroting, Mexican Man Struggles Drawing Breath

Gang Related Garroting, Mexican Man Struggles Drawing Breath

Mexican man, presumably from Mexico has a bloody face. His killers are presumably from a rival cartel affiliation in Mexico.

We bare witness to a last will and testament of sorts taking place before and during his strangulation. At one point in video, we see tip of an automatic rifle tap man’s chest. Later on, gentle love taps from a boot shows how much they really, really care. The delighted killers seem to be tickled with the murdering process of their stuck-like-a-hog victim.

After audible groaning and whining, the volume is turned up on some O.G. music. The face of the man -who is getting choked to death- is bloody from his eye socket down to his mouth. The pre-garrote beating was not captured on film. We don’t get to see facial expressions change much before the monkey on his back, named Death, was welcomed with his arms wide open.

Should be noted: If you are easy offended and pissed off by authentic Mexican music, then mute the video!

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      1. Fuckin awesome, lovely how the killer moved the rag out of the way so we could see the victim. Thoughtful fellow. Good strong garrot hold too. Control your victim. I don’t think he was near dead yet. Still an eternity to go.

    1. @seraphim-serenata sorry for the delay I was in a small vacation here it goes.

      -I know where they are, I’ll take you there
      * (rib kick) will see, will see
      * go take a look around, dont let him go
      # Bring a bag, bring a bag
      * Are you recording? we willgo there.
      # Ill soften him for you (hits guy with the rifle)
      Guy on the floor does a groan and they say something else but its unaudible, shitty background music in the link (it’s another shitty narco corrido)

    1. It’s BECAUSE they’re human that they’re so inhuman. You should know by now that humans are the cruelest and most savage creatures to walk the earth. It’s all part of human nature.

      1. Exactly right and well said. There are ghouls, monsters, and demons on earth incarnate. We are them, and we create them. That has all been documented here.

        That’s why this site may be the most important site on the web. Mark is a true hero.


        1. I wasn’t just talking about killing. Cruelty and savagery comes in all shapes and forms which being 37 years of age I’m sure you already know. Constant verbal harassment, keeping loved ones apart and all manner of mental and psychological abuse, hell some people would argue that you yourself are cruel for saying the people in this video deserve death even though they rightly do and call me and most everyone else here savages for joking and laughing about some of the content on the site… this is what we do as humans, hurt people either physically or emotionally, knowingly or unknowingly. Only difference is some more or alot more than others.

        2. Chris,
          It’s also about your environment. You haven’t had the uncontrollable urge to kill because it hasn’t been instilled in you. Before civilization, these acts were a daily occurrence. And in the 3rd world, they still are.

          Funny though, how you don’t see any problem saying the killers deserve to die. See what I mean? It’s all subjective.

  1. Probably fucked the wrong guys sister, daughter or cousin. These mother fuckers get a little too crazy over that shit. It’s as if they have a “nobody fucks my flesh and blood but me!” vibe about them.

      1. Reminds me of Tony Montana’s sister at the end of the scarface movie. These fuckers would drop everything they’re doing even if they were all dying around eachother for an excuse to feel up their naked sister or cousin and act like they’re not doing anything out of the normal.

  2. Maybe he Fucked this guy’s mom.
    Maybe he borrowed Money for a down payment on some Land and the Bank came to collect since he’d missed about three payments.
    Maybe he tried to play fast and loose with this guy’s carburator at a time when the Perpetrators needed their truck the most.
    We will never know. I guess.

  3. from the ambiance , with music and peoples talking and all.. for a moment, it feel like the video have been recorded in a local pub, with peoples talking and drinking, background mexican music and the murdering in a tv screen in that pub ..

      1. Haha, yeah, I get bored with the pictures and the way the word (name) appears on the screen. Pity I can’t change @1purple8 too, because that’s a retarded name.

        When I check out ‘All The Gore’ these days I play the game ‘Who Posted?, Seraphim or Boss’, judging by header description. I’ve nearly a 100% success rate. You really get into descriptive nitty-gritty Mr. Seraphim.

        This one was fuckin’ funny though.

    1. I don’t get these people, young and old, who are so convinced that everyone in the world is nice and they just want to go out and meet locals and be all mutli culti. Well, guess what brother? You got the full treatment just as it goes on in these shit hole Third World fuck holes! You wanted to experience other cultures as they are and you got it all!

      My nephew wanted to go teach English in South America, little liberal fucking nitwit that he is. I’m glad he didn’t. All wide eyed and full of piss and vinegar to save the world, I told my sister that he’d end up kidnapped for ransom. She said “well we’re not rich.” Yeah, like that matters to them. You’re rich to those verminous roaches down there and hey, if you gotta sell your house and cash out your retirement to get your little cherub back you think they give a fuck? Then those animals would kill him anyway!

      Time is approaching to bomb these festering shit holes into dust and rid the world of 95% of the violence and causes of war!

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