Gas Station Attendant Shot in Head and Robbed Off Money in Philippines

Gas Station Attendant Shot in Head and Robbed Off Money in Philippines

Gas Station Attendant Shot in Head and Robbed Off Money in Philippines

CCTV footage from the Philippines shows a pair of miscreants on a motorcycle shoot dead a gas station attendant to steal her money and get away without paying for the fill up.

The accomplice apparently got off the bike beforehand, and while his partner pretended to want to gas up, he sneaked up on the attendant from behind, and shot her point blank in the head, presumably killing her.

I have no tolerance for pieces of shit like that. She was trying to earn an honest living, they ran a bullet through her brain so they don’t have to. I hope Karma catches up with them soon and ten fold.

Props to Best Gore member @hanafusa14 for the video:

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163 thoughts on “Gas Station Attendant Shot in Head and Robbed Off Money in Philippines”

      1. These men are absolute scum bags. I mean no they could of just refused her services. They didn’t have to shoot her head. I get so passionate about violence. But I really hate when it happens to our women.

        1. Men dont matter huh? Women can be just as violent and tend to have the male in thier life do the dirty work…is that anybetter. How many die over a women.yet they are i nocent little danty creatures….pff right.

          1. August Lane I was not saying that men didn’t matter. I know that there are some women out there that are going to be doing the wrong thing. I just referred to men because men committed this crime.

        2. Men or women it makes no difference, just meatbags cowering in fear, at least she got a swift death, she didn’t even see it coming that’s the absolute best you can hope for in life.

  1. Nah, there’s more to this than free fuel. If it were about fuel they’d have let her pump a bit more into the tank before shooting her.
    Nope, sorry, they were there primarily to kill her. Probably owed the wrong person money.

    Edit: But then again, it is the Philippines. I guess they’re well capable in that shithole of putting one in your swede for a few bucks.

    1. I’m old enough to remember, that most gas stations had attendants who pumped your gas. Kinda funny, that every time they checked my oil, it was low.

      Then, in a blink of an eye, they were permanently behind the counter, selling cigarettes and sodas.

      …especially, when I told them to wait 10 minutes, for the oil to completely drain back into the pan.

      1. when i was a teenager working at full serve gas stations, most of us would tell customers they were low on oil and then pretend to fill it up. Nobody ever got out of their car to watch us. We’d pocket ~$3 each time…hell, some would even tip us for the ‘service’! Trust me, we’re all better off with self-serve now!

          1. Oh, ok. I was up in New Jersey, and Philly last year and one of those spots had the same thing. It was weird, because I had never seen that before. Honestly, I didn’t like it. I guess I’m just used to doing it myself.

          2. yeah and how much do you pay for gas? there a reason we have self-service/ its hella cheaper eh?

        1. those girls make about 7 dollars a day, so its going to be a while before they can find a robot or computerized equipment to replace that negligible labor cost. Most of the time the girls are just eye candy. this one was ugly and deserved an instant euthanasia. mabuhay

    2. its more modern to have to go inside the store and blast the skull of a guy at the gas computer?

      hella lot easier to clean up the mess outside. the bucket is already there

          1. Giiiirl, don’t you worry. The hurt’n I will put on you will be so sexually criminal, that you will have to change your name to illegal69.

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            @illegalsmile55, I’ve got to mortar in a few more stones in the wall of the sex dungeon, and I’ll be hollering at you.

      1. voting is indeed meaningless and a wasted effort from election fraud. If you truly care? vote by NOT paying taxes, that sends a clear message that cannot be warped or skued. It is a more dangerous action than even going postal and grabbing a gun or making a bomb.

        Every government function simply cannot exist without funding. if you take away the funding, the government stops. Insolvency means victory.

        General Strike. Paralyzed and smash the economy. Vacate all government offices. stop all social services. Let the people govern themselves. Those who cannot? will either leave or die.
        the remaining survivors will decide their own future without a central government

        1. I really enjoy and appreciate your travelogues. However ,I am disconcerted by your apparent nihilism.

          Tax pays for civilization and a working society. I certainly ,like you agree with social upheaval to bring about change ,given parliamentary processes no longer work and only until change is brought.

          However ,it appears to me that you want to smash society altogether. That may be great for you but what about a less smart ,less moneyed ,less healthy ,less tough relative of yours -son,daughter ,grandma? Are you happy to have them just sink or swim? Even if you are ,do you really think the majority of people would ever think like you do? I would suggest that the majority may join forces to neutralise you because it means they save a working society.

          1. they shouldn’t exist anyway, and you will see that both fascist and communist societies have no room for organized crime or a black market, and they are exterminated. so don’t be in a hurry to trash capitalism. it allows for welfare system to exist and another criminal system to exist at the same time. no other systems go for that shit,


          2. tax pays for israel and the Military Industrial Complex.

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          3. The only working capitalism which worked and led to wealth in the Anglosphere ,Germany ,France ,Singapore ,Taiwan ,China ,Singapore ,Scandinavia ,rest of EU etc is all Welfare Capitalism which had a Social Contract. The loss of this Social Contract via Predatory Capitalism/globalisation/ neoliberal economics , is what has led to poverty ,open borders ,drops in income and conditions ,crime etc in all the above places since about 1975.

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            It seems we both hate the same things but believe it was caused by different things. The evidence actually supports my position.

          4. Good point, Nem

            I mean, without a tax collecting central Govt, you have
            no police
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            Now while many of these are ‘abused’ by our leaders, we
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            But .. to want social upheavel is a noble thing

          5. You are absolutely right that we have a TGA and not a body named “FOod and Drug Admin” as per the USA. However our body is an organisation that is amongst the class of things called “food and drug administrations” where an administration is simply an authority or body .

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          6. @nems – you have a good memory don’t you? I wrote that a long time ago. Yes it’s true, my brothers and I all lined up for a go! I’m not embarrassed – I was a teenager and anything stimulating my dick felt great!

    1. she might have been more than a gas attendant. lots of secrets in the philippines. go there and you can feel the vibe, if you aren’t drunk on REd horse or that ugly pussy there ; you will notice it. That chick was holding some major cash. for whatever reason? remember that dealing in shabu there means instant execution on the street by the police. so let’s get serious about it. No fucking witnesses

      want to survive the phils? don’t talk to men much, never join them for drinking or gambling, and watch your comments at the karaoke. And remember that its a racist society and your white ass fucking those ugmo whores is just a tolerated necessity, and that kanos are NOT really appreciated in that place. want to find out? try and stop constant giving out of pesos. see how fast your “friends” hang around, and how long their smiles last Sir,.

        1. its mostly Aussies and Brits there now,. sure a lot of Americans in the ‘pines but we’ve had that place for over century and its played out and only for losers, but the Aussies and Brits are there for the cheap grog and women.

          the Americans are all over thailand. man it is infested by foreigners. another nation of whores and servants, just a lot smarter. Thais are free, “Filipinos” are subjects

  2. I guess the pump should have had one of those annoying, needless video screens to give them weather predictions and the basketballs scores. It might have distracted the bad guys.

  3. That fucking sucks. Poor attendant just working a shitty job, probably not a lot of money in that purse/sachel thing.
    What the fuck did he (or she?) do to deserve that I wonder? If anything.

    1. Mostly of us Filipino wants to bring back the death penalty here in the Philippines. But the catholic groups and the Commission of Human Rights always interfering it in the Senate. They always saying death penalty is inhumane and breaking the law of God. Lol

        1. Sure he did….He did an amazing job And yet he is one of the most demonized humans since the dawn of time.

          ”Enjoy the war as long as you can because peace will be much worse”

          1. Jews hate Hitler to this day so much for kicking them out of Germany so they’ll continue to demonized him till the end of days Hitler’s name won’t ever be forgotten after all they keep making bullshitry movies shows documentaries and books about Holohoax.

        2. @darkmatter95

          It’s true and it’s really disgusting….

          The society raises our children by driving them into their throats all these lies at school, in books, films, documentaries, on the internet and these children believe all these lies because it is the only thing they know. In 75 years of propaganda people start to believe these heinous and fallacious lies. You know Pyongyang in north korea, the children learn that Kim Jeong Un came from the sky and they shows them two stars in particular and tells them that their leader comes from there and they believe these idiots lies. We find his stupid because we know these are lies and we find his funny also that they believes that but that’s all they knows because propaganda manipulates them all their fucking life. Well here in the West we are not better because the majority believe all these stupid lies on Adolf Hitler and the Holohoax because the propaganda instills this since the fucking kindergarten. Btw People like (us) who know that this is shit in a box and that it’s only lies, well we are ostracized from society. Adolf Hitler Said If International Jewry Wins This Battle (wwII) the world would be plunged into darkness for decades to come and damn he was fucking right.

          Sorry for my bad english btw

          1. Exactly we are all living in a falsehood since the moment we gained a conscious where told & taught nothing but lies and Deceitful promises. They have twisted history for they’re own liking and demonized all who stood against the tyranny of globalist ideology that is controlled by rich Jews who worship satan himself. Jesus was condemned to be crucified to death by devil Hebrews who got angry that he was educating people to live in harmony and love for one another and to follow God’s righteous teaching. And now in this time and age, more people worship Money that’s controlled by the Jews showing us they are winning over the masses as time continues it won’t be long till UN becomes the World Government and all countries are unified under tyranny of Evil Globalist Jews they’ll eventually bring back slavery legalizing it under their evil religious practice and if anyone stands against it will be seen as anti-somatic and thrown in prison. it will only be in afterlife that the fools will realize they’ve condemned themselves in fires of Hell for worshiping the Money of satans followers. We on other hand must seek salvation for ourselves and for those we love so we can enter gods kingdom only than will we know true paradise love & harmony which is our lord and savior Christ.

  4. the so-called subjects of a Spanish King 5 centuries ago are now in the top ten of world’s most populated countries, passing vietnam long ago. It is a colonial relic, and there IS no national identity or cultural cohesion. the first thing a flip does is GFTO of his country, and only foreign remittances from these Overseas workers keeps the family at home from starvation.

    The ones that DON’T have family members to help them> become desperate criminals who fully know they will die in an instant from the police death squads of this military dictatorship that has controlled the nation since the Japanese liberators were ejected and the Maharlikan people were again enslaved by the American colonial empire, such as Guam or Micronesia or Samoa or Hawaii or Alaska or Puerto Rico or even its concentration camp in its Cuban colony..

    the Philippines is more like Honduras than anyplace else in Southeast Asian. Its people are the most colonial victimized people in the world, they are truly the Poor Man of Asia

      1. maharlika was what the natives called themselves, the spanish discovers reported, and they had their own language and religion,. which was promptly extinguished by the spanish in the same fashion that they did to the aztecs and inca.

        which is why the country resembles latin american and not asia, in most regards. the philippines was administered by acapulco, not spain, for 4 centuries. the philippines is more like mexico / and that’s why

          1. well it was an archipelago like Indonesia so islam was still penetrating and had made it as far north as Manila bay, but when those spanish saw those Moro towers they went apeshit and used the tactics that Cortez and Pizzarro used in the Americans with much the same effect. If you want to understand this place you have to see in it this regard.

            The Spanish demanded the natives to adopt their religion. At swordpoint. and the natives either did it or died. Only the Muslims fought back. and they are STILL fighting back today. Check out marawi city. that happened last year. google that shit and i say the people there were the last remnants of free Filipinos.. Marawi is like macchu Piccu

            the dutch in indonesia couldn’t care less about the religion, they just wanted the sultans there running the show to pay taxes. which they did until the japanese freed them in 1942. and thats why Indonesia has a cohesive society and way of life and far less crime and poverty , in a nation with 3 times the population

          2. fuck those abos. they had been in Australia for 40 thousand years and hadnt even discovered the wheel. they speared every white monkey they saw. they used sticks to wipe their anus and lived in the stone age in a prehistoric relic. they deserved nothing and any faggot Pom/Aussie who thinks otherwise is a disgrace to the true Aussies who were SENT to that fatal shore.

          3. Yes. I agree that Indo is more cohesive but many Indos themselves readily admit it is only because of the Javanese violently imposing themselves on the other Indos. Also true about the Dutch methods. Remember ,Indo was a Hindu/animist country first and was Invaded by Islam as was the Philippines.

            We will disagree on Moslems. I say fuck the Moros of the Philippines. Eternal troublemakers like all religious Moslems.

          1. they are still free to live that nomadic lifestyle in the outback if they wish. they have not been assimilated into Aussie society because they are inferior. there have been many, many instances of genocide on this planet, and rest assured the aboriginals there did the same to many other tribes and invaders. Its true they were unwanted but so were the Europeans sent there as exiles. Its the fucking end of the world there, where all flotsam ends up, along with the dregs of humanity

    1. i doubt they enjoyed that. there are plenty of vids here that show people who enjoy killing. He didn’t pump bullets into her head for fun….. to these guys its just part of life there. and yet there will be tons of white guys among them drinking and fucking whores completely oblivious of where they are and how it could all change in a heartbeat. and that all the flips would do would be to stare at the aftermath. the philippines is really dangerous. only fools say otherwise

    1. and if you knew that if you were caught robbing that YOU would be instantly executed in the same way? I mean, life-and-death usually has no compassion. in the philippines its not fuckin’ around time. and most countries on the planet are like this. EU, US, UK and AU are just exceptions

      we call it the “third World” but there is only one. we can pretend its another planet but half the planet’s human population is really fucking poor. and mean right on the fucking edge of survival. clean water and rice is all they think about. oh and their cell phones.

      the third world is the real world. we in the west are just in disneyland

      1. Depend on which “third world” are you on. Pull a stunt like this in Thailand, Kill or no kill. You still get to spent time in jail without any worry about on spot excute. Also, They could just rob and not killing her, However, I believe, They just want to having fun pulling a trigger on some defenseless poor woman who can’t fought back at all. Scum on earth they are.

        1. No sometime when you post a new comment, the ”edit” button is not here at all. Habitually you have 5 minutes to edit or completely change your initial comment.

          Today the buttom is there and he’s working

          1. Consider yourself lucky…

            Here in the states, we have an edit button too. But unfortunately, it’s attached to a remote control that takes you to a corporate media, that does all the editing for you.

            …it’s called Democracy!

  5. Here I am wondering why these Filipino fuckhead Comcast customer service agents never budge an inch with returning the money they steal from my account………Now I see they kill innocent women over a tank of gas……The scum of Asia.

  6. Just like idiots here in the United States . Morons rob convenience stores , gas stations or liquor store . They take the money then they kill the clerk to have no witnesses . But the idiots leave the surveillance cameras recording to what they did . I have never understood that .

  7. these crimes always put a sense of urgency to me. some people are straight up doing nothing but a crook at Life just decides to rot a bit more inside… tears this must bring.. Lord Be With Them All! Glad we can agree.

  8. Death is too good and swift for these fucks. Make them suffer. Pointless crime. Dude had a helmet and fast getaway.not like she gonna get a good I.D if them….she must have been so rude and mean to them while she ran out to oumo gas for them…i do t see any indication other then a women doing her job and giving good service…now cuz these fucks dont work. Too lazy and not men enough to slag away for a wage and work their way up like decent humans do. They should peopld pointless crime is not tolerated. Before too lo g people i. Vrazil will all know so.o e close that iether was killed by a cowerd or got a senteence of pure suffering for killing the innocent.mind will change when punishment is close to home and swift and severe. Maybe even common folk will start to rebel and turn these fucks in…proactive and not reactive….

  9. Just like the genius level criminals here in the United States . The will rob a convenience store then shoot and kill the clerk to get rid of the witness to their crime. but leave the video recording their ascension to the top of worlds dumbest criminals . I guess it’s the same thing in this case these two must be the pride of the family .

  10. This was not a robbery of any type 2 reasons this is a fact.
    1. They didnt even get a fill up at most 30-50 cents was put in the tank before they blew her away & ran off.
    2. They didnt search her pockets for extra cash or valuables!
    They were paid plenty for the hired hit, more then likely paid by her husband after suspecting her of cheating on him.

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