Gaza’s Genocide: Cries of the Innocent

Gaza's Genocide: Cries of the Innocent

You are about to see the truth of our reality as it stands today. In particular, the reality of the current state of Gaza and the results of the Israeli offensive against the Palestinians. However, do not think this is merely a Middle Eastern concern. It never was. This is something which has been in the making since World War II. Every day, all nations, whether they realize it or not, are being pushed inevitably towards all-out war. The true War To End All Wars because today, we have the means necessary to completely annihilate millions of people within the blink of an eye. And that god-like power is in the possession of a group of psychopaths who profit off of death, war and the suffering of the innocents as you are about to see below.

If dead, dying or injured children are your weak point, you might want to give this gallery a pass. The images below are horrific and heartbreaking and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that monsters really do exist.

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  1. Not that the UN really can do anything, but the fact that the Israelis continue to bomb and kill civilians when most of the world governments beg them to stop speaks for itself.

    And slowly but surely the world is opening it’s eye.. Even North Korea made a speech against their actions.

    1. Yep that’s war for you. That’s what happens when you fire rockets into a sovereign country. Very surprising you idiots don’t understand it. Far worse happened in ww2 during the US bombings so STFU right??? Why are we defending Islam, when they’re sole purpose is to kill the infidels?????? Anyone have an answer to this?

        1. Hey proto-fuck-col-colon

          or whatever your call your yourself, when you keep fucking with people sometimes they respond so brutality that shit gets dead on a large scale. Are you so ignorant that you can’t see that? Most likely you are. Hamas is getting the Palistine people killed. If I were to be threatened I’d go an kick ass just the same. Your a opinionated but weak little thing aren’t you?

          1. That’s fine. It’s just hilarious how quickly zionist supporters start they’re “Islamist” tangent when clearly it’s about these war crimes. What is also funny to me us the argument of “well they were given time to ‘flee’ before the bombings”. When you have a population of more than 1.5 million people living in a 25 x 4 mile cement cage, where exactly can you flee to???

      1. israel is not a sovereign country, its an occupied land. and i dont see islam defended in the post (or @the remnants comment or my answer – in fact, YOU are the first person on this page to mention islam), just the gazan civilians

      2. The answer is that non-combatants were killed by so-called “collateral damage”. No one is “defending Islam” & if you think that the zionists
        who still see themselves as an elite race of people aren’t killing people that they see as infidels & wouldn’t kill us if our misguided foreign policy wasn’t protecting them, then you are quite misguided yourself.

        What it comes down to is that critical thinking & intellectual honesty demand that we see both sides as evenly as is possible.

        And this shit that the zionists radicals are doing right here just demands sheer outrage.

      1. are you joking or did you have read too much protocols of zion today? i admit, the jews have a really powerful lobby, especially in america and countless of shitty organisations, but that doesn’t means that they totally control the entire fucking world lol. also many jews playing a leading role in the media environment and the film industry and so on, but that doesn’t means that they all are zionists. you can believe what you want, but for me the filthy zionist jew is not smart and tough enough to control the fucking world. if it’s the case, they don’t need any “Hasbara War Room” crap. think about it!

          1. What about your average jew that doesn’t know shit? At the risk of sounding p.c. , generalizations like “The jews” misses the point. Most jews are like most catholics, most muslims & most every other mainstreamed group: They don’t know shit & they don’t give a shit.

            What’s dangerous about the ones that do is the whole “Tikun Ha Olam” maxim. Roughly translated, it means that “we are the chosen and therefore it is our duty to fix up the world”. That shit is dangerous.

        1. @Evilliain.

          The Hasbara War Room , is required by them due to people becoming aware of the biggest lie ever told in human history, among many other things. If they hadn’t been so full of shit over the years, it wouldn’t be necessary to have such a thing, or at least not to such an extent.

      2. @TheProtocolOfZion its the apocalypse already happening… Those who killed Jesus are the very same who are killing innocent childrens… When Jesus get back He will come with a Sword in hand to punish all those animals…

    2. You forgot that the HAMAS has kidnapped
      and brutally killed 3 young boys israeli, who did nothing but tried to catch a ride to their homes at west bank.

      without this happening, all this war and blood shed would not happen.

      HAMAS is making the genocid here!

      they are forcing gaza people to hide in the places that probably gonna get bombed by the IDF.

      Places that contain LAUNCHERS and rockets, that is being fired to israel civilians. there were rockets that have landed in west bank, on palestinian houses!

    3. i gotta say i admit with you, the isrealians stopped this shit a bunch of times the last months, gaza keeps ordering rocket fire. what would you do? if your land keeps getting attacked youd wanna mess them up right let alone finally bite back?! israel even WARNED them they were gonna bomb certain places, palastinians were hijacking ambulances to kill as many as possible instead of saving their own. what the fuck would you do? and no before i get the prentious stfu jew comments. im from holland, and im not a jew.

      1. So what your saying is, that if Jews control the media in white countries, if Jews control the banks in white countries, if Jews control all of the politicians through their secret society freemasonry in white countries, if Jews changed the immigration act in all white countries to flood them with non whites in order to make us minorities in our own countries, if Jews subvert our white culture, that we should declare war on them? I agree 100%

      1. With all due respect, you can’t leave out the supposedly mainstreamed, moderate butcher of humanity-xtianity.

        The Abrahamic religions are a three headed, venomous, fire breathing hydra of unmittigated war & destruction. Why ignore the one part of the hydra that alledgedly doesn’t practice violence anymore when there whole worldview is saturated with death?

        My best friend of three decades is a xtian, but even he would agree that xtianity paved the way for all fo this.

      1. how is truth propaganda? This is real bodies of real civiliains killed by Israeli airstrikes. it is no propaganda it is fucking fact.

        and they all say “Palestine has just as much blood on their hands for commit atrocities against Israel”.

        so…show me their bodies. show me all of the dead Israeli children murdered by Palestinians who would violate the Geneva Convention and bomb hospital civilians during cease fire? i’ll wait right here.

          1. That’s in the Talmud… A Jew life is more important than anyone’s else life… A Jew can rob from a non Jew because “god protects their money”… Thats why God sent us his Son our Lord Jesus because even the Jews got corrupted… Now its getting worse and its completely fuked up… i wouldnt be surprised if the end of the world happens in the next decades….

          1. Ya, I can tell by their distraught faces they want all of this for ‘propaganda’. I can’t even begin to understand their – it’s not just the losses – how terrified must you be EVERY DAY to worry about what tomorrow will bring; will you still have your children, your family? Heartbreaking and sick all of this is…

        1. We invest money in defending ourselves.
          So sorry this stupid baboons invested all of their money in rockets, now when they have no shields they protect themselves by putting their children on the frontline.
          Hamas wants its children dead so you can make this articles lol.

        2. This is propaganda, but there is nothing wrong with propaganda, it just means getting your message across. It was Edward Bernays and other Jews who turned propaganda into disinformation and gave it a bad name. They then re-branded it public relations.

        1. Ehehe, some of them are true, but that 5th one kinda has a 2 edged blade in it. Satan hates the jews because they stole the antient scriptures from Him, corrupting them, and destroying any knowledge from their origins. The world’s original religion had then become a religion of greed and false beliefs… and turned Satan’s name as a resonance of “evil”.

          1. A Grand test designed to fool the weak and corruptable into following blindly to the waiting jaws of what their constant defile of truth will bring.
            Stay the course against persecution of the innocent. No matter where. If you don’t, you will die over and over again.

          1. Yay thanks,don’t worry obli my mom wouldn’t complain cause this keeps my mind occupied in something else and don’t go crazy 😆 btw I leave a reply in the post of the woman who was trying to “rewrite her memories”

  2. Im visiting this site alot! for a long time, but this time I had to comment. as an atheist who deeply hates all religions and lives in israel. I agree that those pictures are horrible but im amazed about the amount of details missing. You need to blame Hamas and not israel! . first of all Hamas is bombing israel with homemade rockets and missiles for 12 years now weekly. and in the past 3 weeks its been more intense than ever so our army had to react to defend ourselfs (we got alarms here at least 5 times a day) the thing is that Hamas people are fucking cowards and liars they launching their missiles from schools and houses of Innocent civilians – women and childrens because life for them is countless and they want the world to think just what you posted. I feel sorry for all the Innocent lives of both sides and i wish it will stop for good, hopefully when Hamas organization will be destroyed. Just wanted to tell the real truth and who is the one to blame. Peace, and keep up with the “good” stuff:)

    1. Israel did 911 and then blamed it on Arabs, what do you have to say about that? Jews own the media, banks, and control the government through their secret society freemasonry in all white countries and changed the immigration policy to make whites a minority in our own lands by flooding our countries with all the other races of the world. You have anything to say about that?

      1. All i have to say my friend is dont listen to every thing you read or see on the news if youre not living there. as one that lives here I can tell you that this is everything you said is bullshit and I have no reason to lie, because I hate judaism just as islam and christianity

    2. where is all this evidence of israel being bombed on a weekly basis? Or maybe there is no proof because it doesn’t happen like that. I am extremely anti-religious as well but all I see concerning the Israel/Palestine conflict is Israel killing COUNTLESS numbers of children, men and women. This may not be about religion now but it sure as fuck started that way. Shame on Israel!!!!!

          1. Is ra hell to?

            Hamas kids are in trainig because they are born to oposse is ra hell occupation. You Jews are the worst terrorist on planet. You terrorize Palestinians for decades so wtf you expect..

  3. Proof if ever needed, God does not exist! If there was a God, this would not be tolerated. God is a fairytale tool to indoctrinate and scare the people and herd them around killing in the name of God!

    When religion is gone, probably with the rest of humanity, peace will be restored.

    1. Free will is both a gift and a curse. Would you like some “Godly” entity to come swoop you away with all the other perfect souls? Or would you fight for the right to uplift your fellow man in times of extreme strife? I agree religion is cancer, b ut it’s certainly not proof of “God” not existing… There are many names for the infinite source, and “God” simply isn’t serving it’s purpose anymore.

  4. I honestly get the impression that the Israeli’s have underestimated the feelings of disgust and revolt of the rest of the world on this. Maybe it’s more of a hope on my behalf, but I have that feeling for sure.

  5. So many people turn a blind eye to this. ‘Ignorance is bliss’, they say, well, it may be bliss, but for millions of others it’s a complete pain in the dickhole.
    Sometimes I wish we were all still primal and undeveloped as a species. We may as well be, throughout time the only thing mankind has done is create a gun and place it in a triggerhappy man’s hand. Our cooperation and respect as a whole has long gone in our shrivelled and decaying heads.
    I hope for a day where mankind wakes the fuck up and realises the world will be better if we all live our lives in peace, because in the end we all die, something so obvious a fact like that is not drilled into our heads fully because too many are not exposed to the harsh truth that continues to be ignored.

    1. Unfortunately, peace is going to have to come at a high price. We’ve gone too far, got too big for our britches. We decided we were better than any other living thing and sought to conquer everything ourselves included.

      If we cannot figure out our connection to each other and the world, we will die off.

      1. Ive said it many times before, we’re destined to forge our own extinction. We failed to learn from the mistakes of the first civilizations before they self destruct almost in the same way we’re about to do… If such day ever happens, and nature claims its ballance, may the ones that come after humanity’s extinction learn from our mistakes.

      2. So painfully true. I just want something huge to happen, even a massive ass cosmic event which makes everybody realise “oh yeah, we are insignificant, distant from the real world and I think it’s time to stop blowing eachothers heads off!”. I hope it happens in my lifetime. Crazy thought, but at this rate I don’t think any huge human tragedy will be strong enough to pull us through this mess, as sick as it sounds.

        1. Well, considering our current situation is a premeditated fabrication of epic proportions that is designed to fester and rot for eternity.. I would say that you guys are pretty spot on. There will be a few immortal humans created from the entire process. Billions upon billions of souls harvested and processed.. For the benefit of a few… Damn this is some good weed.

  6. These people are riding with islam and if you’re not you die. I doubt anyone here would enjoy living under their rule. I’m not taking sides, if the shoe was on the other foot, the videos and photos of men, women, and children being raped,tortured, and mutilated would be much, much worse. As we’ve all seen in previous videos and or photos, for the religion of peace, bloodshed is the key to heavens door.

  7. Israel is right when it says that military action was a last resort for them because their main weapon of coercion is usually debt plus interest, its just a shame that devout Muslims refuse to engage in that process.

    Therefore what we have here is coercion through threats of and actual violence.

    The main point of argument from the Jewish community is that they should be able to defend themselves from Hamas attacks but this avoids two main points of reality, that their so called defence is now a full on attack and that the civilian population of Palestine, not a viable target in anyone?s eyes, appears to be getting massacred daily.

    On a parallel point, ex members of the Serbian military were put on trial for war crimes during the Yugoslav Wars for supposedly much the same thing.

    The UN said that breaches of the Geneva Convention and violations of international humanitarian law had occurred and that these violations included the killing of civilians and the deliberate destruction of civilian property including cultural and religious property such as churches and mosques.

    Do you suppose that the UN will take an equally hard stance on Israel for doing much the same thing, I very much doubt it.

    If a criminal were to throw a brick through my house window I would have every right to beat that criminal up however I would not have the right to go around to his house and kill both him and his entire family and friends, it would be considered excessive force and totally disproportionate to the original offence therefore the court would throw out my argument of defence.

    Israel, the masters of defending the indefensible. If it were not for global economics and debt repayment Israel would not get away with such flimsy argument based upon faulty logic and lies, however they will because money talks.

    I have to wonder whether Israel will keep all this newly conquered land like they did last time during the six day war, they will probably try at least.

  8. Israel has the right to defend itself. How would you like to live in fear everyday of being hit by a rocket? The Palestinians were warned to leave their homes before the bombing began. Cries of innocents? More like cries of stupid people who let Hamas use them as human shields. Do not feel sorry for these people. If they were smart then they would leave or turn their guns on the nearest member of Hamas for bringing this apon them.

    1. ….some one who calls “the cries of inocents” (children,in this case) “the cries of stupid people who let hamas use them as human shields”, doesnt deserve speaking to as a fellow human.
      there are so many things i could say to you – – – but why would i bother?

    2. It honestly doesn’t matter what country or religion it is. Fuck jews and Israel. ANY country has the right to defend itself. Unless you live in a country that is constantly under fear of rocket attacks, I dont want to hear your bullshit.

          1. Those rockets are a feeble excuse I’m afraid. Iron Dome takes care of them with ease. The propagandized media portrayal of those rockets, has born fruit for Israel in the past. Not so much nowadays, as only a fool would be prepared to continue to claim that they have any effect at all.

  9. Barbaric, meaningless, sad, disturbing, brutal, helpless, violent, sickening, shocking, disgusting, offensive, nauseating, repulsive, frightening, depressing, infuriating, dismaying, evil, hideous, terrible…….

    Pick any word because they all describe how fucked up this kind of thing truly is!

    1. @The Judge, i would add torturous to that because whoever dropped the bombs arectorturing people by killing loved ones and injuring others. Also seeing pictures like those above are torture to watch but I feel the need to do so as they open my eyes to what is really happening in the Middle East.

  10. I do not agree with any religion,their all man made bs made for control, I mean, if the argument is , their religion requires such and such so don’t side with them…
    What about what Zionist Jews think of anyone non-jewish and the molestation of male newborns and the mutilation of their god given foreskin in the name of their religious ideals??
    While I truly feel empathy for the women involved in such a horrid controlling religion (killed over ankle flesh Jesus fucking christ right?) they do not derserve to be bombed to smitherins and hold their childrens dead amputated body parts in pools of blood for Israels sake.

    This is so sad. No regard for human life.

  11. It was Great to see the Palestinian UN rep absolutley tear shreds off Israel last night on the tv,then in turn the Israel member continued to justify their actions…..and twist words distort the truth like the jews do.

  12. New here. Long time lurker. I have had the immense displeasure of having to deal with these creatures they call joos in my line of work on many occasions. They are without a doubt the nastiest, greediest, most self centered son of bitches it has ever been my displeasure to deal with. It would tickle my pecker if every other country in that region got together and did the rest of the world a favor and put the jooish nation out of our misery. To much blood and treasure has been lost due to these douchebags. I sincerely hope their days are numbered.

  13. Fucking tragic. 30 years ago we needed Israel.. they were the only stable gov?t in the mid east and we got 40% of our oil from there. Now.. who the hell needs them? cut those israeli fuckers loose like the parasites they are. They offer the US NOTHING. We cannot even station troops in Israel for gods sake..

    Fucking useless.

    Let?s face it, there would have been NO gulf war if we did not support those Israeli fuckers

  14. All in the name of books stating names written by crazies and edited by master manipulators. Religion sucks..
    Most maniacal creation ever.
    I only worry for my children and wonder what their world will be twisted into in the twilight of their lives and will this planet even be here that long. This gets my vote as most powerful pictorial to date on BG. Props to all current contributors and Obli for a well put together article

  15. I know this sounds heartless but the only time I ever feel sympathy on this site is when it involves an animal. It’s sad to see kids being caught in the crossfire of something they don’t even understand but I just cant bring myself to feel any emotion. Aye, everything is just kinda fucked

  16. Took the time to look through the pictures. The joos have really got everything sewn up. If these picture were from ANY other country in the world, someone would be talking about invading their ass or bombing them back to the Stone Age . Muslims are idiots and do some really fucked up shit, but I think the needledick joos have them beat. Never thought I would say that been there,seen the shit they pull, but damn,kids,come on. I hope I live to see the day Israel gets ass raped for all shit they have done and had other countries do on their behalf.

  17. I may not be as anti-Israel as many here but even I am totally disgusted by that country and it’s complete ideology of revenge and total annihilation of a people. They talk out of two sides of their face. You’ll never find me supporting Israel in any fashion but neither would you see me support Gaza, etc… Let them both blow each other to hell…. no loss at all to the world.

  18. This is Madness!! The United Nations are allowing this to happen?!! Seriously!!! Shit Don’t you see!! there are children dying!!! where is the humanitarian here!? I thought Israel are the best!! YES! they are the best by targeting Civilian! Oh come.on!! don’t strike the weak!!specially CHILDREN!! GOD creates US all! But you are the DESTROYERS!!!

    1. I agree with you, but let me correct you, not palestinians but Hamas im sure the citizens there want peace, they just too afraid from Hamas loosers who kill and uses everyone who dont agree with them including their own people and use them as human shields.

  19. Fucking Israeli government never stops crying about the Holocaust that happned before 9/10ths of the people on the planet today were even born, trying to garner some sort of sympathy, and yet they go and do things like this and we’re all supposed to turn a blind eye!? Fuck anyone who supports this genocide.

    1. They continue with the lie, but those that were alive at the time are becoming thin on the ground , hence the stepping up of continuing the lie via the media. The days of “survivors ” getting the violins out on live TV debates etc, are numbered.

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