Genocide in Syria – The Dead Filling Up the Floor

Genocide in Syria - The Dead Filling Up the Floor

As death toll in Syria keeps mounting, Hillary keeps drooling. Uhh, uhh, a few thousand more and I’ll squirt. Her boys are doing a fine job slaying everyone that crosses their path. It’s an achievement she can proudly check off her list – genocide.

It looks like whole village was wiped out when this video was filmed. But the interesting bit which can’t escape my keen eye is that the “survivors” are all males of fighting age, yelling their pre-scripted Snackbar bullshit. Somehow they want us to believe that the government soldiers came, selectively killed everyone except from Sunni males fit to carry arms and then left. LOOOL!

You’d have to be a complete dumbass to not see that these men came, annihilated whole village, filled the room with corpses, put their weapons away and perhaps even changed clothes and then started filming while relentlessly yelling “Allahu Akbar, Bashar committed genocide”.

Two and two equals four, but the sheep believe it’s five cause Hillary the Obtuse told them it was five. Makes sense…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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24 thoughts on “Genocide in Syria – The Dead Filling Up the Floor”

  1. Not to be an asshole but anyone out there can get the gore pictures/video of Jenni Rivera and her crew? her plane crashed and she ended up all over the place hope someone sends that sh!t to Mark.

  2. I’ve got a headache now after all that akbarring – should have known to click the mute button! I’m curious why this was filmed when it was dark and not a whole lot of lighting – seems like they are trying to hide something; shame it wasn’t their voices 🙁

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  4. just want to get off subject here there are so many sheep arou nd me i try to let no know that this sight is a sham and i gotta say they are fucking idiots mark you speak the truth and nothing else not trying to be on your nuts about it but thank you for being real and back on subject the guy singing all loud and shit kinda sounds like a retarded gaint zebra i mean stop killing the innocent you have done nothing here get the fuck over your fucking god and bang a shaite and drink aa american beer and stop listening to fairytales fucking asses

  5. I guess they want us to believe the healthy males of gun toting age ‘survivors’ also all just want to walk around silently filming their dead loved ones. I mean I know they’re all ridiculous, but even that is too much to expect people to believe.
    Good catch above about them filming in the dark.

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