Germans Thank Best Gore for Assistance with Arrest of Luka Magnotta

CCTV Screenshot of Luka Magnotta Entering an Internet Cafe in Berlin Where He Was Arrested

After Canada took focus off Luka Magnotta and set out to publically lynch Best Gore and me as the man behind the site, I noticed that among countless hatemails and death threats from Canadians, there are also countless thanks sent to me from people of Germany where Luka Magnotta was captured. As more and more Germans kept approaching me and thanking me for assistance with Luka’s arrest, I could not but notice how differently I’m perceived by Germans versus my countrymen in Canada.

I would like to share with you all, and especially with fellow Canadians who I know are reading Best Gore, an email sent to me by a guy from Germany. It reflects very dearly the tone of every other email I received from his fellow Germans which started coming in large volumes after Luka’s arrest. The text of the email is provided as received so excuse occasional grammatical errors as showcase of perfect English language grammar is not the purpose of this website:

I want to say right off the bat, I am from Berlin, and witnessed the aftermath of Magnotta’s arrest, and thank you for taking the time to read this. I am aware at the insane volume of emails coming into your inbox. I just have one thing to say:

Thank you. I’ve been visiting Best Gore for at least two years, but never made an account. I remember the first time my eyes were open about atrocities in Brazil, ethnic cleansing in Sri Lanka. I watched over the past two weeks at the events surrounding 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick, and I saw an entire community pitch in, and with almost no information find the bastard who did this, put him on Interpol’s front page. I have never in my life seen such diligence, efficiency, and teamwork in doing something so fundamentally right and vital for the sake of the world.

I can not possibly overstate that fact. This entire community saved lives, which is nothing new. I want to thank you for being part of the .001% of people who have the audacity to challenge the world’s view on life, and expose the colours that lie beneath the facade. You care not for attention. Your humility has shown absolutely remarkable over the past few days. And honestly, the world owes you a huge thank you.

When I saw that Luka was arrested where I live, literally a 7 min subway (U-Bahn) trip, I headed over to Neukolln. Neukolln is one of the roughest areas in Berlin. It’s primarily a Turkish neighborhood in the East. It’s famous locally as the place that you can buy AK-47s for 100 Euros when you’re 14.

About 30 mins after German news reported it, I got chills, and said aloud, “We got him.” Seeing the entire investigation unfold on Best Gore was incredible. As I went to the internet cafe about 40 mins after he was arrested, I counted 7 Spezialeinsatzkommando, which is a beefed up SWAT team, and 6 GSG9 officers, who are the elite members of the counter terrorism squad, who are federal police. You usually only see them if an embassy was bombed. Even an hour after, they still had a couple blocks of Karl Marx Str. blocked off, and I saw an IT unit looking at the computer that Luka was using.

IF ANYTHING, I want to assure the Best Gore community that in Germany, we have very relaxed police brutality laws, due to the fact that the federal police mostly wear balaclavas to not be identified, so Luka has been suffering multiple beatings in interrogation. I have spoken with an uncle in the Stadt Polizei (city police) who reckons that Germany will be somewhat reluctant to extradite him. The German penal system is much more, let’s just say, appropriate for Magnotta’s crimes, especially when there are a few vague laws that if murder is broadcasted and can be viewed on German soil, it qualifies as a serious offence in Germany. I am quite sure personally that due to international pressure, the Bundestag and Bundespolizei will be forced to extradite him, but not before he endures the constant beatings by cell mates and German police.

The entire nation knows who was responsible for catching this bastard – Best Gore. Even though he was caught in a matter of hours, we are ashamed that this sub-human monster stepped foot in our country, and in my hometown. Everyone in Berlin knows who he is and what he’s done. He will not have an easy vacation in Berlin.

On behalf of the world, and on behalf of Der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, I thank you, and I thank ALL Best Gore members for the good that you all do.


(signed, but name removed for privacy reasons)

It is very saddening that alleged perpetrator of one of the most heinous crimes committed against another human being in modern times was a Canadian. It makes our whole country look bad. Luka Magnotta, the man whole world is talking about for all the wrong reason, is a Canadian.

But to it all, another man comes and helps to bring this criminal to justice, and he’s also from Canada. Where one Canadian messed it all up for the entire country, another one stepped in and quickly helped to put it back in order.

That man receives praise all over the world, but in his homeland, instead of having his countrymen show gratitude that even though it was a Canadian who committed heinous crimes, it was also a Canadian who helped to brought him to justice, they go out for an all in witch hunt to punish me.

If I lived in Germany, not in Canada, I would be congratulated and hailed. And Luka Magnotta was not even German. Him being from Canada, fellow Canadians had a lot to thank me for that it was also a Canadian who helped to bring him to justice. But no… Canada decides to point fingers at me and turn me into a bad guy.

Is there a lesson to learn here, Canada?

PS – many, many thanks to Best Gore member germanswag and countless other Germans who, in the time when my home land tries to turn me into a criminal, showed that they know how to give praise where praise is due. Canada totally and utterly failed me and with me, they failed the entire world. As I said in the previous post – the whole world is watching, Canada. How far are you going to push this public faux pas?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Thank you for eleven years of Best Motherfucking Gore.

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    1. @ Slicer

      Mark mentioned a Slicer in one of his posts, THAT Slicer was working on his server to speed it up………. Was that YOU or am I just being a retard ?……… don’t answer that hahahaha.

      Back to topic………… I was fist pumping and grinning like an idiot saying YESSSSSSSS out loud when I read the maggot was already receiving some beatings, albeit from the police but who cares.

      I’v read that the maggot is trying to fight extradition to Canada……….. oh really, that could be a big mistake on his part because by the sound of it, life in a German jail sounds like a hell far worse than life in a Canada jail.

      Either way, he’s f’ked………. literally.

      By the way………. Hats off to the German public for their support for Mark and Best Gore.

      1. Sorry for posting this but 20 seconds after posting the above, I’v just read BELOW that the maggot is not fighting the extradition.

        Man, what a circus that will be when he lands in Canada.

        Get your ear plugs ready Mark, the Bleeting Sheep will be going troppo.

        I must say Mark, I am concerned for you and BG, the talk about ‘laws’ is intensifying and as already has been discussed here, if enough sheep congregate as sheep do then the waters will get rough.

        Chin up big fella.

          1. I may be a little cold hearted but, when the fuck will people learn that people like Luka Fagnotta don’t deserve any rights, other than being executed. What we need is to follow the romans and have gladiator fights on PPV, make money off them instead of paying to keep them alive!

          2. Great idea Phatman.

            You see the elite will think it ‘cruel’ to do that. Despite the fact they have absolutely no qualms in showing B52 bomber bomb cams and smart bomb videos over the skies of Iraq.

            Same thing.

            The hypocrisy stinks of something rotten.

        1. long live BestGore…I wrote this to Global News :On of the original gore sites known as Ogrish was started by a retired police officer to help bring attention to terrible truths going on right under our noses. Before others censor or twist the stories around. On the gore site in question, most of the images are related to human rights abuses around the world and in our back yard that wake people up to inconvenient truths reguarding our relationship with other countrys and our own government and police force. Gangs and illigal and decitefull wars and attrocities that many want buried. People in personal protection services and martial arts programs also use these sites to monitor violent trends in combat and potential dangers of certain environments. The horrors of gang war and retaliation shown in these vids and images are shocking enough to put many would be bangers on a reconcider path. Obsenity not long ago was two people shown sleeping in the same bed together. Let the people be informed. The so called wholesome people should know. Crimminals love censorship. So they’re rooting right along side of you ‘good wholesome folks.’ Evil hates exposure.

        2. I just registered to bring it to the attention of best gore that even though you have been banned from showing the video it is still being shown on another site. I guess it’s ok for them. If Mr. Marek would like to know the site please let me know. Thank you for your time.

    2. That’s so crazy. I lived in Palm Springs for a while & alot of Canadians go there on vacation. I never met one that was an asshole. Never. Contrary to many Americans I know who are all assholes. Like it’s a competition to see who can be the biggest asshole. Can’t really blame them though, being an asshole is the only right we have left in this fuck’n police state that our country has become.

      1. Then why the FUCK did you even use the word ‘sheep’ as your screen name?
        I ask this question because anyone who has spent even one hour on BG would know that we use the term ‘sheep’ in a negative but logical way so get used to it. We here on BG will never stop using the term for idiots that have to follow and believe the lies and bullshit that spew out of the mouths of government and so called media assholes.

          1. I didn’t ask @Sheep to change his (or her) name @phatman. I asked why use that name and then end up getting offended every time sheep is used here on BG.
            Now, as far as you are concerned, if you want to call me goatfucker go ahead but I’ll not call you anything but phatman because that IS your screen name.

          2. Hey Boatman, I never called you anything, I just maid a suggestion to sheep, and there nothen wrong with that, sorry I didn’t specify that. I didn’t intend to affend you or sheep.
            @sheep, I just forget sometimes that my words sound harsher then I intended, I only chose goatfucker cause it maid me laugh, I’m a big man and can eat my own words, my bad. I’m sorry, but I’ll always poke a little fun, I’ll stop rambling now.

          3. @ phatman:
            Hey bud, i understand boatman’s reaction to this. You replied on his comment instead of Sheep’s. It’s always a must to add “@” pertaining to the person you’re replying to. And it’s a good thing you cleared it up, Good job. Cheers guys! @sheep: live with it and suck it up or change you’re name, simple as that.

  1. “It is very saddening that alleged perpetrator of one of the most heinous crimes committed against another human being in modern times was a Canadian.”

    Dude, scumbags come from all over the world. I’m an American, so I’m not even going bother naming all of the assholes who have come out of my country. The dude who wrote that letter came from the country that’s responsible for Adolf Hitler. (No disrespect to Mein F?hrer. I’m just saying, so Hawk, don’t be mad at me.) So, as far as basic human unity goes (Since we’re all the same species…), let’s just be glad that one of our fucked up brethren is were he belongs. The faggot looking fuck… Mark, I would go on a journey through the nine circles of Hell with you. Party on.

      1. Austrians are Germans.

        In this world, people of similar ethnic group should stick together. As they make successful partnerships:

        The Anglo-Celts. United Kingdom. USA.

        The Germans. Nazi Germany. England. The Netherlands. USA (again).

        The Slavs. Soviet Union.

        All wildly successful unions.

        1. All provinces of the Germanic people in parts of Poland, Austria, sudetenland, denmark, they all had a dream of a a United GREATER GErmany.
          For 300 years this has been denied to the great folks of Germany.

          Until 1930’s when Hitler United all of the Germanic people.
          German Troops peacefully marcheds into Austria and sudetenland, and Austrian troops marched into Germany to symbolized a Peacful union. The troops on both sides we’re greeted with flowers and cheers.

          Final after being denied for 300 years, Adolf the Great united all of the Germans together in a Greater Germany.

          that was 70 years ago…Back to the Present conditions… Send Luka over to the Turk infested parts of the Rhineland.

          1. Hawk understands.

            Toodles I beg to differ that Irish beer is better than English, Scottish or Manx beer. (although it is definitely better than Welsh and Cornish beer).

            As a Real ale drinker I would recommend Black sheep ale (from Yorkshire).

            Beauty in a bottle.

        2. Dude, as a german living currently in austria, let me tell you: Austrians are NOT Germans.
          You probably offended both sides with that 😉

          And as a German let me tell you Mark, you rock, you’d be so fuckin welcome here…
          I know Berlin and it’s a fuckin miracle that the little faggot didn’t get murdered before he even made it to that internetcafe.
          The german BG community has got your back (i actually haven’t read any article in german media referring to BG at all, execpt to mention that that’s the site the clip was posted on).

          I have always been proud to be german, but this gave my pride an enormous boost…

          BG. Here today, Gore tomorrow!
          Fuck yeah!y

          1. ”I have always been proud to be german”

            You are proud to be German? A person with intelligence can only be proud of what he has done and not on his nationality.

            In German: Du bist stolz Deutscher zu sein ? Ein Mensch mit Intelligenz kann nur stolz darauf sein was er getan hat und nicht auf seine Nationalit?t.

            Always these patriotism guys.

          2. I am happy that you are proud to be a German. You have an awful lot to be proud of (no sarcasm).

            Your industries are the envy of the world.

            Your culture is a trendsetter in many areas.

            If you get offended at my supposition that Austrians are Germans. Perhaps you should develop a thicker skin?

            I still maintain that Austrians are Germans, just like Bavarians are Germans.

            Or how Scots are Brits.

          3. Haha, my nan is Scottish and she is the biggest royalist going.

            Even though the media give a biased viewpoint on the issue of Scottish independence (MSM like to give the view that the Scots are desperate to get out of this English Union), less than 30% of Jocks want out.

            What’s for tea wifey?

    1. Thanks Future Days, for by far one of the best descriptions of the situation I’ve read anywhere. Canadians really do strive to be good ppl, and are mortified by this excuse for a human beings behavior. However, the Gov’t tried to limit the video in Canada as to not contaminate a jury and protect the rights of the victim. Personally, I wish we had the death penalty, cause he deserves it and I dont want my taxes paying for his ass for the next 40+ years.
      On a side note, Mark I think this site serves a valuable purpose. Although, I generally do not look at the photos. Media is controlled and thus biased, here we can find out what they dont want us to know.

      1. maybe thats why he did all this so he could be in a building full of sick, degenerate german criminals and get fucked in the ass and shit on for the rest of his life. any twisted homo’s “wet dream”.

        1. Haha, I highly doubt it, but there is always that chance.


          Magnotta Learns German, While Incarcerated.

          “Wer ist dein Papa? Wer ist dein Papa? Sag mir, wer ist dein Papa?!”

          “Du bist mein Papa! Ich liebe Deutschland!”

          Hahaha, oh ignore me…

    1. Germany is nice and all,
      But north america has the best eggrolls.
      I mean yeah, they might have a tasty stroodle or whatever, I think that’s danish, anyway I have relatives all over europe, mainly germany, And they tell me I should be lucky for the north american egg rolls,
      Always eat the egg rolls with some fiber though, You will most likely have explosive diarrhea. Also, avoid soy.
      I’m not a fan of the asian-egg rolls…

  2. What makes me really angry is I think I know Luka’s reasoning for not fighting extradition(I know its pretty much common knowledge). He will get a lawyer and please some insanity bullshit and most likely be able to get some kind of freedom in 5 years. I was just reading how that crazy fucker who ate that dude on the greyhound is already getting some freedoms. Between that and the fact that Canadians are condemning instead of thanking best gore really leads me to believe Canada needs a serious check up from the neck up.

    1. ^ Yes
      Tim mclean didn’t even sow it coming.
      They should imprison people even if they are mentally unstable.
      This is a good way to straighten out other criminals as well.

  3. NOTICE: I just read that the police have a much longer version of this video that actually shows Magnotta eating flesh and doing allot of other things. I would like to ask Mark if he has the full video? Has anyone else seen the full version? Also allot of his so called modeling pictures Magnotta has posted show him wearing a gold band on the middle finger of his right hand, you can also see it in some of the kitten torture videos. If you look at the part where he is using that knife and fork he is trying to keep his right hand covered at first and then when the flesh is hard to cut he uses his hand uncovering his right hand and you can again see that gold band on his middle finger, I believe its one of the little clues he has left on purpose? Also its not a puppy it is a small black and white BUNNY! A small dog can be heard in the back ground confusing people to think that its a dog but look closely at its nose and the way it moves, clearly a small BUNNY?

    1. i assume its a puppy, because after watching the video countless times, have you ever known of a bunny willing to eat meat? last time i checked they like veggies, not Asian thighs. ^_^ the dog makes more sense and you can tell its a black and white dog. but thats a a pointless argument, at least the bastard is caught. and kudos to Germany for being awesome with you mark! i’m curious as to how the new “packages” received in the mail get added to this case though. poor school children :/

    2. Uh… Take another look at the video! The ears, nose, and paws clearly look canine. It looks like is might be a husky. I’ve never seen a rabbit with short floppy dog ears, that long of a nose… and an appetite for flesh. My rabbit gets a very disgusted look on his face every time he gets near any kind of meat…

  4. Long time viewer of BG, and this letter made me decide to finally sign up. I’m glad he was caught, and especially glad he is being interrogated in Germany, because like the letter said, he will be receiving many hours of abuse during interrogation and prison stay. This guy deserves the harshest punishment for his crimes. He doesn’t deserve death, but repeated torture.

    1. Don’t you worry, he will have a very short and painfull time in prison. I’ll bet all the inmates are already drawing straws to see who get’s him first. My ass hurts just thinking about it.

    1. Just don’t do it for your country. That’s like fighting for the woman that cheats on you behind your back, and takes all of your money to buy abortion-grade liquor and junk bonds. Probably. Fuck I don’t know

  5. Hi Mark
    I haven’t been a viewer for very long but I am glad I found this site. I found the information you supply to be informative and enlightening. As a Canadian we need to stop closing our eyes to the atrosites going on all over the world including Canada. No country is perfect, but to bring a was soon to be serial killer to justice as quick as it happened is a huge accomplishment and you should be acknowledged for exposing him. Needless to say they have all the evidence in that video to put him in jail for ever.
    Keep up the good work. I will be wishing the best for your fight against those sheep.

  6. Mark

    First congrats, and second, thank you.

    AFA Canada is concerned, what I have noticed is, they have a huge Tall Poppy complex. And you probably shamed them by doing the work of the police (where they failed miserably, for what, six days? ). “A prophet is not without honour, except in his own country.” Take it as a back-handed compliment, and concentrate on the compliment part.

    The North Americans are totally and completely brain-washed (they “think” what they are told to think, while happily accepting contradictions). Germany, is unfortunately, occupied territory, and brain-washed with a different agenda, but they are starting to awake from the slumber, thank God..

          1. a famous tango composer from tulio’s lands in the 40s was rumored to like laying below a glass while a woman shitted it from above…but that kind of stuff is mostly from japan and germany, that’s a fact

  7. Glad to hear that you are getting the respect and thanks that you deserve, Mark. Not just from Germany either. But please don’t get too bitter with your homeland just because a few Media nut jobs are willing to dis ya. Just because Ed Shultz and Chris Mathews hate who I represent does not mean the average American does as well. I’m positive there are countless Canadians proud as hell you and the web community you are responsible for has achieved this victory.

  8. The crazy thing is Best Gore is doing what we wish the media would do…give it to us straight no filler…the media is a money machine they operate on everything a corporation operates under so their loyalties are to the corporate backers…the media will tell you to happily travel to Mexico but they will never tell you along with that travel comes the possibility of being kidnapped by cartels or driving down a road and seeing bodies hanging from a bridge decapitated…that’s the issue some are having with BG is that the human being is not programmed in first world countries to see or accept thruths and this site delivers truth.

    As for the Canadians, this guy brings no shame to Canada…every society has their fair share of psychos and when one is exposed you should applaud the exposer not condemn him…if Canadians would take their heads out their anuses perhaps this crazed psycho would never have been able to leave its borders and have the Germans do the job Canada neglected to do

  9. Recognition YOU MARK deserve!
    I love this site cant keep away from it, people think im crazy cause i love blood n guts but in all reality IM JUST AWARE OF DEATH AND ALL THE WAYS IT HAPPENS..
    I am just getting ready for the pain I will endure, the best part about it Im sure!

  10. Errrhhh Actually,
    I was always under the impression that the prison system in most (west-) European countries was like a Hotel, compared to North-American prisons.
    So I don’t get where this assumption comes from.
    At least in The Netherlands (where I live) it is.
    And I think in neighbouring Germany it’s about the same… We do not have long prison sentences like in the US either. For murder you would end up between 6 – 12 years max , in a nice cell with TV , fridge, microwave, playstation. Fitness and swimming pool available.
    And of course you only serve 2/3rd of your sentence.

    1. they are! both American and West euro-prisons are cake walks compared to East-EU prisons like Russia`s Super Max, Black Dolphin. it is the most strict prison i think in the world. each prisioner get to share a 20X20 foot room with another fellow murder or phyco. there are 3 locked gates to the enterance of there cell and food is brought in on a long stick with a platter on the end. every week you get 2 hours of out side but theres a

      1. pavilion built over the outside cell so for 30 years you never see the sky and idk how offten beatings take place but im sure its a lot. and when ever your moved from your cell ur blindfolded bent doubled over at the waist so you cant see where your going or have any physical powder. plus your escorted by 6 guards with ak-47s and theres usually 2 attack dogs following close behind. so i say send luka there! he will never see the light of day and he will never get the luxury of death from a fellow prisoner he will have to live the rest of his life in a bleak cell with nothing to do but talk to his room mate and get the occasional beatings with the guards unlike the cuschy american cells with TVs and what not theres none of that in Black Dolphin.

  11. Mark, what you do and have done, not just with Luka Fagnotta, but with all shit that hits the fan created by fleshy viruses, is an incredible contribution to the greater good of our communities both locally and world wide. I have said it many times and hope you realize that you cant run and hide from what you helped create….BestGore. You can’t abandon something as incredible as the community you brought together and feel good about leaving. The world is a shitty place, but you make it better in an unconventional way, and if people can’t handle the truth it’s not your fault.
    Should anything legal improper happen to you and BestGore you can guarantee that the BestGore community and obviously Germans will be there to assist you and bail you out.
    The whole world owes you a huge slice of gratitude for bringing to light the darkest corners of human depravity and shoving it in the faces of those who are too afraid to admit it’s an evil world and bad things happen every day.

    Thank you for opening the eyes of the weak and blind. Thank you for being the man that you are Mark.
    Thank you for bringing us, the BestGore community, together.
    Thank you for staying with us when we all know that you would rather become a recluse.
    Thank you for everything you have done…..and I hope you continue to do it .
    Thank you, Mark, thank you.

  12. The Netherlands, and Europe, thank you for the swift action you and Bestgore’s community took, to solve a terrible crime, days befor the police even realised that this crime had happend.
    I’ve been visiting this site for a long time now, not cause i love blood or gore that much, but because i seek the real news, stuff we’re not supposed to hear about (or want more information about), and that news, i can find here, and here alone.
    I already knew the world is a shithole and this site only confirms it.

    Back to topic, a huge compliment to you mark, and to the german internetcafe owner, who recognized luka and actually had the balls to call the police (think about it, you are working, and notice 1 of the sickest people on the most wanted list, a possible serial killer, litterally feet away from you, what if luka notices? he can easely be armed.) and ofc a ty to the Berlin Policeforce, for their swift action.
    Canadian sheep might be against you Mark, but know this, half the world stands behind you on this.
    Keep up the good, important, work you do.

  13. Hi Mark,

    I know BG for 2 years now, but created an account a few weeks ago. Unfortunaly, I was unable to log in during last weeks, probably because of the amount of new people here with this Magnotta case.

    I just want to say you did the right thing to do. Maybe you receive some deaths threats, but I hope you know lot of people here and probably all around the world would consider you more like a hero than a crazy and dangerous man.

    BestGore is here to show that world is not a pink dream everywhere. Every people who will look at BG and finally think by himself and not like a sheep will thanks you and you site.

    Great work, bro!

  14. What I learned from this pages is that neither idiocy nor plain evil are specific to any ethnicity or nation.
    Same for ignorance and hypocrisy.
    After having read each and every single post on this website I’m still surprised how much new material you, Mark, are able to supply us with. Thank you for showing us how fragile and therefore valuable life in itself is and how many ways to go there really are.
    It changed the way I think for sure but no hard damage done.
    After all, I still have the heart of a little boy;
    in a jar, on my desk…

    Greetings from Switzerland, Germany’s inconvenient southern neighbour.

    1. Atleast he voices for us and shared the letter.
      He’s fucking excellent.
      Still sucks the Chinaman was straight made into a homo’s bath soap for a night.
      Positivety is great.
      But prisons in both Canada and Germany will be hotel rooms to mr.bunnyfuckhead.
      Why can’t someone record him being brutalized?
      Because as far as I see this bastard won’t truly suffer in a cell.
      Bring me positivety dear i’m troubled.

  15. The reason for Canada’s authorities to be so pissed off at Mark/Best Gore is that he did their job and in a much more efficient way and made them look like the worthless shit that they are!!!

  16. This is the reason I love Germany 🙂 Too bad I wasn’t in Berlin when they caught that motherfucker. I would have slapped him a couple of times and poked his eyes for fun…..Despite what everyone says, Germans are nice people. They don’t beat the shit out of you but they will search you whenever they want. (keeps the fucks out of the country) If any of you ever decide to go to Germany, go to Munich of Berlin. Beautiful places…and you all will see how better that place is than Canada and the USA.

    (btw i keep posting comments, but they never post) time to upgrade the server :O

  17. By the way, I see a lot of new people. (I am sorta new too) I haven’t been able to be active in comments since I came to visit the USA =/ I tried to log on and it takes so long for me to be able to load a page..commenting is impossible too most of the time..Anyway. Welcome to the newest members.

  18. As a Canadian, I watched this unfold as well. For some reason, when I first saw the 1 Lunatic video I thought it was a few years old. That was just sheer idiocy on my part, I was a little bit tipsy and didn’t read the write up properly. Also, I had to shut it off part way through…because I’m also kind of a wussy that way.

    My heart breaks for the victim’s parents, his mother, his family. To have to live with the knowledge of what happened to their loved one must be just awful. Not posting the video here wouldn’t have made any difference in that respect. There are numerous other websites out there that picked up on this around the same time, so I’m led to understand by what I read on various platforms.

    On the contrary, the good people of Best Gore tracked this sick bastard down and exposed him for what he truly is. Why did the police not respond sooner with the kitten videos? Do we not already know the statistics of people who torture and kill animals and how they almost inevitably graduate to people when their confidence expands?

    I think all of you have done a public service and I’m embarrassed that Canada is choosing to cover up its own unwillingness to listen to its citizens when they had something important to say.

    Also, I can attest to the fact that Canada is very much a quiet “police state.” Every aspect of our daily lives is governed by something. Health care, photo radar, gun licensing, extremely high taxes, you name it.

    If only we could go back to a time when we what the rest of world used to think we were. And were we ever really like that? This country depresses me.

    1. Hmmm. I suppose I should also that just because I shut the video off, probably along with many others, doesn’t justify the “obscenity” clause in Canada’s Criminal Code.

      I couldn’t finish watching “Karla” either, that stupid movie about that Homolka skank. So there.

  19. Hi Mark!
    Wow these past few days have been crazy here in Montreal..
    This morning, my daughter (14) called me as i was driving to work to tell me best gore might be charged for keeping the Magnotta video online..yes my daughter has seen me on the site and i told her not to browse it until 18..Anyways back to my comment, I was proud to hear Best Gore mentioned in the news but saddened to see that instead of praise, BG was being crucified!
    As a fellow BG member and as a proud Canadian , I want to thank you( Mark )for keeping everyone on BG up to date with Magnotta info and for posting every other video with scumbuckets like Magnotta for the word to see..

  20. Go on, give yourself a pat on the back! You’ve earned it! And the fact that the perpetrator was from Canada makes no impact on me whatsoever. I’ve met numerous Canadian’s over the years and know honestly that they are good people overall…even if you do sound a bit like Yanks.

  21. Well THIS Canadian is thankful to you Mark and the BG community.
    While the clueless Canadian sheeple judge and condemn you, they make me feel ashamed.
    You Mark, make me proud!

  22. I am a Canadian as well Mark, and I AM proud of you AND everyone on Best Gore for all that was discovered about Magnotta before the police even knew there was a body in a suitcase. I wish everyone could see the good that would have come from the case if the police had of listened to the viewers of Best Gore and investigated the reports days before the body was found.

  23. The way this has unfolded has really upset me along with the assumptions people are making about all of the regulars here. We’re sick people? Please. I personally wouldn’t hurt a fly. I cried when I had to put down a bird humanely. Despite my comments and the silly “Bumble” persona I try to play, this site helps me stay in reality. The world is a terrible place. Life is precious and fleeting.

    I think visiting here regularly made me actually become more aware and give a damn about other people than I did before.

    It also helped me cross of a few countries on the “places I’d like to visit list”.

    Thank you Mark for keeping this site up. Stay strong in the face of this sheer idiocy and the people looking for anyone to blame. The BG folks solved the damn case before the police could, and now they’re just trying to save face.

    Love and Peace from the states. <3

  24. Canada need not worry. As a resident of the USA, we have plenty of notable folks who make us look bad on a daily basis. Just as they don’t certainly “represent” all Americans, one dipshit doesn’t represent our great neighbors to the north either.

    Much love to German friends as well. Great letter!

  25. Thank you for Best Gore Mark. It just goes to show you that the World is s*** when you’re being attacked for “enlightening” people about what really goes on in the world. One thing I can promise you is that their are going to be a lot of people who will support what you have done here on Best Gore regarding the 1 lunatic, 1 Ice Pick video.

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