German Tourist Murdered by Being Thrown to His Death in Thailand

German Tourist Murdered by Being Thrown to His Death in Thailand

When will people get it? I’ve been repeating it over and over for years. Thailand is single most dangerous country for tourists in the world. This one country accounts for more deaths of foreign nationals than the rest of the world combined.

Every single day a foreigner is thrown to his death out of a highrise window in Thailand. Corrupt Thai police along with Thai whore king are all part of this scheme so these deaths are always ruled suicides or deaths by natural causes. Only in Thailand can a man with hands tied behind his back, a plastic bag over his head and a gunshot wound in his temple be thrown out of a 20+ storeys building and his death ruled “from natural causes”. Yet you will still get bleeding heart liberals insisting that Thais are friendly people – what a pile of steaming swine shit!

Looks at this German fellow – a young, successful man happy with where he was in his life takes a vacation to Thailand because bleeding heart liberals spread bullshit lies that Thais are friendly, falls for manipulative tricks of a professional whore who know exactly what to do to get a man intoxicated and then lured into a hotel where her accomplices, which include cops take care of his “suicide”. All of a sudden this successful, full of life man is found dead and that whore of a Thai bitch tells everyone that she spent time with him and he was depressed always talking about killing himself, blah blah blah – it never fucking fails. Happens every day as it has for years and people still fall for it. Worse yet – happens every day, as it has for years and people still believe the same fake stories about suicides or natural causes.

Looks up photos of Thai people on the internet – one thing you will notice is that you would be hard pressed to find one in which a Thai smiles. You will guaranteed never find one of Thai king smiling and Thai king is the refection of Thailand’s people. They never ever smile, ever. That’s why they call it “the land of grumps”. The only time a Thai smiles is when he’s trying to rip you off or when a Thai bitch who has a murder party waiting to throw you to your death is pretending to “love you long time”.

You would be safer going to Tamaulipas and walking around whole day holding a banner above your head with a message in huge letters: “All Zetas Are Fagets” than spending a single day in Thailand. Even the most ruthless narcotraficante has more honor than all the Thais combined.


His name was Stefan Heiner Volkl. Apparently he left a suicide note – makes you wonder when Thai suicide teams started to coerce men they are about to execute into writing a suicide note first.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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34 thoughts on “German Tourist Murdered by Being Thrown to His Death in Thailand”

  1. He looks and dresses like a valued citizen of society; someone who actually contributes for the better of mankind. But that’s just my speculation, it doesn’t hurt to be positive. It’s sad how he was killed off by some scum of the earth; why couldn’t they take some useless corrupt American politician instead? Hmm…

  2. What’s wrong with you, Mark?
    If you have your hands tied behind your back, a plastic bag over your head and a gunshot wound in your temple and then you are thrown out of a 20+ storeys building, IT IS NATURAL THAT YOU DIE.

  3. He didn’t deserve to die but I’d doubt his own actions helped put him in this predicament. I’m sure there’s much safer and cheaper tranwhore’s at home in Germany… just check

  4. My company has some country risk classification which Thailand is in red code. Red code means do not go out at night, do not go out “even” in day time if you dont have to, do not make friends, do not ask for help, eat at multinational chains or big restaurants, do not carry cash, better handle your vallet immediately in case of a robbery etc etc, its like a survivor game, fuck Thailand, land of cheap HIV whores.

  5. Thailand sucks together with all its “Allah Akbar” neighbors. If you want a proper and descent vacation, just come to Africa. If I say Africa, I don’t mean such countries with sand skinned inhabitants calling themselves Africans. Avoid west, North and some parts of north east Africa, Somalia in particular.

  6. How could you be coerced into writing a suicide letter in Thailand? Just tell them you can’t write well in English , or you’re dyslexic, or you make up some hubba hubba language saying it’s your mother tongue, or you write in code . The dicks won’t know, they barely speak English anyway.

  7. I was in Thailand in 1987 , spent six months and was treated very well , got ripped of buying blue sapphires they were real but low quality and I only got a fraction of my investment back. I saw the mother fucker who got me to go to the jewelry shop when I went back to get a refund , that’s when I learned there was no such thing as a refund in South East Asia. The scammer was bringing in more marks to be scammed. I ran out to intercept him and he vanished in less than 7 seconds !
    I was treated pretty well by every day normal folks , but now that you mention it , I was walking down a country road going back to the place I was staying and some drunk guy came up from behind me and threw a rock at me, about the size of a fist full blast thank god he missed. I had just had a tooth pulled in town and I was in no mood to deal with this cunt and he had back up in the gin joint where he was drinking ” Lao” .
    I have been all over SE Asia and that is the only time I was ever assaulted.

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