Girl Falls from Building, Guy Takes Her Corpse Up in Elevator

Girl Falls from Building, Guy Takes Her Corpse Up in Elevator

Girl Falls from Building, Guy Takes Her Corpse Up in Elevator

In the first CCTV video, a girl is shown landing on the pavement after an apparent fall from the building. In the second, a guy puts her corpse into an elevator and appears to take it upstairs.

From the looks of the timeline on the corners of the cams it looks like it happened in this order. What exactly went down, can’t be discerned from the vids.

Thanks a lot to Best Gore member @carnage-2 for the videos:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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171 thoughts on “Girl Falls from Building, Guy Takes Her Corpse Up in Elevator”

  1. Horrible man. If you can’t take the heat keep out the kitchen. I haven’t been in the kitchen for years. Thanks carnage, you tube channel Active self protection gave us the lead up to this, now all we need is to see him lynched.

    1. would make perfect sense if he was

      i often think if i ever do a murder and get it recorded or record it myself… id make sure it gets up on bestgore then post on here in prison…


  2. Fugazi.
    1) access to all the cams.
    2) ready scenes for narration
    3) she didn’t splat on sidewalk, relatively in 1 piece without a drop of blood or smashed head (she landed on head)
    4) he’s ketchup bottle splatter on shoulder… but no blood on her…
    5) i wasn’t convinced by the faux fighting in the elevator. if you’re fearful for your life, there’s a lot more force, a lot more resistance.
    6). They look everywhere in the elevator, except at the camera. (unless i missed it).
    7) NEVER trust a guy narrating a clip show turned into a sales pitch for profit while having a cheesy tattoo of the website logo on his forearm.

  3. Stfu all you guys calling her a cunt. This happened here in Brazil and the man was her husband and because he was always beating her, she was filing for divorce. He didn’t take the news very well so they started arguing and in the end, after beating her, he threw her of the 4th floor, killing her. He took her body back to the apartment and fled in their car. He crashed about 300km away and was arrested. He is currently in custody and faces murder charges, and I hope he stays in jail for a long time. Piece of shit

    1. Thanks for the details. If anyone did this to my daughter there would be no trial because there would be no body. He and I would be holed up in the woods for a few days with him tied to a tree losing parts of himself every hour or so.

        1. Far be it from me giving feminists a pussy pass. I have no problem seeing gore and I often contribute to the site, but sometimes people here become to desensitized and forget that the victims are real people, or try to shift the blame like on this case.
          Imagine if a guy did that to your mom, daughter or sister. Have a little empathy people, and learn the full story.

          1. I agree with you.she was beautiful aswell.the camera doesn’t lie,the story people attach to it maybe..poor girl..There’s a young girl over here,her fella nearly killed her,the photos of her face.cracked her was bad&he gets a slap on the wrist..abuse is wrong,to men& heart goes out to her&her family..

  4. This look to me more like a murder, I will say second degree or manslaughter, that’s why he seems to regret what just happened in a split second, I am actually wondering if she was already dead before falling more like did he actually shock her and then throw her out?, forensics will and should investigate, I always hate men that beat women, I saw my mother being beat up by my stepfather for years since I was 5 or 6 years old, he only stopped once I turned 16 and I was able to buy a gun and I told him ONE MORE BEAT UP AND ME OR YOU OR BOTH WILL BE DEAD. I just think this way, IF I want to prove that I am stronger than a women I ALREADY KNOW THAT so no need to do it or to prove(I can shock a grow up men with a single hand, and being 6′ 5” and 263 lb and a PRO MMA Fighter and ex marine, same with men that force women to sex aka sex offenders, those should be executed on sight, if you want to have sex just pay for it is very cheap in places like mexico or anywhere in latin America and there are a lot of hot women that are WILLING LEGALLY since in majority of latin American countries prostitution IS LEGAL, (prostitutes pay taxes as a Social Service Workers which includes a legal license also they have to pass a medical test very often), so why force?

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  5. She’s already dead when she falls. Looks like she had been dead for awhile in the elevator. She probably died with him, and he threw her off the building to try and cover up her death or killing her.

  6. this is in uzbekhistan, not brazil.

    the guy is from the iranian embassy and hot dead bitches are far hotter when theyre dead.

    fucking love that expression with its mouth wide open and looking like she wants sex more than ever.

    my conclusion is that the guy touching her up is just checking for breast cancer.

    keep an open mind guys.

  7. She was barefoot, guy was probably in charge of her and fucked up big time.
    Also the way she fell it didnt feel right after seeing countless of suicide videos, she might have been unconscious and got tossed or was dead already.

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