Girl Fatally Hacked by Guy on Street in India

Girl Fatally Hacked by Guy on Street in India

Girl Fatally Hacked by Guy on Street in India

CCTV from India shows a girl getting hacked by a guy with a bladed tool that has a tooth at the end. According to the backinfo I got, the girl died from the wounds.

She tried to block some of the blows with her arm, and you can pretty much see her hand get almost severed from it. The last blow to the head landed the weapon stuck in her. A lot of white knights ran to her aid, as you would expect from India, despite the entire society being insanely anti-male.

Props to Best Gore member @beingindian for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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180 thoughts on “Girl Fatally Hacked by Guy on Street in India”

      1. She was a pretty one alright. I think he was punching above his weight gropey. If he’d have waited she’d have grown old anyway and come down off that pedestal like the rest of us.

  1. Fact is these indian/pakis can’t handle women. They think religion/culture will do the work for them and they don’t understand when she doesn’t fall into place. He is a typical indian nerd who should not have been bred and wouldn’t have if it weren’t for religion allowing the jerk off’s jerk off father to breed and for the jerk off son to have a woman. Then it turns out even when handed women on a plate these indians/pakis can’t handle them. This is directly due to beta males being allowed to breed.

    1. Oracle, please tell us what happened here if you know
      And your own ability to handle women is the reason why western women treat their men like shit and put them in jail after that.
      Your better handling of women is why Radical Feminism is most successful in North America… because you think giving women whatever the ask is the best way to treat women. You need to be schooled by Putin

          1. Thanks for reminding me.

            I now require a urologist’s exam with my annual physical, which is this month. It’s a complete feel-up. What a violation of privacy.

            Oh, and this cycle I get the dreaded colonoscopy. You know what, I really don’t give a damn about playing Sigmoid Queen with the good drugs anymore. Can you imagine, being reminded about possible perforation and then getting rammed in your sleep?

            You lousy bastard.

        1. Damn, my sympathies towards you. I wish I don’t end up where someone sticks their fingers into my ass. Unless if it’s a hot chick with blue eyes then I’m up for it.

      1. gropey there you go again, you start out addressing me then change it to western men. Actually you’ll find that it’s a very brief period from about the 1990’s (The nineties man. A feminist concept) when western men became bullied by political correctness and a judicial system heavily in favour of women that SOME western men have had to bow down. Those days are over and we have MGTOW. The new man. However Casual Observer is from an older generation who were always alpha.
        What happened here is the indian beta male was played by the young lady who after all, is only following her feminine instincts. He didn’t know how to handle her, allowed himself to get drawn in emotionally which led to the violent act of murder because indian beta male knew of no other way to fix it.
        Casual Observer could never be caught out like that and nor could i. We don’t allow women to play us . We don’t hate women we just have a firm belief in ourselves, our decisions and what we want. I have never met a woman in my own family or from outside that wasn’t manipulative by nature. You just have to know how to play the game of which indian beta male has no idea yet.

        1. @sloth12
          Your wealth of experience serves you well, that goes for casual observer.

          Assuming you’re right about what happened here, most Indian men of your ages would not hack a girl to death on the streets for something like that either… So the lad didn’t know how to handle that manipulation, but just because he’s some idiot millennial who felt a need to vent his emotions physically, at that moment. A young straight western man would take it out on their dog, smash their phones or bang their head on the wall instead…

          Yes all women instinctively use their hypoagency. Some women are responsible enough to apply it sparsely only when and where necessary.. but others use it to the fullest, against men… and when that turns into deliberate manipulation, it’s kind of frustrating that no civilized system in this world let’s them take responsibility for using their advantage over men, let alone put any laws in place to punish them for it. Again, that’s due to excessive gynocentrism in our cultures.

          Imagine a man doing the same, using his strength over the women – e.g: exploiting her physical weakness, overpowering and raping her (which is the male equivalent of taking advantage of the opposite sex), then the world jumps on it, demonizes the man, jails him, identifies heterosexual masculinity as the problem and continues with serious steps to outlaw all remaining straight men.

          That’s plain stupid that “civilized” humanity is more interested in demonizing straight males than finding a balance

          1. That’s why we have laws and i hope this fellow who murdered this girl gets the maximum penalty.

          2. what the fuck ! he is not God, how can he decide who live and who die ? Live is sacred !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          3. @sloth12
            I think you missed the point. Yes we have laws but our laws do not hold women responsible for the parts they play in anything. Thanks to Feminism’s “slut-shaming and victim-blaming” arguments… 1994 statutes does not even allow for the woman’s name or history to be used in court. Our laws are now completely gynocentric.

            e.g: A woman can sit on your lap and put her boobs in your mouth, and whine her hips on you while at it… but you still dare not get turned on until she gives you verbal permission to. She can fuck you, then falsely accuse you of rape, and you have NO way to retaliate even if you’re found innocent. In which idiotic civilized world is that considered normal? right here!

            Speaking of experience, I once fucked my cutie in a similar way and ended up in jail for it. She came to town, asked me to pick her up, we went to my apartment, cooked and ate together, she got relaxed and romantic towards me rekindling the spoils of our kaput passion… and yes I got turned on after one dance, kissed and lifted her gently to bed… No struggles, No fight, No screams… in fact she was laughing in a manner that I decoded in my straight masculine mind as “oops I got you so easily!”… Anyway, we kissed, fore-played, I sucked her left and she offered the right… Everything went smoothly. Sex was a little longer than she was visibly happy with, but when you sign up for spices you don’t always have it exactly to your taste.. let alone in a feeble woman’s mind from which there’s no logical method to determine or derive what she wants (meaning she herself does not know what she wants, she goes with the flow based on how things feel)… However she never said “stop”, she only said “make it quick” which I did to the most reasonable aroused libido extent…

            After all said and done, we took a shower together and went sight-seeing… On our way she regretted the sex and started complaining about pain in her stomach. At first I played nice, attended to her and asked if she’d like us to see a doctor, she said no… but she kept on complaining while texting with her friends… and eventually started nagging that I don’t care about her. Judging from how quickly she escalated the situation and how she didn’t mind what the onlookers thought of her behaviour, I realised the whole romance must have been a setup. I started asking her: why me? why today? why did you come here? who sent you? but nothing would calm her down…

            Long story short, she made things so loud that people started gathering… I couldn’t take it anymore… I left her on the street and drove away.

            The next thing I knew, the cops were on me, just like she threatened during the quarrel. I spent 10 months in jail which explains why I was absent from BG from 2017 until this year. During those 10 months an intensive investigation, my neighbours were questioned, her friends were questioned. I was eventually taken to court, but she refused to show up. The Feminist prosecutor and her lawyer pushed their own narrative of events that I kidnapped, rapped and tortured her (looking for the maximum penalty as I had refused to do a deal with them).

            After all text messages, testimonies, evidences and security footage were reviewed (and I wonder why this took a whole 10 months) the investigative judge’s report concluded that we had a quarrel which was long after the consensual sex. They had nothing on me, I was acquitted of all charges, and I got released without being required to register as a sex offender. That’s 10 months of an innocent guy’s life wasted… It could have been worse. There are people who spend 10 years in prison for the same thing (a woman said this and that)… I was just lucky and to my surprise the investigation was fairer than feminist. There was even a court order to take down all news material published about this case with my name. And the judge met me personally and apologized for what I went through! He told me he knows I’m a good guy but there’s a problem with our system. WOW!

            Anyway, after I got out I filled charges against her for wrongful accusation, character assassination and reputation damage, but the state blocked it as the new charge would “violate her right to anonymity”, as far as the case was concerned. Fuck! this was a new case being filed but blocked for some Feminist reasons… So I decided to express my frustration through the launching of my next politically incorrect project, a database of false accusers worldwide, including the ones protected by anonymity BS. We will name and shame each and everyone of them. So far So good. Send me a private msg if you’re interested in this project…

            In my humble opinion the MGTOW ideology is a coward response to the consequences of Feminism. You do not fight action with inaction… I have thousands of anti-Feminist women signing up to fight to save our outlawed heterosexuality. These women know that feminism does not speak for straight women. These non-brainwashed women are our key to this fight, not MGTOW

            Right! Only a woman can get away with killing a man. In commonwealth states like Hong Kong, the law allows the woman to use the excuse that the man was cheating on her. In every other country she can simply claim the man was trying to rape her… How is that for “deciding who lives and who dies”? hmm!

          4. 10 months? For bullshit? Oh! I’ll be so pissed if that happened to me. How did you deal with all that bs in prison for 10 months? Any prisoners given you shit for false crime or they have understood the situation?

          5. @mimiman
            Haha! Yes I was pissed which is why I run anti-feminism platforms and fight it around the world the best I can. Yes, there was a little drama in prison every now and then, especially as I was seen as a sex offender… but I’m not the sissy type to be bullied so I wasn’t much of a target. Perhaps it helps to look ‘dolph lundgrenish’ 😀 and I was lucky there were other wimpy so-called sex offenders so the negative attention was mostly on them

            I realised hardcore people still need someone to listen to their side of things, make sense of it, that’s what I did, it takes patience but I think I blended in quite well after a little while… Stayed out of the gangs but managed to gain their respect… I learned things I would never learn on the outside, how the system works… So I’m thankful for the experience. I have had deep conversations with other accused and unfortunately convicted people in there, some over 20 years serving life… I’ve had deep conversations with real murderers, drug dealers, a child porn man of the cloth… a few to mention… delved in their minds. I would never have gotten their side of the story from the media…

            I do not regret the experience and the kind of people I got to know in there… It was just sad it had to take 10 months. I watched others on minor cases come and go… But life goes on though. These days any female who wants to have sex signs it on paper. I never had a habit of taping things but I do now. If Harvey Weinstein knew better to document every encounter, all those bitches who came to him for money and fame wouldn’t dare come to pull him down after all these years. Never letting guard down. You never know what’s lurking in your path to success waiting to pull it all down. Feminism in our Society = Death by Pussy

        2. Polluted, Friend of mine that I met on this website. Stop using these terms; “beta” and “alpha” to men. Everyone does shit differently. There isn’t one concept to a person and they aren’t one dimensional.

          1. Thanks. I was kind of thinking that westy but the whole telling me off for using certain adjectives confused me. Then it hit me. It’s coming from a beta male and it all made sense. @westlos

        1. wtf lol? Logically it’s just a dating app. Bumble and badoo is literally the same thing. I’ve been researching these videos on MGTOW, BETA, ALPHA. Polluted, it’s all bullshit. I’ve done this research just for you. It’s cringe as fuck and you made me sit through it, but you know got to do what I go to do to help a friend out.

          1. Funny, i don’t recall making you do anything. Are you so easily manipulated tom? maybe it’s all a bit deep for you. May i suggest starting with something more simple then working your way up? As you seem to hang on my every word let me introduce you to a starter more conducive to your intellect. Kill some time watching this tom.

      1. Tom is freely expressing his opinion as a guy who doesn’t follow the pack regarding labels, which is OK but unfortunately labels him.

        I feel horrible, because I don’t think Tom is all shit; however, it has to be said. Tom, I think you might be a Gamma Male.

        1. Crikey casual, not developing a conscience are you? Not over young Tom anyway. But i think i understand where you’re coming from, he does seem a bit sensitive under all that bravado. never mind, he has plenty of cartoons to be going on with. I like the Gamma male bit. Hahaha Gamma male it should be one word. Gammamale

          1. Oh shit. You guys figured me out, looks like you know me better than I do. Did that satisfy you? Mrs. and Mr. Poppins with a dildo umbrella.

      1. Polluted, I knew there was an infestation from the subcontinent, but that comment of yours stirred me to investigation.

        Damn, the 2011 UK census shows nearly 600,000 Londoners were born over there. Born! That’s a fucking invasion, isn’t it? What the actual population is, I can’t imagine except these invaders outlive the cockroaches.

        1. @casualobserver I was watching a documentary today about the English “Plantation” of Ireland. Not to be confused with the slave plantations of America and South America. This was a 16th and 17th century method of replacing the Irish with English settlers, giving them land, property and not allowing them to sell property to the Irish. It was a form of genocide. That’s what i think is happening in England now. perpetrated by our own leaders upon the English, replacing them with pakis, muslims, africans. The English working class have always been abused and exploited by the aristocracy. Nothing new here.

  2. WTF is wrong with people?! Holy shit!! The killer just goes about his way. If that kind of shit happened in the U.S. That dudes worthless ass would have been taken down and held until the cops came. Note to self: NEVER go to India, Brazil, Thailand, Mexico – basically any third world country. No sir, I’ll just keep my happy ass right here in the good old U.S of A. Check! ✔️

    1. America is no better than these 3rd world countries. You got people walking around with pistols, auto & semi automatic guns, shotguns & rifles shooting & killing anyone & everyone, not even children are off limits, all because the government & most citizens refuse to scrap a 500 year old outdated law.

      If bestgore has taught me anything, it’s fuck every other morally corrupt country, I’m staying right here in Australia where my biggest threat is getting bitten by a red back spider & not an AK bullet to the face or decapitation.

      1. Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, USA didn’t fall down to a dictatorship shithole like most other “democratic” countries, and is maintaining a fairly high standards of life, because the government knows that should they try to openly fuck with the population, the population will wipe them out with their guns in no time.

        Just a theory.

      2. @haylo87
        The U.S. hasn’t existed for 500 years but that’s trivial compared to your description of day to day life in America. You just described Die Hard II. That was a movie…it wasn’t real…
        And, red back spiders are pussies! I’ll put my foot in its ass.

        1. I’m Australian actually. So do I what day to day life is like in America, no. Just what is broadcast over social media & the news.

          Die hard 2 was a great movie btw 🙂

          I ain’t afraid of red backs, got no issue slapping them with my thong, I was just using it as an analogy.

      1. Ah c’mon, be specific. Is Detroit a shithole? Chicago? St. Louis? Yes or close.
        But New York is good. Seattle is overrun with liberals but still good.
        By the same token, I’m okay with some places in Mexico. I go there a lot now. Every place has bad and good.

      2. Thank you @dutchy.

        I don’t hate the u.s or have anything against it, I’m just an outsider looking in.
        Their morality as a government & country is seriously lacking..upholding some right to bear arms is more important than the lives of the citizens..just baffles me.
        It comes across as peoples lives are indispensable & not worth shit.
        The only threat is from each other not outsiders.

        Port Arthur happened & our government sprung into action faster than Usain Bolt in the 100m.

    1. Not surprising though. A lot of folks get off on watching something horrible happen in front of them. They can show friends and family the video, then the praise the person for being okay. Not once asking themselves”Why the hell did you not try to help this woman instead of standing there watching her die????” People need to get their morals and values checked.

        1. @Xavior – you can’t read real well can you? I’m sure there is a topic in there somewhere about “shit happening right in front of people” . Maybe you missed it coz there’s a big difference between ‘right in front of you’ and watching it on the net. You know, that could be why you won’t get charged with be an accessory to a murder that you only see on best gore. Trippy concept hey???

          1. Ok ok… it just seems odd to dis people for watching this shit live, but somehow watching it here makes it acceptable.
            It’s all good… I really wasn’t planning on reading a dissertation today.

  3. The “if I can’t have you, no one else will” delusion still continues…
    These baboons used to throw acid in a woman’s face if she wasn’t interested or even if she was engaged to someone else out of spite!
    Now that’s not enough, they hack her to bits and he seems quite proud of it.

    1. Hmm…better off dead. She would have needed a good Jewish lawyer for that case. Probably wouldn’t work out well.
      “Oy. I’m knowing her for 20 years. Not once have I smelled pork on her loins…is there a good deli around here? Not one of those smelly Indian places. I have standards. Which shmendric do I have to jerk off for a good corned beef on rye…”

  4. Thinking about it probably all that triggered him was she shunned his advances. Pakis are easily triggered by women. Them, africans and muslims. It’s because they’re spoiled by their mothers. Little mommy’s boys expect all women to pander to them like momma.

    1. Rare cases where Moms are complete dominant psycho bitches. A Mother that has bigger arms than the Father and he was a regular gym bro. The set-up went this way; Mom beat the father and the father beat the child. That’s some rare fucking cycle.

  5. From my observings, I have found that the man was actually here to buy a hatchet to chop his logs, but after purchasing that hatchet, he bumped into that woman. He thought to himself, “Damn! That’s some mighty white pants she has”. So he went full berzerk on her to get her pants. He really wanted those pants, whose to blame? I would kill for those pair of pants and I’m a guy. After noticing his efforts had gone to waste because those brilliant white pants were now covered in red, gooey blood.

    Indians are fashionable people.

    1. He’d have had to have been a surgeon for her to die immediately from a hacking job. Whatever that tool was he was using. Looks like some sort of farm tool, we’ve seen it used on a woman in india before. @spanishbarbie

  6. This happened in Tamil Nadu and the culprit was the lady’s husband. According to India Today, ‘[t]he couple was reportedly going through a rough phase. After an alleged flight and misunderstanding between the two, Madhishwaran decided to kill his wife.’

    1. The news reports are somewhat ambiguous, i.e., one source is indicating that the lady may have survived the attack (cf. India Glitz, 6. July 2018). Even according to the previously quoted article from India Today, ‘[t]he injured woman was rushed to a hospital by locals and now is undergoing treatment.’

  7. India is a brutal feudal society and a sham democracy. The supposedly secular and progressive constitution of India has little or no bearing on the civil society. The most liberal constitution will not make the slightest difference if the civil society, i.e., the realm of the real people of flesh and blood, continues to live in its parallel world with its own feudal laws and customs. Western style democracy in India is a failed project, and the sooner the Indians realise this, the better it will be for them. They need a Chinese style cultural revolution in India: I would love to see Hindu youths tear down their own temples and use the bricks from these demolished temples to erect toilets instead.

  8. I don’t know what the ducking books from others above were about or what they said since I don’t have time to devote to read them, but WTF did I just watch? No one knows first aid? Bunch of douches standing around instead of helping. (Sigh)

  9. @sloth12
    I know, but do you ever think that these people are unstable and get way too emotional in the heat? I think that they can’t control their behavior because the mind overpowers them. For example, I’m not an addict to gambling, but I witnessed this in play in action. I started off with a tenner, lost that, then the logical part of me said, “ok, this is enough, I’m going to lose an even greater sum than I gained” because I’m playing against probability. Then this instant rash of emotions came over me, shouting, screaming, yelling, “you can win! you can triple your worth!” So I went for it. Bada bing, bada boom. I’m sitting here wondering why the fuck I deposited £140 in roulette. I got up and punched the door furiously.

  10. Are you fucking kidding? Not one person seeing this poor woman writhing in agony and bleeding out most certainly….would bend over her to comfort her or try to stop the bleeding how ever pointless… She died all alone and panicked, nobody should die that way.

        1. Oh No, calm down, calm DOWN Tom, don’t go punching any doors, do you know how much doors cost ? look at it this way, at least you’re learning the Greek alphabet

  11. “I said I’ll hold your shopping bags for fiiiive minutes while you go try on that new dress, babe. You made me wait 12 minutes, you cunt! TIME TO TEACH YOU A LESSON!!” – What I believe was said right before this video started.

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