Woman Raped and Buried Alive by Attackers in Nigeria

Woman Raped and Buried Alive by Attackers in Nigeria

Young Nigerian girl died after a group of rapists who had their way with her buried her alive. The somewhat good news is that the attackers were apprehended within 12 hours from rape, and revealed the location of her grave, but it was already too late to bring her back to life. But at least she was able to undergo proper burial afterwards.

Soldiers who apprehended the attackers went to exhume the girl’s body. They found the woman with a blindfold over her eyes and her hands and legs bound. Based on what I could gather, the crime occurred in Bonny, Rivers state, Nigeria.

Video of the exhumation and the recovery of the girl’s naked body is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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92 thoughts on “Woman Raped and Buried Alive by Attackers in Nigeria”

  1. Well, I think its fucked that they killed her. If they had to have her by rape- fine. She could’ve eventually recovered from that in some way but to bury her alive too?! I hope they get what they deserve! I couldn’t even fathom the news of this happening to one of my young daughters. She looked about 15-17 to me but girls these days look much older than they are. I really want to know what the men were saying though..

    1. I always thought that can never be recovered from such things, i mean fully.
      i know at least 2 rape wictims in my town, and those people are weirdos, even today, after 10-7years,after the events. their looks are not the same as previously.

      1. Maybe so. I’ve never been raped before so I can’t say for sure. My Mom was when I was really little. The perp actually broke in through my bedroom window but I wasn’t home that night. She recovered but has always slept with a butcher knife under her pillow since. I don’t doubt that it permanently changes you. I’d rather have my kid still alive though than raped and then killed..

          1. Herd somewhere online before, two gang member in the states got hold of a pedo in jail, cut him open like a pig and pulled all his organs out and left him like that. For the rest of the Pedo cunts to see. Happy days 🙂

      2. Everyone has a different level of ability to, if not recover, at least cope with and learn to live with having been raped. Psychological make up, support networks, whether drugs are used to cope – all those things come into play.

        But you are right in the sense that it invariably changes a person forever. How those changed manifest is another story.

          1. A rape victim is never going to be mentally ok he-she will always live with being raped for the rest of their lives. When one gets raped they don’t just take your innocents away they take your freedom of security and happiness o.o I know this for a fact because my mom well lets just say she didn’t have a good childhood and to this day she still doesn’t -.- my cousin was sent to jail at a very young age when he was in Mexico, I remember him telling me that every night he would hear the fucked up screams of a young kid being raped /: even though you aren’t the one being raped this shit is some extreme psychological trauma !!

          1. guess it depends on the person and the situation and circumstances..but i think ppl are kidding themselves if they say it doesnt affect them…of course i was a child so that probably id why i carry mine with me…it shaped who i became..perhaps if i were older it would be a different story

          2. hey @broke, I do not want to interfere in your life, but damn, you are a man,aren’t you? i dont want to know how it hapened, i interested in-where?

          3. What @BB… did you do some time? Did you drop your soap somewhere?

            That’s the thing… prisoners can’t really get away.

          4. @Stalker and @Sunray, yes guys can get raped too. There was a time that I used to go on blind dates with women I met on the internet and when you are in their car or home and they force themselves on you it is sometimes hard to get away and I have been forcefully touched and handled in ways I do not care to mention by women who were bigger and stronger than me.

        1. Of course it messes you up, but it’s horribly bleak to say that you never recover.

          I was gang raped as a young girl. It went to trial, they went to jail, and yeah – it fucked me up beyond belief for many, many, many years. But I’m ok now. Time works wonders, and people who have been raped need to hear that it CAN get better, otherwise – what would be the point of continuing to live?

          Of course I had to have therapy, and I met lots of other victims (or survivors, which is the PC term) and while some didn’t make it – most did. I still have contact with many of those girls, and most of us have reconcilled our experience and lead full, productive lives.

          As I said before – everyone is different, and personal traits and the support you receive factor greatly.

          1. Good god @kazzak, that’s just awful. I think myself lucky. I was raped too at knifepoint when I was 15. I didn’t go to the police or tell anyone so I just had to deal with it my way, which was cutting. I did try to kill myself a few times but I am so glad it failed! Im now 33, been married a couple of months, have an 8 month old son and pregnant again and couldn’t be happier! I still have flashbacks sometimes and of course I will never forget, but you can lead a normal life after something as devastating. Oh and I was a user for a couple years just before I met my hubby. Hooked on morphine etc.. But you can get through it though.x

          2. @kaitycoo – It makes me so sad to hear that you had to deal with it alone, but also elated that you’re now doing well. I don’t have flashbacks anymore, but I do still dream about it sometimes. It makes me sad, but not angry, and not self destructive.

          3. I know several people ( male & female) who got raped as a kid , some got even a better life after going through the painful healing process and some seem to be scarred for life. I think it makes a difference whether you get the right help. Also I think it makes a difference when there has been revenge of some kind. When the perp is convicted & jailed, there’s some sense of justice – you’re acknowledged in a way and not completely powerless. When there’s no conviction, and you’re being laughed at ( by friends of the perp for example) it’s different. It is indeed amazing how rape can mess you up. Trust, selfesteem and dignity get shattered. And when someone who was raped, kills him/herself, rape would equal murder. I wish for every rapist to feel all the pain they caused to their prey ( I don’t like the word victim). One member here (Razorblade Grin) once called rape ‘surprise sex’ , which I found a very funny term; I’d like to see it that way too, but I can’t. There are plenty of ways in which people fuck up other people’s llives as we see on BG, rape is just one form of violence…but that still doesn’t put things into perspective.
            I sometimes wonder if people in other cultures find rape easier to cope with than westerners do. Anyhow rape can come back to haunt you if you haven’t learnt how to deal with it and it can cause a long, slow decay of life until death seems to be the only place of peace left , in my experience.

      1. I figured that was the main reason they killed her but the fact that they were caught makes her death even that much more in vain to me! They killed her so she couldn’t tell and they ended up caught anyhow. Waste of a life and for nothing! That’s how I saw it anyhow..

    2. By the color of the girl’s skin, it looks as if they had to convince the guy holding the hands that she was not a ghost. I wonder though if they forced the rapers/killers to dig her and pull her out.

      If it happened to my daughter I would wait for the day they come out of jail and do the same to them… rape with a baseball bat and bury them alive…

    3. @juicy.
      If you think most women recover from rape ‘just fine’ then you are really deluded. Mentally, emationally and phyiscally, the affects that forced rape does to a woman [or a man to extend the point] is not something you eventually recover from. Believe me.

      1. @killerkarma- i think you should read what i wrote a little better before coming at me sideways like that! I in no shape or form said that “most women recover just fine”! What the hell are you reading- and where?! Lol- let me show you what i read, but you must read e?a?c?h word correctly- unless you want to call me and i can read it out for you?! What I said WAS-

        ” Well, I think its fucked that they killed her. If they had to have her by rape- fine. She could?ve eventually recovered from that in some way but to bury her alive too?!”

        So um, you were saying- what now?!

        1. Coming at you sideways? omg .. What are you? BG police?
          Don’t start on me as I won’t troll and I am certainly not a troll.
          I read what I read and I responded regarding the poor womans rape.
          You didn’t like it? so be it. Don’t keep carping on and on. and ranting.
          We are all allowed an opinion and a voice. okay? Thank you.

          1. Say whatever you want to say and think whatever you want to think! I never said that rape victims recover “just fine” though- so maybe you can twist other peoples words around with your opinionsnext time! Lol

          1. Where three hell did i say that rape victims recover just fine?! Unless you accidentally responded to me?! I don’t think that shit! I’m sure they’re messed up in MANY ways! I know my Mom was- but I’d still rather have my daughter returnedalive to recover in any possibleway she could than to be raped AND killed! So what are you talking about?! Maybe you read it wrong?! Is that possible?! I mean i re-read my comments and i honestlydon’t see where you came up with that..

          2. Wait- is this what you are referringto?!

            ” I don?t doubt that it permanently changes you.”

            i don’t doubt- meaning, I’m sure it DOES change you! Fuck- I’m trying to figure out where you got that misconstrued version of what i said from! Help me out here..

          3. Well @Killakarma- on any case, I’m sorry that you had to endure such an awful crime and degrading attack. I hope justice was served in your case and that you’ve been able to recover to the best of your ability. I wouldn’twish this kind of attack on anyone and i wholeheartedly feel that rapists that are truly guilty should be dealt with in the most serious way possible- just as they took something away from someone, they shouldn’t ever be allowed to do it again! Its beyond disgusting that this girl payed the price of her life so that a few low life scum could blow a load! Again, my deepest sympathy for her and and anyone (including you) that has gone through this.

  2. My personal view is that rapists should have their genitals removed and then, subsequently, executed.

    Nigeria, as far as I can determine, still undertakes executions so I look forward to this particular gang of b*stards dangling from ropes in the not too distant future.

    1. I quite agree.
      Having been a member of BG for well over three years, reading about these rape attacks, whether they be towards women, men or children – I do feel they get off to easily.

      As far as I am aware yes, Nigeria and some countries do ‘deal’ with this type of scum in a quick time.
      Okay, this is drifting off the subject maybe a little, but –
      Providing of course, that the rape is real [awful to actually even think it, but it is very sadly a true fact, too many women do cry rape, when it is not rape at all] then yes, gentialia removal and executions I am all for.
      My heart goes out to all those whom have suffered the violence of rape.
      [Yeah, Yeah, so am weeping here as I type, it just really cuts me up] and brings back memories. Sorry]

  3. I’m victim of rape too and its kinda hard to admit or talk about it….but I’m glad that these people were apprehended and hope they get what they deserve fuck them. they probably have been beaten already to admit where they buried her and i hope they get beaten more.

    1. @Nekki o.o for some reason I keep having this nightmare that I was raped when I was younger I’m not really sure if it was real or not but every Time i have this nightmare I see myself getting held down and you know the rest >.> it’s one of those nightmares one wishes would never happen but I’m pretty sure it did .. no one knows not even my parents except for my ex gf and now you guys,you aren’t alone. this is probably the reason why I don’t give a shit if I live or die, when I’m driving sometimes I feel like stepping on the gas and removing my hands of the steering wheel so i can end my sad miserable life v.v but then again the cops will never know why I did it and will probably come up with some bullshit lie that I was drunk driving someday ill get my revenge I don’t care if I’m dead or alive -.-

      1. @misfit: Sorry to hear about your nightmare, it sounds bad and I hope that it is a nightmare and not real. I do have some nightmares about my incidents, not as much as before but once in awhile I do. I have the similar feelings, After I was raped I couldn’t hold a knife when i was cooking or eating and when I did my hand would tremble because I just wanted to thrust it into my heart so bad that I could see it already happening in my head, and I put myself in few stupid predicaments like being raped more than once and been in abusive relationship and etc. Damn that sentence was really hard to type. Life goes on and after awhile I feel I am one step better now, I found someone that treats me better and works things out with me other than my self destructive behavior I could talk things out now, but I still don’t really care if I do live or die, and if death happens I look at it like at least it would be something different than my typical day in day out bullshit.

      2. @misfit

        sorry to hear that

        dont let them win…you survived that which means you are a hell of alot stronger than you give yourself credit for – feck those barstards – you live your life and make it a good one…try anyways…i have faith in you

  4. Every female has been or knows someone whose been raped/assaulted in some way. There are so many sluts who will give it up for a fucking drink at the bar….. there is no excuse for this violence. Rapists should be castrated.

      1. @sage. Yes, it’s nice to see what males feel / think – Oblit summed it up pretty well.

        There are girls / young women as he states, that do go out wanting sex and are sluts – fact.
        But, rape? No there is no excuse for.
        The violence and pain I suffered at the hands of my rapist is deeply embedded emotionally, I suffer dreadful flashbacks – And no, I was not out clubbing, drinking at a bar, nor am I a slut. I at the time was a teenager, down to earth, shy, but normal teen. My ‘rapist’ took away the rest of my teen years and much of my twenties. I have deep physical scars along with horrendous emotional / mental scars. Thirty years on? still haunts me, I nearly died in his hands and if I could I swear I would love to have castrated him or anything, not only to perhaps help in the terror and pain he put me through, but, as it turned out in court, he had raped two other women also.

        In Britain especially, rapists and child killers are the lowest of the low, they do not deserve the cushy prison life. The only worry they have is whether another inmate will get them and I must admit, I am all for that, I believe those that cause pain should receive pain, not be locked up with a warm bed, three meals aday, no bills to pay – whilst their victims have to suffer daily.

        Soooo, yes, as Sage said, Thank you Oblit.

    1. These Soldiers are normally defending against the people-supported Niger Delta Militants who attack with Boats, They’re always prepared to pursue when necessary. You should witness one of these attacks (Thrilling).

  5. Why did it look like the one soldier was about to beat the man who was lifting her up out of grave by arms. He curled up like a beaten dog who just pissed on the floor. Was he one of the guilty? Just curious?

    1. 1: Yes, He is one of the Guilty. He will probably be killed on the way to the police station. Any issue that gets to the police has a 20% chance of justice being done and the soldiers know this.
      2: The soldier was asking him to lift the body properly without complaining because he supposedly buried her there, He has good reason to beg and curl up like a kid because the Nigerian Army has a 10Star Rating when it comes to civilian abuse – Death is not something uncommon when handled by the Nigerian Army : expect something worse when you’re in such a situation.

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