GNA Forces Ambush LNA Convoy on Road in Tripoli, Libya

GNA Forces Ambush LNA Convoy on Road in Tripoli, Libya

GNA Forces Ambush LNA Convoy on Road in Tripoli, Libya

The video alleges to show Turkey backed GNA (Government of National Accord) forces ambushing an LNA (Libyan National Army) convoy on a road in Tripoli, Libya.

Best Gore member @zara1998 notes:

It’s very important and seriously messy things going on in Libya right now. Haftar’s military forces (LNA- Lybian National Army) are lead by Haftar, who was a general and close friend of Qaddafi who was outcast to the US by Qaddafi himself despite their friendship because he fucked up at some point when he was managing the Lybia conflict against Chad. I don’t know the details right now. He’s back and he wants to take labia back from the degenerates called:

Sarraj’s temporary government. (GNA – Government of National Accord). Sarraj is just a puppet, the conflict’s not even about him. It’s the mercenaries under him. ISIS. They’re no longer terrorists for now, they’re hearty protectors of Lybia. With quite a lot of support, strong media backing from Al-Jazeera and Western Media. All of this thanks to Turkey, who’s the one causing all this shit. Training Isis factions and getting them to Libya. Many Syrians and other nationalities FSA members too displaced in Lybia by turkey. It’s a clusterfuck of obscenely scandalous alliances, all under the media’s watchful eyes and manipulative news.

Haftar is branded a warlord. As though he came outta nowhere like Kony to train child soldiers to do his bidding, pillage villages and rape families. The guy is literally the head of the real Libyan Army. LNA is the same army that stayed true to Qaddafi. It is the Libyan national army, literally always existed as the one and only nation’s army.

So now the real Libyan army is branded a militia run by a warlord. And the ISIS-terrorist affiliates under orders of Turkey, are the new democratic good protectors of Libya. The GNA.

These puppets instated into ruling after years of ransacking by Isis when it controlled the hearts of Libyan cities. Supposedly they were “wiped out and retreated into the desert” but they just were turned into GNA. All for Turkey’s program of islamic world dominance. Starting with Lybia. If Lybia crumbles Egypt probably is next. As it is its neighbor.

The Egyptian government is totally for Haftar. Fearing for its borders if Haftar is defeated an attack is gonna be imminent. Egypt is being taunted by Turkey by using reverse psychology to attack the GNA and support Haftar so that Turkey can react in front of the media.

Egypt knows it can’t win a war right now. Not when it’s gonna be labelled a bad guy in front of the international community. It’s fucked up. The LNA is backed by Russia and France too, including Egypt yet none of those backers really dared to help with fighters, but they did get drones and shit. The GNA however is Turkey.

It is not backed by Turkey it is under the orders of Turkey, they get Turkish soldiers, Isis militants, FSA militants and all kinds of other shit. Although these guys used to kill each other before too.

Anyway, that video is an example of how Turkey is dominating right now. A scene straight from modern warfare. An ambush by the Turks. Although the LNA was winning before, Turkey brought over extra help cuz they really are determined to win this. LNA needs help. Or Libya’s fucked along with the rest of the north Africans and Middle Easterners.

Many thanks for your input and the video, zara1998:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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53 thoughts on “GNA Forces Ambush LNA Convoy on Road in Tripoli, Libya”

  1. Greece is also with Haftar. You didn’t mention that GNA’s goverment is out of date. They had to go to elections before 3 years and they didn’t! The parliament of the Libyan tribes is with LNA.
    Greece at the moment is ready to go to war with Turkey. Merkel warned Erdogan (7/25) that the Greeks will attack to Turkey if they continue the same strategy and then Turkey will have serious problems with Europe.
    In one thing i disagree. That Egypt can’t win. There you are false. They have bigger army than Turkey and they are very well equiped with modern ships, aircrafts and tanks. You underestimated their power dude. And they are close to libya. Turkey is far away to support any fights in Libya. They have been bombd today again by anknown aircrafts. They lost 3 Koral systems hours after they sended them to their base. Check the news about that. Propably Egyptian SU35 or Rafale from United Arab Emirates. SU35 is far more better than any version of Turkeys F16. The F16 has no chance to survive.
    If a war starts then Israel will also help Haftar against Turkey. United Arab Emirates also will join at once the fight. And remember there is no NATO to help Turkey. Turkey invided Syria, Turkey invided in Libya. Let’s see… Interesting story. Hope you can understand my english. Cheers!

      1. Second one. Three Koral systems have been tranfered to Al-Watiya base from Turkey and within 24 hours they have been destroyed. First attack came from France. Retaliation about the navy icident between French and Turkish frigates. Now they are talking about Egyptian probably planes.

        To inform you Greek nave was last 5 days out with orders to stop or sink the Turkish Research/Survey Vessel ORUC REIS. They wanted to search in Greek water for hydrocarbon.
        Also military status in Greece is at the moment like Defcon4 os the US army.
        Turkey’s president Erdogan acts like a new Hitler. And the West does nothing. Same situation like 1938-1939.

        1. Greatnews! Go Greeks ,France and Egypt. Typical of the Eu Nato Zios to just sit back and let jihadi moslems rape and pillage everywhere. Usnatozio has much to answer for. They have fucked Europe and it was planned that way to keep them Dependent on the USNATOZIO axis. Fuck Erdogan ,Turkey and USNATOZIO..and those weak- as- piss coward two-faced Italian Pricks!

          Thanks for the link ,Ι will check it out.

    1. Great information thank you very much! my knowledge isn’t exactly 100% up to date. A bit more comforting to know Greece is on their side too and even Israel and Saudi Arabia. When I said Egypt can’t win. I’m talking about the fact that if it’s seen as a wrongdoer in the war in front of the international media propaganda, that it can’t stand a chance against outside forces barging in like the U.S coming in to help Turkey. Taking on the U.S will be devastating. Unless the U.S leaves the matter alone, which I still don’t know where Trump stands so far I thought the U.S were with Erdogan but I hope not. If the U.S goes in by labelling everyone a warlord/warcriminal. Thats trouble and Russia won’t keep quiet I think. This shit stirring up WWIII almost scary. But I really hope it’s really as simple as Egypt fighting alongside Haftar against turkey. Thats for sure a guaranteed win I’m still on edge about it though hope they pull through.

      1. Now it’s clear. Thnx for your reply. US can’t handle this anymore. They decided to withdraw from Middle East leaving Russia alone heading for China.. Turkey plays a game here. Time will tell us about…

      2. The US is in two minds with Turkey. The Us hates Erdogan and tried to kill him but didn’t succeed as you know. They started to hate him because ” he went off book “after faithfully serving US Zio interests for twenty years. At the same time the US is wooing Turkey because Russia turned the tables on the US and Turkey , and forced turkey to become Russia’s ally. So the US and Turkey are frenemies ,the worst at the moment. Turkey sits astride three continents and is in pole position so is geopolitically important. Who ever rules in the Mid East has power , as trade routes and oil and gas go through there. Suez canal ,Red Sea ,Med sea ,Straits of Hormuz etc.

        The Eu normally would shut up and suck US cock as always , and allow Turkey(who was till now the US deputy ,with Israel) to ride roughshod all over Europe, BUT The Eu big powers and even weak Greece have had a gutful of being pushed around by the US and their Moslem hitmen . France and Germany being the main Eu countries are very pissed off with the US and so are the Balkan countries ,most importantky Greece/Cyprus and so are pushing back in big way.

        Who knows what will happen? Even Nostradamus and the Bible said the end of the world will start with the Crescent and the Orthodox Christians . So you know who the Crescent is ? ; Turkey /Islam and Orthodox Christians re Russia ,Greece and Eastern Europe. And France and Egypt as significant actors.

        I hope I haven’t bored or confused you.

        1. You said everything. Nothing left for me to say…
          Crescent is like a plague. Remember what happened in Europe at 1600-1700ac… You know many things that non “common” people ignore and i’m wondering where you are from! Everything you said is

  2. I wonder why Islamic soldies never take prisoners. Or if they do, they generally kill them. It’s not very gentlemanly is it? At least Christian soldiers fighting on opposite sides show a certain amount of respect for each other. Those Muslim pigs are barbarians. Just one more reason amongst many others to hate and despise Islam.

      1. Thats true. Muslim Brotherhood and the west plans for the Middle East killed him. That time Rusia was not able to protect him. Now things changed. Us (and Turkey) lost the war in Syria. They can’t win in Yemen. They tryed again in Libya but till now they faild. In Ukrania the plan also faild… Who’s next in their plans? Armenia or Georgia?

        1. Greece is the target. Lots of oil/gas in Greece and if you shut up Greece then you have no guilt. It is greece who is the smallest of the main countries in Europe ,the oldest ,the most innocent in current geopolitics and thus has the moral highground, and the few always warning of the Moslem Hordes.

          The Brussels/Berlin Boffins hate that ’cause they don’t want complaints, only moolah in their pockets and let the commoners of Germany and France look after the filth brought in. The boffins want no borders and all of us being the same and just spending. Borders ,culture ,history just makes them less money! Jesus said you have more chance of seeing a camel go through the eye of a needle than a rich man enter heaven.

          Noone hates the abused daughter in the family more than her own mother ,cause she turned a blind eye and/or secretly didn’t care or was too in love or scared to say something to the abusing mummy’sboyfriend. Get it?

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