GoPro Video of ISIS in Yemen Ambushing and Executing Men in Public Places

GoPro Video of ISIS in Yemen Ambushing and Executing Men in Public Places

ISIS in Yemen released a GoPro video of a group of them ambushing two men in public places and shooting them dead. The first target had a rifle with him. The second is difficult to tell because his execution took place at night.

Yemen is probably the only country left where Zionist lapdogs ISIS can still somewhat function. Despite relentless support from Israel and the West, ISIS is losing their grip on Syria, and Iraq is probably not too far behind either.

Props to Best Gore member @xxxtopher for the video:

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    1. That shit reminded me of like a first person shooter game, like call of duty & battlefield 4 or something like that. These dudes are fuckin nuts & need to get checked. Hopefully sooner than later. The Middle East is such a piece of shit volitile place. No wonder they ended up settling in sand. It also explains why people from England and western Europe were willing to risk their lives by setting sail across unknown Atlantic waters in an attempt to trade with India and the orient. They knew the possibility of death at sea was much more desirable than having to cross the barbaric, war-torn, God-foresaken middle eastern territories. Arabs have been doing this type of fuckery for thousands of years.

    1. In these countries, it is not unusual for most houses to have a “family” rifle. They tend to shoot these off during celebrations or other types of things and may not always be a sign of military or terrorist affiliation.

  1. yo best gore, I’ve been a fan for years. I’d like to send out a suggestion regarding these isis/daesh/douche videos. edit out their propaganda music, paint over their trademark symbol and flag, and just show us the hardcore gore. don’t help them promote by spreading their religious jihad music on the web and their snazzy multimedia efforts.

    1. I agree , I don’t mind watching the gore… it’s the propaganda I don’t give two shits about… I don’t give a fuck who the infidel is… the idiots are going to kill themselves all off anyway leave these innocent people alone … I just feel this is way too high production value… Locate their money and eliminate it… freeze their assets and refreeze Isis

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  2. remember some words…
    an good assassin is the guy who kill with knife, the noob is the guy who kill with sniper rifle.
    killing an unarmed civilian by surprise with an Ak is exactly like killing an flie with an M1 abrams.
    that show the degree of mentality and courage that those “well named” “fighters” are.

    1. i guess allah have some internet connection troubles and cant watch this video, so, its not dedicated to him this time. maybe some sort of exercice with great actors, sort of Snackbarwood movie ! (cost high due to needed change actors after each scene, but at least those actor didnt cost a shit as they are no pay after the scene, still missed some good old kamikaze)

      (imo, he probably have volontary cut his internet connection for get some holidays far away from the goat sound and shit music he receive everytime in those vids)

  3. Here in Philippines,if you are brave enough to fight with your enemy you should have both gun and then firing with each other (if you have balls to do it)..not this one in the video, it’s like a gay thing shooting someone that not prepared to shoot back.. Some muslim have no balls like in the video.

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