Graphic Head Wound Photo of Reeva Steenkamp – Shot by Oscar Pistorius

Graphic Head Wound Photo of Reeva Steenkamp - Shot by Oscar Pistorius

This graphic photo of 29 year old South African model and reality TV star Reeva Steenkamp’s fatal head wound was shown on all monitors at Oscar Pistorius’s murder trial. Paralympian Oscar Pistorius shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp with a 9mm pistol in the head. Allegedly, when the graphic photo was shown the courtroom, Oscar Pistorius threw up into a bucket.

The display of the graphic image was reportedly accidental and happened when the operator scrolled through the pictures. Only less graphic photos, such as trails of blood found in Oscar Pistorius house were meant to be shown publicly.

The trial continues, but the prosecution argues Oscar Pistorius, who wears prosthetic legs, intentionally killed Reeva Steenkamp after a fight or argument. Pistorius on the other hand says he thought a burglar broke into his house, so he approached the bathroom on his stumps and shot Reeva Steenkamp by mistake while believing she was an intruder. She was shot through closed bathroom door.

Props to Best Gore member LeftyUK1979 for the pic.

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  1. The American media covers this story nightly. They love to sensationalize things and turn them into soap operas. To me, this chick is just another corpse. I don’t care that she was involved with a faggoty looking stump runner. Here’s to all of the nameless people who get killed every day but no one gives a fuck because they’re not famous… (Sip)

          1. you two never heard of a “turd burglar”? if one of those breaks in, it will be @Future Days butt on the line – so you’re the one who’ll need to come out of the loo blasting, @It was me

    1. I agree. As for the throwing up in a bucket… you can take a emetic for that… Every home with a kid in it has some… Swallow something bad, one teaspoon of an emetic and you are throwing up for hours. My bet is Pistorious had some and took it in court. I truly hope this punk ends up in some soweeto prison being ass-raped by HIV infected blacks… And raped for hours on end.

    1. reeva steenkamp is a native of cape town, south africa and there is no obvious reason to point out the colour of her skin.
      if that is truly a photo of yourself, then i must concur with @Trepaneringsritualen only in that you appear quite attractive. your comments however are inexplicably abusive if not hostile.
      what do you make of this tragedy, is it a big story where you live?

      1. So when white people immigrate to africa they are native citizens? Oh but they enslaved them so it doesn’t matter.
        Also me being an arsehol has nothing to do with me living in a dumphol it has more to do with how I think it’s unfair people can say here shit about Islam and arabs and we can’t say anything back.

          1. personally, i believe all whites should leave africa. it’s not their natural place. i know, they’ve been there “since blah blah blah”, but no, only black nigger africans are the original inhabitants. all whites come from European ancestry.

    2. South Africa isn’t known as the rainbow nation, because theres leprechauns randomly running around to find their pot of gold at the end of S.A’s many rainbow. but we called that, for the very fact that we have many colour skin in our nation! And i think you are confusing slavery with apartheid, which was not slavery, please pick up a history book and dye your hair blonde 😀

    3. @ieatanddrink Im sorry I didn’t mean to upset you, i thought you were being sarcastic with that comment. so I thought id be sarcastic with my comment. I understand where your coming from and the same argument could be made about America. You’re not stupid You’re stupid hot haha

  2. Throwing up and crying in court? Oscar is a fitting name for this dude, what an acting performance. On the off chance it was an accident they should still lock him up. Anyone who doesn’t live alone and empties a gun into a locked bathroom is a danger to others.

    1. Even if it is fake(and it is), it’s not helping him. He’s just showing he can’t control himself and his emotions, just like he did when he killed her. Besides.. if I was that judge, I’d sentence him to be beheaded if he says “my lady” after every sentence one more time. So annoying.

        1. Haha Nextie, there is a way of saying m’lady that doesn’t sound like your Parker from the Thunderbirds, obviously he hasn’t mastered that, although I think he’s purposely trying to sound as pitiful as possible.

  3. She obviously was snapping off a horrendously odourous log that one time too many,so old Stumpy slithered up to the crapper door and unleashed the fury with his favourite pea-shooter. Bet she really shit herself then.

    1. My thoughts exactly. There’s nothing more annoying than being awoken by the smell and sound of your bitch emptying her bowels in the middle of the night. Disrespectful bitch got what she deserved.

  4. I remember seeing Pistorius lose a race for the first time . He didn’t like it at all and I recall thinking how spiteful and peevish he acted towards the fellow who beat him .

    He’s guilty as fuck indeed . Trouble is , money talks and we all know that he could walk . Well , sort of , you know what I mean !!

    Interesting picture of the victim . Those were killing bullets alright .

    1. you couldnt be right-er mate.

      have you seen what those “black talon” bullets turn into when they hit something?
      not the kind of ammo you buy if you are just wanting to protect youself
      he knew about guns and ammo – he knew that who or whatever you fire one of those at you are killing.
      drs recon she would have died from the arm wound alone

  5. I cannot understand why he has not been detained in custody during his trial. If it was me or you, we’d be detained without a doubt. I think he deserves an Oscar for his performance. As for calling the judge “my lady” I reckon that he grits his teeth when he has to address a black woman in such terms. If he is found guilty, I reckon he’ll get a light sentence and will get a release “for good behaviour” and his cell area will be like that of the old lag/con who was in Porridge (a 1970’s UK comedy set in a prison starring Ronnie Barker) where he has his fine wines, art treasures, cigars etc etc.
    If he is found not guilty he’ll be selling a book within 3 months and doing tours and talks on gun ownership and how he was treated so harshly.
    Personally I think he is guilty.

    1. You can take a pill (an emetic) to throw up like that. My bet is this murderous slug did exactly that. Pistoris murdered this woman and did so purposefully. He did it because she was on the verge of leaving him. Plus, this guy has a history of violence. Lock his sorry carcass up permanently.

  6. Another thing comes to mind. His money has bought the best defence team. Again, if it was you or me, we’d have to re-mortgage the house to pay out such money. Alternatively claim state aid/legal aid but if you own a couple of TV’s and a car, you don’t qualify.
    I don’t know what the norm is for a sentence for murder in South Africa, but you can bet he’ll not get the maximum.
    After hearing him, seeing him and seeing that photograph, I hope they give him a long sentence.
    If he gets off I won’t be buying his book unless it comes up in a year’s time in a charity shop or car boot/garage sale. As for being interviewed on TV, I’ll switch to the sports channels that night.

    1. Awful waste of a young woman’s life . She was too good for him , he knew it , couldn’t handle that fact , rage took a hold , a spiteful , peevish rage and this is the outcome .

      His reactions in the courtroom are abnormal , any professional person could read him like a book . The tears and what not are for himself , crocodile tears ,

      None of these things matter though . South Africa is corrupt , more corrupt than most countries . Money will do the talking in the end , that’s what this will boil down to .

      1. He must think that the public are fools and gullible. If he gets off he’ll be “back to normal” and the psychiatrists will be paid off and he’ll be back to his gun fantasies. If he gets off he’ll still keep his gun licences as there is probably no legal justification to take them off him. I don’t know much about South Africa to be honest so can’t comment on how corrupt or non-corrupt it is.

  7. One of the worst case scenarios that is possible is that she ran and locked herself in the toilet to escape him. He tried to break the door down with the cricket bat and when he could’nt get in he blasted her four times through the door. The first shots didn’t kill her, it was the last shot that went through her hand as she was trying to protect herself and went into her head. She died in absoloulte terror and pain.

  8. Something seems odd about this picture and the fact that he was on his stumps when he killed her. She was shot in the head but he was on his stumps he would’ve any been about 4 foot tall. She could’ve been leaning over the sink but something still seems odd.

    1. Oscar was apparently 5ft1in without his prosthetic legs and 6ft or so with them on. The first bullet is assumed to have hit Reevas hip, breaking her hip in the process. It is then believed that she fell back onto the magazine rack next to the toilet and was leaning near to the toilet when another bullet hit the wall and ‘grazed her back’. Somewhere in the mix, a bullet broke arm and it is the prosecutions order of events that the headshot was the final bullet to hit. Nel claims this is why neighbours heard a woman screaming; Pistorious claims his ears were ringing so he didn’t hear any screams.

  9. Some quotes from the trial:

    “You know the same happened to Reeva’s head? It exploded.”

    -Prosecuter Gerrie Nel showed a video, previously broadcast by Sky News, of Pistorius firing a gun at a watermelon and saying that it was “softer than brains.” He drew a connection between the recording and Reeva Steenkamp’s bloodied head.

    “I was there, I don’t have to look at a picture.”

    Nel showed the court a photo of Steenkamp’s head after showing the watermelon video.

  10. Just a belated update for our BG members that is aware of this tragic incident and lost tracked. Oscar Pistorius has been found guilty of the murder of Reeva Steenkamp after South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal overturned the previous conviction of culpable homicide.

    The conviction of CH was met in outrage all over the world as it opened the door even wider for more domestic violence in SA. OP never fired a warning shot and shot not once but four times into a tiny cubicle knowing fully aware that who ever was behind that door had no change, especially firing with black talon bullets. There is so many more points but i wont bore anyone going into it =)

    This tragic story is close to my heart, Reeva was not just a model but also a law graduate. She was killed the day before she planned to wear black in a “Black Friday” protest against SA’s high numbers of rape and domestic violence. I am absolutely thrilled with this conviction and happy that Barry, June and Simone at last feel that Justice was done.

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