Great Footage of Sukhoi Su-22 Dropping a Bomb on FSA Position

Great Footage of Sukhoi Su-22 Dropping a Bomb on FSA Position

Cameraman did a fantastic job capturing the fast moving jet, the bomb release, and the explosion. You can see two bombs quite clearly just before they strike, although you have to look closely to see them both. The mindboggling thing is that the cameraman barely flinched as building next to him blew up.

Fighter jets like this Sukhoi Su-22 are mean motherfucker. At first you can’t see them, you just hear the roar. Then out of nowhere it appears and before the second is over the bomb is released and then BUM. Everything goes down so fast it gives you little time to react. Great job on behalf of the pilot to drop unguided bombs to accurately. No wonder well armed rebels sometimes succeed in taking down SAA planes, seeing how they have no other option but to fly low. Guided missiles are too expensive for a financially batter government after more than 2 years of fighting the never ending supply of terrorists.

Also – whatever the outcome, the winner will have hell of a job to do rebuilding the country from scratch. Every new video from Syria shows completely devastated infrastructure. They have little in terms of usable buildings still left. And that American who has not been to Syria for 30 years said he will not negotiate with the government. No surprise there really. Peace has never been on the minds of the rebels. All they cared about was destruction and complete seizure of power. Or should I say – what their sponsors are instructing them to do is to deliver destruction and seize power without peace talk negotiations.

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50 thoughts on “Great Footage of Sukhoi Su-22 Dropping a Bomb on FSA Position”

  1. Syria will be much like Libya when this is all over, a puppet government, Muslim Brotherhood in charge, constant fighting between the various sects and tribes, destabilisation, atrocities on a daily basis from the new rebel government.

    Even though, just like Libya and Iraq, there was constant media coverage, full saturation, all throughout this conflict we will have a complete media blackout of the days after the war.

    Our politicians will tell us that everything is fine and that the Syrian people have never been better all the while they take full advantage of the destabilised Syria by acquiring cheap resources, the benefits of which we will never see, and in a few years time we will be helping the freedom fighters liberate Iran.

    Yeah, Life sure does suck great big donkey balls doesn’t it.

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      1. The SU22 (actually the original SU17 sold on to the Arabs) is relatively lightly armoured and susceptible to ground fire e.g. Stinger, Redeye and Strela.. It is however, capable of dropping unguided munitions, such as cluster bombs, general purpose HE and incendiarys, from low to medium height in-runs with immediate altitude gain after delivery and automatic deployment of up to 12 decoy flares.

        An old aircraft but still capable of delivering, pretty much, precision, obliteration.

  2. All the shit in this World has been caused by the Zionists who are after Global domination via the banking system and expansion.

    The Middle East has been busy doing the work off the Jews. Arabs slaughtering Arabs and systematically destroying the infrastructure off their own Countries, Counties like Iraq and Libya have been set back decades; poverty in Iraq is now running at 50% it was 10% prior to the Zionist led invasion.

    Syria is nothing more than a war by Proxy, the Jews actively supporting the rebels by arming them to murder their own Country men. If it ends their way, they will get the Jewish controlled government they have been looking for and the launch pad for putting ground troops in to Iran. The end game off all this is an extremely powerful Israel. Can?t believe the Arabs don?t see this.

    Here in the west we are peddled the mantra off the CIA (Sky News),war for democracy blah blah blah.The gullible believe this shit, the intelligent see it for what it is, nothing more than the Zionist controlled media filling people with shit whilst arming Al Queda to further their own objectives.

    The Zionists are now out off control, they are nothing more than warmongering aggressors that need to be stopped.

    I predict that eventually there will be a third World War, maybe even starting in Syria, there?s no way the Russians, Chinese ,Iranians are going to sit idly by whilst the Zionists steal more oil and compromise their interests. This is the main reason the Zionists have not as yet put troops in, because they know there will be a response. The bollocks about chemical weapons is the opening salvo in the Zionists new approach to gather public support for an all out attack on Syria, there will be more shit like this on the news over the coming weeks as they try and get a mandate to put soldiers in using the Zionist controlled NATO.

    Fuck knows what will happen.

    For the sake off the World the Americans and Israelis need to be stopped. They are worse than the fucking fascists.

  3. Is it just me, that looks fugazi as shit! The capturing the missile in perfect descent, the explosion, the sound of the explosion, lack of rubble, cameraman’s reaction… just all seems fugawagagazi

  4. ok i’ve saild kill the camera man ALOT but this guys a keeper…

    also Where The fuck did that fucking jet come from i downloaded the video and ran it though a video editor to view it at a slower frame rate and that jet just pops 3/4 of the frame from no where and as far as i know most cameras shoot at the standard 10-30 frames a second and this one looks like its shooting around 22 Frames/sec on average

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