Group of Bandits in Rough Shape After Counter Offensive with Gunfire

Group of Bandits in Rough Shape After Counter Offensive with Gunfire

A group of alleged bandits ended up in a very rough shape after their mission was met with a counter offensive involving gunfire. I have very little further info so I couldn’t tell you what kind of banditry they were involved in.

Likewise, I don’t know if the police caught them red handed and took them down or if they picked on the wrong victim that was packing heat and wasn’t afraid to use it. There’s some conversation going on in the background of the video so perhaps our Brazilian friends will be able to fill us in.

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      1. @thedre – agreed on needing a back story. tired of the whole “shit that happens” aspect of media. this is almost like “cops”, only without the officers’ elucidation to make sense of what you’re watching

  1. I have always been fascinated by the concept of tens of thousands of men climbing out of trenches and running at machine guns in WW1. The movies portray scenes of men falling dead after bullets ripped through them. The accounts of men who were there were very different. They told of screams, moans and the sucking gasps of countless men in no-mans-land slowly dying. People don’t always die outright as these guys show. Even head wounds can take a while to bleed out. There really aren’t many good ways to die.

  2. Dang they look fucked up..i wonder what they did……no i dont..i won’t why they didn’t die goddammit…die motherfucker die..i want a good beheading..where the fuck did the los zetas go man..shit..or those camel fucks..moral to this video..leave whatever the fuck they were messing with ALONE!!..

  3. When I see the term “bandits” used, it reminds me of those nineteenth century bandit death photos where they held the dead up by their arms or propped the corpses on boards or plywood and took pictures. Do a google search of The Dalton Gang death pictures and you’ll see what I mean. These recent men didn’t fare much better.

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  5. I was having a smoke outside just now when I saw a blatantly large fireball in the sky no less exaggerated by my intoxication level.

    I then researched it was merely just a common meteor storm brought upon by Halley’s comet and not the end of the world. Damn and I got all excited too.

  6. Judging from the accent and locations, this probably happened at Rio de Janeiro and is related to drug traffic (at Rocinha).

    The guy recording is actually making fun, with phrases like “wow… they still breathing… thats unfortunate”, etc. He doesn’t look like a cop or medic and probably is just a curious boy…

    A interesting conversation, at 1:30+, something like:
    Guy1: – Holy shit, this one still breathing, man…
    Guy2: – Oh, this one looks pretty, uh?
    Guy1: – He got shot in the face, uh?

    Guy2: – Oh, you still alive, uh? Don’t worry, the devil is right at your side, waiting…

    Guy3: – Oh man… He is trying to grab my feet, this son of bitch…

    And the full converstaion at the end: (3:00+)

    Cameraman: (…) you will get famous (…)
    Cameraman: – Are you from Rocinha?
    Drug Dealer: – … What?
    Cameraman: – Are you from Rocinha?
    Drug Dealer: Yes, sir.
    Cop shouting at the back: (Lets isolate the area)
    Cameraman: – Where have you been shot?
    Drug Dealer: – In the head, in the chest and in the ribs…
    Drug Dealer: … and leg, as well…
    Cameraman: – Ah…
    Cameraman: – In the leg too?
    Drug Dealer: – Yes…
    Cameraman: – Ah, so you have been shot 4 times…
    Cameraman: – Only, uh? (Ironic)
    Cameraman: – Pity (Ironic)
    Cameraman: – Should have been more… (Ironic)
    Cameraman: – Anyway… I don’t think you will survive this…
    Drug Dealer: – Please, help me…
    Cameraman: Ah? You want help?
    Drug Dealer: – … Take me to the hospital…
    Cameraman: – Keep calm, we will bring you there… an ambulance is coming…

    Another Man: – Hey boy… I know you…

    1. @titanzmd – thank you for translating, though much could be told by the sound of the videographers voice alone. this is a despicable scene and it seems odd that with so much distrust of news media in the states, people tend to accept what they’re told more readily regarding events reported by foreign press

      1. Maybe cold hearted I guess but I’m willing to bet these thug drug pushing fucks caused immensely more pain and suffering. To me that’s obvious by the scorn and satisfaction of what the people are saying. I liken them to the Mexican narcos , no quarter given and they should expect none.

    2. This was the result of a shootout between a gang of robbers (probably drugs dealers too) and the police. It was in Rio de Janeiro as well. The cops are mocking from the bandits. The cameraman is a cop too. And the cop doesn’t say the wounded bandit is trying to grab his foot. He says the devil is beside the wounded bandit just waiting, but already grabbed the bandit foot.

  7. I appreciated the translation. Well, it looks like they got what they deserved. I mean u can’t go around trying to rob or hurt people and think that something bad is never going to happen to you. Know what I am saying!

  8. That’s an old video, it’s regarding a BOPE/RJ ( batallion of special operations ) operation in Rocinha, in wich resulted in gunfire exchange between the cops and drug dealers of rocinha. That resulted on what’s on the footage, and probably more dead.
    The dialogues are kinda fucked up, but i could get somenthing from it.

    As follows :

    0:20 – bandit1 says : – mumble/complaining about his bullethole in arm –

    0:28 – police1 says : what you talking about, u just got one hole in the arm.

    0:38 – police1 says : yes hon? (?wtf?)
    (xuxu, kind word used with friendly/loved females usually.)

    0:43 – police1 says : that one’s already gone right? He’s got a lotta shots, lotta shots….

    1:42 – police1 says : he put on a police shirt, reads here C I V I L L I A N P O L I C E

    1:50 – police2 says : OHHH, YOU’RE ALIVEE YOURE ALIVEE KID… dont worry, you’ll go soon.

    1:57 – police2 says : he’s trying to grab my foot this motherfucker here. 🙂

    2:10 – police 2 says: Died with his mouth open, his eye open…

    2:30 – Police3/command says : – FIRST AID THEM NOW.

    3:10 – police2 says : u from rocinha? u from Rocinha? Where you got shot at?
    ( Rocinha is a slum/favela in Rio de Janeiro, used to be very violent, pacified +- now. )

    3:20 – bandit4 says – in the head, in chest, ribs and legs
    ohhh u got just 4 shots? Too bad huh? Should have taken more… But okay now, anyway i dont think its gonna be good for you no.

    3:45 – bandit4 : help me… help me…

    3:50 – police2 says : we’re gonna take you, chill…. there’s an ambulance coming to help u out.

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