Group of Dead Syrian Children, One with Epic Headshot

Group of Dead Syrian Children, One with Epic Headshot

I know you’re all sick and tired of posts from Syria but since that’s where a lot of action takes place right now, that’s also where a lot of new content comes from. The conflict will ease down at some point, though I don’t think it will happen very soon. What plays in favor of people who finance this terrorism is that many mercenaries will die before they are able to collect their paycheck. That leaves the sponsors with extra budget to hire more mercenaries.

But there is opposition to the killings and the opposition is growing. Civilians from all walks of life are joining the army to fight the terrorists. That includes scores of Sunni Muslims who don’t agree with what their Sunni brethren are doing. They may be of the same faith, but they don’t approve of killings of children and calling for jihad on everyone who doesn’t support these killings.

There are dead children in the video below. One of them took a nasty headshot. His skull is cracked open like blooming Rafflesia flower. The end to the terrorists can’t come swiftly enough.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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43 thoughts on “Group of Dead Syrian Children, One with Epic Headshot”

  1. there is a special place in hell waiting for these heartless, soul less motherfuckers who kill children on purpose. the fire burns especially HOT there and it’s waiting for them. why do some live while others die? life on planet Earth is clearly fucked up. these children had their lives stolen from them and are now gone for eternity. wish i could go to syria and fuck some of these mofos up. how can you kill children with automatic weapons? smh. you don’t see this shit on the evening news and most people are clueless. i’m glad this site exists to reveal the sad truth of this world. makes me wanna run straight into a mouse trap and suicide myself.

  2. “I know youโ€™re all sick and tired of posts from Syria…” No way! I love these posts โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ. I would like to see those guys pouring gas on some kids and setting them on fire, so that way they would suffer more than with a bullet to the head, that would be hilarious.

  3. So sad. It takes a pretty fucked up person to do that and take pride in it and an even more fucked up Type of people to tolerate it. I’m so glad I live in a country where on the day to day the worst I have to worry about is petty shit that doesn’t really matter.

  4. my first take on this is they were starting to be trained on how to be soldiers when one kid shot the rest of the by accident not knowing the power of a automatic rifle and the recoil of the gun ,pulled the trigger and spun in a circle and just kept on shooting till the gun was empty.also the trainers were the ones taking the video as not a single adult face was shown,kinda hard to identify shoes and a sheet…..

  5. i feel bad for these people over there.. im a marine and nothing makes me sicker than the fact that a group of angry dirtbags go around killing people for no reason other than cause they think its a religous statment… fuck them

  6. I’m envious of their sleep.
    To have been done with this place so early on, I sit here felling enraged that these “poor little kids” received such an instant gift of death.
    To be gone, by no fault of your own. Resting. Not being human.
    Lucky, these little ones are.

  7. Damn. I don’t mean this in a rude way, but if there is an afterlife, those children are better off there than still here in this shitty ass planet. Maybe the terrorists did them a good thing getting them away from this place. Absolutely pathetic they have to leave like that. I hope they didn’t feel anything that would register as pain. Sure hope it was swift.

  8. what gets me is why do all these people who don’t want to see dead children come here for… makes me wonder :/ anyway…. erm… me likey. so much better than the wimps who make horror films can create

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