Group of ISIS Mujaheddin Killed by Shabak Fighters in Nineveh Province, Iraq

Group of ISIS Mujaheddin Killed by Shabak Fighters in Nineveh Province, Iraq

The Shabak are a minority ethnic/religious group from Nineveh Province in northern Iraq. Much like the Kurds, they are a stateless people, so they tend to enjoy a degree of autonomy and have their own militias. By the looks of it, they’re putting them to good use.

In this video, the Shabak fighters show a group of dead ISIS mujaheddin whom they caught out in the open. Nineveh – the province where they live, has fallen to ISIS after the take over of Mosul so there’s plenty of mujaheddin around for them to kill.

A few thousand Shabak and Turkmen were reportedly trained to fight alongside the ISF – Iraqi Security Forces, against the Islamic State militants.

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  3. ISIS is well financed and trained by the Zionist scourge. What we see her is a small victory by rag tag tribesmen. For every ISIS-Zionist operative killed there will be 100 non-ISIS fighter killed.

    Can’t these primitive types speak without yelling? Chill out.

  4. Translation. “We killed the daesh dogs. Look at them. Uncle what are you going to do about them?” Uncle: “we will kill any daesh that come here god willing” Something notable happens at 1:54. “Careful uncle, he has a grenade. It might blow up.” I guess that’s why they dragged him around? He could have been a suicide bomber. Also at 4:00 the guy says “daesh this is your fate, come from Qatar, Saudi Arabia. We will get you. Let the terrorists come to Mosul.” The guy interupts “we are the shabak of Mosul!” “Listen, listen; in case you think we are not shabak we will show you”
    Sidenote: in Iraq, is you are part of a region and you do something honorable you have to boast about it. Kind of like what they are doing. They let everyone know that they arent to be trifled with.
    At 5:00 they start to abuse the corpse but the leader stops them. Leader: “is this not ISiS? (Proceeds to show the ISIS emblem in case anyone from the neighboring areas or anyone watching doesnt believe them.) One guy attempted to discard the ISiS emblem but the leader says it has the name of Allah on it and stops him as well.
    Also! They are not Jews for the last time!!! They are from Qatar and Saudi Arabia like the guy says! What more evidence do you need?

  5. They typical ISIS foot soldier is someone who has had trouble fitting into society. Those from North America , Australia or Europe are typically former drug addicts, petty criminals or the mentally ill. They are searching for a purpose in life. They turn to religion for comfort and comradery. They get into the company of Imams that are sympathetic to ISIS. These imams take advantage of the weaknesses of of their students and brain wash them into believing that the ISIS/WAHABI/Zionist world view Is the way forward. Those from the Arab world and Beyond are also looking for meaning through jihad.

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  7. great to see minorities and true brave soldiers giving isis a taste of their own medicine. hopefully if stupid deluded wannabee jihadis over here in britian see this, it will make them think twice .

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