Group of Mexican Cops Killed in Ambush by Drug Cartel

Group of Mexican Cops Killed in Ambush by Drug Cartel

Somewhere in Mexico, a group of cops driving in a pick up truck was ambushed by drug cartel gunmen who tore them up with bullets.

Puta madre, you can tell the cameraman doesn’t like them piggies too much. Afterall, as the most inhuman drug traffickers and street gang by a vast margin, cops kill competition with far less mercy so who’s to judge the victims for fighting back?

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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    1. Hot & Fresh info update on Mexico affairs

      In two diferent municipalities of Zihuatanejo (locates at north-east of Acapulco, Guerrero) Armed groups set up an ambush on a group of cops and a group of soldiers, the first one (the one shown on the video) took place at 17:45 on the comunity of “Las Mesillas” 6 cops were killed during the ambush, the amout of people who assaulted the cops remaims unknow also they stole the weapons of the officers, the second ambush occured at 17:50 on a rustic road called “La Quebradora” 20 heavily armed people was imvolved however the soldiers managed to repel the aggression and killed 10 and injured 3 more of the attackers soldiers retrieved over 500 useful cartridges of different calibers.

      Also on the next morning 10 Cartel members got caugth by a group of soldiers according to local authority the gunmens was sleeping when they got caugth

      1. Mark – got to kindly disagree “whose to judge the victims for fighting back?”
        Mark, do you have any idea of the misery those cartels inflict on the rest of the world with their poisons? Methamphetamine is at plague proportions here in Australia and as a user myself, i can judge those cartels as most of our country’s shit comes from Mexico (and China) and the damage done to my life as well as many people I know, means I hold them directly responsible, along with myself for an addictive personality. Not to mention the thousands of innocent Mexicans that get caught up in the cartel violence, when they kidnap and slaughter relatives of police and judges and mayors and prosecutors – I can guarantee that you would be thankful someone in Mexico is trying to stem the flow of drugs from their country if someone in your family was addicted to their product. If these cartels went unchecked, the world would be a much much sadder place than it is already…….

        1. The US CIA has been involved with cartel drug wars for a very long. I believe if people keep fighting off the cartel down there, it will never end. Drugs and money are very powerful concepts especially when a a good amount of people are born into poverty down there.

        2. I hold the government responsible for making drugs illegal. If this shit was legal, then innocent people wouldn’t need to die for people to get their fix. If people want to get drugs, then they’re going to get drugs, why fight it? There’s loads of legal shit that’ll kill you, why should the government dictate what’s acceptable, and what’s not? If it’s ruining your life, it’s probably best to stop though

        3. The fact is, prohibition of these drugs is what fosters the violent environment where cartels are incentivised to build up these military defenses for their own security and to force this violence down their supply chain in order to make the risks worth the rewards. The police, and the state, are enforcing this state of prohibition. The police profit from the drug war as much as the cartels do, and are incentivised to perpetuate harmful modes of enforcement, including the punishment of addicts and small time dealers. Which keeps federal funding coming to keep this parasite class of law enforcers fat on what is basically welfare. You ever notice the police unions are always against harm reduction drug policies??? Harm reduction/decriminalization has been proven to improve drug problem statistics across the board. These cops, like all cops, profit off the drug trade by milking tax payers and exploiting the addicted. Fuck them.

          1. Gasoline is just as dangerous as this shit. If you light a cigarette of your choice in the vapor of your vehicle’s choice, BOOM you’re on the fucking Moon (you just ran out of choices).

            So you standardize it, regulate it, tax it, and annually certify the fucking dispensers.

            Hell, the U.S. founding fathers were moderately sipping shots of corn whiskey from dawn to dusk, only interrupted by poking the occasional wench for a penny and presiding over legislative matters part time while engaged in making, selling and buying stuff.

            Let’s hit the reset for 1818.

        4. You hold them personally responsible? Just like how an alcoholic can hold a liquor store clerk responsible? Haha dude fuck you. Supply and demand my friend. They wouldn’t make it if people wouldn’t buy it.

          1. No, not a bottle shop assistant, but the alcohol company / manufacturer, yeah (if u want to use that example). They are the ones that put together alcohol products that taste like lemonade and market it towards teenagers etc…..

          1. What made me think of that scene was the clearing up bit, who the fuck is gonna clear all that up?

          2. Definitely has to do some psychological damage to the people who do clean this type of stuff up. I know if I was the one cleaning, it would be pictured in my head for a long time.

      1. @Hoping for nemesis is there a magic word i have to use to be able to reply to messages left. such as yours? because i cant. it says my social interaction may be limited but i can comment on posts. to answer your question(s). my first profile pic i used i didn’t realize is my professional one used. I’m a realtor and its one used on certain websites. i didn’t want to risk the wrong person recognizing my photo since its associated to the company i work for. this current photo is me. as is the first one. now to address the Amazonian comparison. that can be taken both good and bad. depending on how you meant it. its definition can mean athletic. or manly athletic. which I’m not. not really athletic either way. i have really good genes i guess. don’t really care if anyone thinks its a “borrowed” photo. but if it doesn’t sit well with others i can change it to another photo of me that isn’t fake. just like the current one and the original were not fake either. in my defense. its not like I’m cruising for ass on here like its tinder. but i hate being referred to as a potential poser and want to get that squared away. gail swearngin fb should provide proof enough that its all me

        1. Gail. I only saw this by accident as i do not think i commented at all on this video. To clarify, i meant Amazonian in a female warrior way of the Ancients. Think Wonderwoman of the seventies series and the latest cinema flick that was out. I do not mean in a bull-necked East German Olympic female shotputter way!

          So feminine not manly athletic. I checked your Facebook. Beautiful ,happy kids!

  1. Interesting, I was wondering what is everyone’s perspective on marijuana haven’t ever tried it but I started drinking alcohol which I know is worse especially since I started drinking more than I probably should.

      1. Alcohol as a demon seems to be my own, yet as for marijuana or cannabis I know it helps with anxiety in a certain form I don’t smoke but I know the only bad is that it kills brain cells so I know good things about it.

        Been started being curious about it so I was just wondering not that it is related to me watching gore or anything just a random thought.

          1. Reason why I ask because I have been curious I don’t trust medication (except for pain medication when needed or headaches medication using sparingly) due to brain chemistry changes, dependency issues, side effects, wearing off, and potential withdrawals.

          2. Sativa strains definitely have that effect. I stopped smoking those strains because my anxiety would go through the roof sometimes. A nice indica is good if you want to not have that anxiety with smoke.

          1. 26 years old just changed the name it just seem to be more fitting then naming myself BestGore or we watch best gore since I think it is more accurate of a statement for myself outside of this website.

          1. @icecreamlair Yeah, I know but I do know it also calms the nerves of course I probably shouldn’t drink too often since I’ve always been kind of an excessive drinker in anything that isn’t alcohol such as medicinal tea or coffee been trying to drink decaf and of course juice and soda and milk and water probably should stop drinking milk and stuff haha.

          2. Just a thought… if you still have eye issues, booze will make you forget it for short period… pot will help in certain cases of eye issues… not all… but some. Also not a doctor, if that was the case, I’d have my collection of gore!

          3. Nah, I don’t think Mary J will help with my eyes or booze; even though, alcohol it certainly does keep my mind off of the potential future I will probably need to get another new prescription since my right eye is what 20/80 so I think my mental state is what makes things worse so drinking keeps things calm don’t plan on drinking too much though of course don’t want to fuck up my insides and all due to alcoholism haha because I don’t think I would be the type of person who want to live as a blind despite the fact some people can live through that.

        1. Cannabis only effects the brain for 72 hours and you grow new brain cells daily but not so much for alcohol and opiates which permanently kill brain cells. 24 I almost died from alcohol doesn’t take much to kill ya but I have been smoking cannabis since I was 14 and have gone to college got good grades throughout school and blaze like a chimney. Cannabis is great for anxiety and aches and pains I do not take pills of any kind which includes asprin to opiates. But I do eat peyote and shrooms which are great for the soul and mind. That’s just me can’t vouch for others but can’t hurt to try once in you lifetime

          1. Crack rat, you say that I can’t hang, because I don’t recommend drug use? I was responding to someone who hasn’t used drugs. Why would I try to encourage that in any way? I smoked weed for twenty years, and just stopped enjoying it. I sold weed for longer than I smoked it. I drink, and do blow, but I still don’t recommend it. Crazy sex, and threesomes, I recommend that.

        1. Just curious though I have been curious we all know alcohol is worse if drink so much but obviously the prohibition didn’t really work haha, now as for marijuana I’ve heard and looked into it as a side note of interest haven’t tried it though but isn’t there medical uses for it.

          1. instead of asking people on bestgore why don’t you go buy some tree and roll up a joint and have an opinion for yourself

          2. For real I agree with Mike, get on with it already and let us know how it went. Unless you overdose and die off the two marijuanas aahahahaha

          3. At the moment of this comment went outside to the Asian Food general store and bought myself a 6pack of Corona Priemer finally some damn spring weather here in Madison, Wisconsin finally I bet I’ll drink the rest of the whole pack nothing else to do then go for a walk or chill here at the apartment.

        1. @sallgood

          Isn’t medical marijuana used for a lot of stuff, yet I probably won’t even try it I know you can’t overdose on marijuana right? Haha nah, I’ll probably just stick to alcohol not too much but just chill with that until something better happens in my life.

          1. Searching For Purpose Sounds good, enjoy your chilling, just waiting for the next post, these mexicans are starting to smell a bit now

    1. I think that “they” actually want the public to buy more guns and ammo. After any mass shooting event, gun sales surge. Sandy hook appears to have been a hoax. Some people think that it was done in order to give law makers a reason to start taking guns away. It had the opposite effect. If a group of people are powerful enough to stage events in order to steer people into heading in a desired direction, then they are going to get what they want. More guns is always the result, so it must be the goal. They use trickery to achieve their goals. AND THEIR DOING A DAMN GOOD JOB.

      1. Sandy Hoax rages on.

        Adam Dance Dance Revolution Rambo Lanza the 100 pound Asperger’s Boy with No Eyelids who Nobody Knew was created in Photoshop.

        It was a staged event for the gun control agenda.
        The Wheelers are known B-Grade actors. Robbie Parker laughed all the way to the bank.
        Lt. Vance is a scumbag.

  2. “When you gonna realize, money is the king of the land? The color of your skin doesn’t matter when you got it in your hands.” – somebody singing about money in some song at one point in time

    Cartels in Mexico have more power, resources, and money than the police because Mexico is a shit hole country where the people don’t seem to give a fuck about anything beyond North American tourist dollars and also ensuring drugs get through to North American people. People who snort way too much cocaine and smoke way too much crack need to be supported and brutal savages will stop at nothing to capitalize on that.

    Legalize all drugs, stop the fuckin’ craziness. That’s the issue. Just manufacture and distribute all drugs legally, in North America instead (or whatever other continent or country consumes tons of cocaine). That solves the entire problem.

    Except one: the prison industrial complex now relies heavily on prisoners from drug use and distribution. So they don’t want to pop one bubble to blow another unil the same powers in charge come up with a way to profit.

    It’s a never ending shit cycle. It’s an infinite viscous loop of insanity only humans can manifest through their intentions! That’s all. Nothing good or bad happens in our reality without human intentions. Those intentions come from two sources – love or fear. Both of which are manipulated easily by outside forces constantly.

    Just kidding. Huh? Fuck sakes.

    1. I hope you aren’t kidding. What you just said is spot on. The people who own America don’t want to “win” the drug war. They only want to profit from it. They are the ones that actually control the global drug trade.

      1. Swedish Viking…

        Usually, when one reverts to name calling, one doesn’t have a clue, as to what the fuck is going on to begin.

        (IF) you reside in Sweden, you may want to know, that Sweden is one of the nicest places to live on planet earth. It does not have the social unrest, like the Unites States or Canada. We have, what is called “The Deep State,” in which the powers that be, control all (4) branches of our government. (yes, the media being the fourth)

        It is within these countries, that “rule and control” take center stage, to any kind of social discourse that would empower it’s government or it’s people. You can quickly look to Justin Trudeau out of Canada, or Barrack O’bomb (er) here in the United States. Both politicians, had progressive policies during their campaign, that were quickly put to rest by the “corporate state”. It may be fair to point out, that many of these policies were supported by the majority of the people. Especially here in the United States, where I reside.

        Try living under a system, where 99% of congress are filled with millionaires, and a healthcare system that promotes death, as opposed to life.

        …and if you get out of line well

        Look at Israel…God’s Country!!
        The United States…Pence’s Country!!

        Where Christianity, means beating the Christ out of the critical thinker/dissenter.

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