Group of Mexican Cops Killed in Ambush by Drug Cartel

Group of Mexican Cops Killed in Ambush by Drug Cartel

Somewhere in Mexico, a group of cops driving in a pick up truck was ambushed by drug cartel gunmen who tore them up with bullets.

Puta madre, you can tell the cameraman doesn’t like them piggies too much. Afterall, as the most inhuman drug traffickers and street gang by a vast margin, cops kill competition with far less mercy so who’s to judge the victims for fighting back?

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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282 thoughts on “Group of Mexican Cops Killed in Ambush by Drug Cartel”

    1. My sentiments too, @Swedish Viking.
      Why so much hatred towards cops.

      Are we to believe these face peeling, kneecap machete-ing, ear-cutting subhumans are slightly better than the corrupt pigs?

      Listen guys. Even a corrupt pig has some use to society. They can divert traffic, arrest the drunk peeing on your lawn, etc etc. A druggie will never do that.

  1. That **Puta-Mare** guy is fucking funny man, as you can her his voice turn Cranky, and Angry, with every Puta, lol, even calling them *Loco-Puta-Mare* or Crazy Mother-Fuckers, as he steps on a dead body’s hand, lol, and he Kicks-Em,,, MARRRE,,, PUTA,,,,RRRRR,,,, MARRRRE,,,Cabron! 😉 Funny Dude!

  2. 2 Sheriff’s deputies were killed today in Florida moments ago….. gunned down as they ate in a restaurant….. 6 + 2 = 8….

    Crazy 8’s…..

    “Hatred of law enforcement” is being blamed…… also they declared the sky is blue, grass is green…..

    I wonder what they chose for their last meal…..

  3. An actual war should be declared against the cartels using the full military engaging in operations just like in Iraq and Afghanistan. Use tanks, helicopters, fighter jets, infantry raids, bombs, take no prisoners destroy them all and all their drugs.

  4. Build that wall and put a machine gun turret controlled by a.i. on it, we can fund it with ads from bestgore. It’s the only way, treat everyone the same or let your country become like theirs.

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  8. @happy I’ve got some content that I would like to share, from venezuela

    I’m sorry for my bad grammar and miss spelling. I’m still working on that.

    a 35 year old woman was killed by three men who filmed this video. Evidence left was shared in the social media and that allowed the authorities to find the killers.

    acording to the zulian’s (venezuelan state zulia) press, several men surprised to rosa del carmen in a a house and shot her to death. the woman reported some “malandro” (gang/delincuent) a few days ago who steal from her. afther she reported this cartel member (to the authorities or some other gang, this part is not very clear) the malandro died, so his crew decided to take revenge on their dead member.

    the video start in a room with the woman sit next to her little dauther and her mom brushing her withe hair. the group men break in and asked her to go out. she declined and they insist saying that they just wanted to do an interrogation and afther that she will be set free. she accepted, nervious and shaking they closed the door and then shoot

  9. Mexico is America’s drug basement. The entire country is the dealer-next-door. Transportation costs are kept to a minimum. The entire country is sacrificed to feed the USA’s bloated drug problem. The utter brutality of these gangs is purely about intimidation at a local, regional and state level. No single politician who stands against them will live. Nor any little person or local cop.

    Those cops didn’t stand a chance of cleaning up any neighbourhood for hard-working people to bring their kids up in. Everyone decent must move South from Mexico then the chemical weaponry being utilised against the USA (Meth) should be severely nuked to the sub-particle level.

  10. Mexico is the USA’s drug basement. Source of Coke and Meth to fuel the USA’s pitiful obsession with drugs. There is no “War on Drugs” in the USA. There never has been. Afghanistan was a war for drugs (Heroin). Mafia and CIA rely on endless drug money and they are never gonna allow anyone to stand in their way. The rats have completely taken over Mexico and turned it into a stinking shithole. No local, regional or national policeman or politician who stands up against, or speaks out against the Narc State is allowed to live. Intimidation at every level.

    Every decent soul in Mexico must move South. Then the entire rotten shithole cesspit of a country can be nuked. The Chemical (Meth) Attack on America must be avenged.

    The USA should make its own drugs and cut out the sewer rats. Decriminalise, legalise and stop this shit.

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