Group of Terrorists Killed in Shootout with Russian Army in Karachayevo-Cherkessia

Group of Terrorists Killed in Shootout with Russian Army in Karachayevo-Cherkessia

The Republic of Karachayevo-Cherkessia is a constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

On December 19, 2017, during an anti-terrorist operation, Russian policemen tried to pull over a car, but the passengers opened fire in the direction of the officers. The vehicle then disappeared into one of the nearby micro-districts.

Later on, the army sealed off the area, and the residents were evacuated. The bandits were given an opportunity to surrender, but instead responded with armed resistance. The response from the Russian military resulted in the elimination of five terrorists.

In the aftermath, in the construction debris, the security forces found a large barrel (about 27 gallons) buried in the ground, in which there were supplies for the manufacture of explosive devices, including nitrates and aluminum powder. Furthermore, AK-74 assault rifles, 5.45mm cartridges and other ammunition were recovered from the site.

Props to Best Gore member @elndodwer for the pics and video:

The video alleges to capture some of the fire exchange during the shootout:

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        1. Albanian isn’t that bad. I visited it once. Albania is a constitutionally a secular country since 1967, and as such, “neutral in questions of belief and conscience”: The former Communist dictatorship declared Albania as the world’s first and only “Atheist state”. Believers faced harsh punishments.

        2. I would say Albania is not dangerous at all. Especially when you compare it to certain areas in Western European countries which are way more dangerous than Albania, and getting worse by the day, due to all the uncontrolled migration. I don’t think Nato is running “headchopper training camps”. But I visited Albania, Sarandë in 2017 with my family. Landed on the island Korfu in Greece and took a boat over there. I would probably not travel there again though; garbage in the streets, and on some beaches, and I suspect the sewer went straight into some of the beaches, and not so aesthetic residential buildings. Very cheap food though..

          1. Thanks. Actually it is ,read up on it and you will see it is becoming radically Islamicised and has MEK from Iran (a NATO terrorist group) now living there. In addition ,it has a lot of activity with Kosovo next door (stolen Yugo land); full of headchoppers .The Albanians have been the biggest whiteslavers in Europe for centuries and especially so in Germany in the last fifty years or so.

            You prob liked it as Sarande is part of the Greek area stolen by Albanians. I have heard the scenery is to kill for with pine trees all the way to the seaside?

            Thanks for your response. I would love to have visited as well.

      1. Chechens are not from the “Middle East” they are from north caucuses which is part of Europe. south caucuses is more west Asia but south caucuses is mostly christian. and Middle East isn’t really al location or religion it refers more to a “arabic” cultural area. Middle East includes christians jews and muslims. most muslims are not even from the Middle East.

  1. According to my own government, and most other first world governments as well, the Russians are responsible for every wrong visited upon a person. From every hacking case to every political decision made that goes against the Libtard ideology, the nasty old Russians are said to be responsible for it all. Even the burning of toast to the undercooked egg.

    This, despite the fact that the Russians have never forced any immigration quotas or laws on any other white European country unlike ubermensch frau Merkel or gentile useful idiot Tony Blair etc.

    As a youngster of the 80’s I was brought up on this anti-Russian stuff and yet even I have had enough of this Russian blame game because my own side have proved again and again to be beyond salvation with their continuous race traitorous behaviour.

    To conclude, the self hating anti-white bastards of the first world have forced me to align myself with the ranks of their “enemy” via their own self destructive principles and behaviour.

    1. I don’t mean that I am turning to communism or moving to Russia any time soon. I just mean that I refuse to hate or blame the Russians for every ill in the world just because I am told to.

      I used to be in awe of places like Sweden now look at them with all the African rape-apes and Arabs they have let in pawing at their women and raping them in the streets. My own country is no different nowadays as well.

      Every single fucking advertisement on my tv these days features a black man with a white woman every single fucking time as well. They even had Muslim families celebrating Christmas on the Christmas ads this year for fucks sake.

      I may be drunk and just rambling at this point but how can I be proud of my own nigger loving race traitorous side?. A side that beats down the white man at every single fucking opportunity and goes on and on about white fucking “privilege” despite the fact that most white people have no such fucking thing and struggles just to survive.

      Fucks sake what have we become.

      1. @Empty soul For someone who says they are drunk, you talk a lot of sense. Agree with you. I’m in UK and the sheeple just put up with this shit whilst our governments sell us down the river. Fuck western governments! Russia and eastern/central Europe is our only hope.

        1. @bunkermentality

          Exactly. It’s not the political ideology of the Eastern Europeans that I admire, it’s their mentality. A mentality that Japan possesses, that China possesses, that India possesses and that Muslim nations themselves possess, a devotion towards themselves that refuses to budge under any circumstances.

          We too used to be like this our selves during our racial breakthrough, up until our racial peak, before we devolved into full “libtard” mode wherein we begged the inferior persons and races to use our white designed countries and white designed socio-political systems to hurt and condemn us due to our newly created “white guilt system” otherwise known as poverty porn, the wank material of the middle to upper classes wherein one gains personal satisfaction without self compromise.

  2. High caliber rifles will literally rip your clothes off and leave you dead in a funny position. I’ve seen this shyt first hand growing up in Messyco seeing dead narcos dangling from car doors with their shirts over their heads.

  3. I Loves Me My Mother Russia, as Putin does NOT Suck Ze-Joos Cock. And those Russians,,, The whole Worlds Armies/Militarist Shit Their Pants When Confronted By Russian Spetsnaz Troops,As These Boys Don,t Fuck About. They Are Such Tough, And Fearless Motherfuckers,,, That Many Say, And I Fully Agree
    That They Are Truly ,,, “La Creme De La Creme” Of What A Soldier Should Be. And Keep Fucking Those Jews Up Their Smelly-Asses My Good, And Respectful Christian, Brother Vladimir Putin. And Viva Russia 🙂

  4. You have to admit it, the Russians know how to handle bad guys. I’ve jumped with the Russian Spetnaz and trained with them out in the field. I know what they can do. They are some of the best, and they don’t pull any punches. I wish I was there with them to help them in the shoot out.

    1. @Terry,
      Respect Brother. I Wish i could of had the same opportunity as yourself, to train, and to share a night out drinking vodka, with these crazy-ass motherfuckers. I Bet they would have some pretty crazy stories to share. 🙂

  5. This is why the muslims can never shout the odds like in England. I like the way the Russians deal with them and i long for ww3 and the final nuclear end of humanity.

      1. @brmgnh
        There always seems to be one “Jew-Cunt” on board, trying to stick-up for the N.W.O. and N.A.T.O. as a whole. I Bet you that China, North Korea, Iran, Syria, And Russia together, would kick Ze-Living Snot out of Everybody. But I Think That if they Started-Off By Completely Leveling *ISRAEL FIRST*, That Their WW#3, & N.W.O. Plans, would end rather quickly, before having a chance to even get started, lol. And By These Jews Knowing How Brilliantly Efficient Putin Can Be, When He Always Thinks, And Acts, 2 Full Steps Ahead Of Them, (like he has displayed in recent history) these Cowardly-Western-Jewish-Bigots know to back-off, and fuck-off, lol.

    1. @testerica
      Were you really there in Las Vegas on that fateful night? And if so, was it true when some others that were present said that there was multiple shooters, and that it was a False Flag Operation?

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