Guard Caught Off Guard by Robbers is Killed in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Guard Caught Off Guard by Robbers is Killed in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Guard Caught Off Guard by Robbers is Killed in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, an unknown type of store is guarded by lone security guard. After being caught with his guard down, he gets shot several times and is finished off at close range.

An accomplice to the would be thieves emerges and promptly robs the cash register near entrance. Unarming the guard’s weapon the 1st man exits, leaving the 2nd man free to loot the last register. With money in tow, remaining robbers make a hasty retreat to a getaway vehicle waiting outside.

Moments later, a worker of the business comes out and seeks help. Appearing to be the owners of the store, two men wander in off the streets and close the main wall. Frantic and visibly worried one makes a phone call.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. You fat fuck you had one job to do! Stand the hell over there with your shotgun aimed at the door, but no. You had to stand with your back to the door talking to the clerk and the shopper about God knows what. Well look at you now, food for the worms and my shotgun got stolen. But the worst, the absolute fucking worst is you shit yourself and got blood on the new uniform I loaned you.

      1. @goreman77

        I was wondering if anyone else noticed that. Sure, shutting the door so no one else gets shot is important, but checking on the dumb bastard that just took several bullets for you/your livelihood can be done _while_ calling for help. Heck, tell that guy wandering aimlessly to at least glance over and see if the guard still has a head and go from there.

  2. God hates Honduras
    But a guard caught off guard oh man that’s so funny.
    Well in situations like these as my sweet mother always said
    “Son, if one hostage is good, two are better, and three, well, that’s just good business!”

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        Why not just blame people straight up? That’s harder: make our own kind reponsible for our worst nightmares, and in many times money is not even the issue or reason for them. Serial killers certainly don’t kill to get paid the beeeg bucks.

        Fuck (((them))) too as well, if only for profiting with human self-inflicted agony. Damn fleas.

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        1. @pigs, I know what you mean. These days it makes no sense to keep your money in a bank earning 1% interest when you could buy a large quantity of crack cocaine and quadruple your money by selling half grams to crack heads.
          You could always invest in mutual funds but the returns are minimal and take too long.

          1. No doubt Broke…

            I remember a time, when I got 6% on a T-Bill. Looks like our Congress here in the states (anyway), made an early withdrawal on our ASSsets! ๐Ÿ™

          2. @pigs, yup… as usual the rich get richer and the poor resort to finding ways to make ends meet… which usually involves going to prison if they get caught.

      1. @pigs, sheesh… don’t get me started on that subject. The last weekend in June is when all the queers take to the streets here in Toronto and parade around on floats wearing nothing but leather g-strings and faux fur scarfs.
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    1. i stepped on some toes in a strip club in brazil… i think it was the next day a gang of brasilian big bellies came after me and my brasil gf she ran that fuck off saying matt matt this is brasil.. i just calmly fucking walked back and they turned away… gangsters know who to kill and who not to kill, its a matter of respect.

      1. Exactly, it’s a matter of respect, I think. they could have taken the weapon from the guard without killing him. The death of that man was not necessary. You have to know who deserves to die and who does not, who must be killed, in my opinion. I think it is an act of cowardice to kill someone in these circumstances. aahh brasil always brazil never lacking in any anecdote.

          1. Yes, I was in Brazil, nothing really happened to me. but if I remember that at the end of the street (which was the house in which I was) there was a large clearing and a few precarious houses and at night if you walked to the end of the street, you could hear screams, shots, and sounds of strong blows. honestly I have no idea what happened there, I did not see anything just listen .. and of course the whole neighborhood is deaf, blind and mute. I was with friends and I was not able to go to investigate, do not forget that I am a poor helpless girl haha..

        1. for real, shit happens in brasil big time…

          a poor helpless girl lol

          i remember goin out one night with my dad somewhere in porto seguro, and we walked back from the shitty market and there were Thousands of people marching the street all chanting holy shit, jesus this jesus that, and i am the devil it was an awkward experience lol… taking on all these people…. AND them not knowing who the fuck THEY are fucking with… lol

  4. Wow, zero situational awareness, back to the door, chatting up some floozy, and then falls on the ground in a position where his “tactical” sling prevents him using the shotgun, and then doesn’t pull his sidearm. Basically everything he could have done wrong was exactly what he did.

  5. Not so busy, non-descript store seems to have a lot of cash in both registers and plus need for armed security guard? The two guys entering in the end and locking doors with walkie talkies in hand seems to tell me something else is going on here.

    1. If I’m not mistaken, it’s probably a pharmacy chainstore. And yes, they do carry quite heavy ammounts of cash, as these kind of pharmacies also offer money transfer services, and thus at the end of the week, there could be a really fat loot ready for pickings.

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          1. they have to pass through a politically relevant systematic conditioning process..

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