The Gulf Cartel Dismembers a Zeta with an Axe

The Gulf Cartel Dismembers a Zeta with an Axe

This video from April 2011 shows a group of masked CDG (Cartel del Golfo) sicarios dismembering what they claim is a member of the Los Zetas cartel with an axe. As is the case with most Mexican drug cartel videos, the picture quality is very poor.

The video is over 8 minutes long, cause that’s how long it apparently takes to dismember a body with an axe (they used a machete too) and during that time, the sicario videotaping talks over and over about how the Zetas killed the innocents, including children in San Fernando, Tamaulipas.

The leader of this faction of the Gulf Cartel (I presume the leader videotapes) makes references to Z-40, Z-42 and El Lazca (Lazcano) who are the top figures of the Zeta cartel. He calls all Zetas a garbage and repeatedly references the dismemberment as something that is going to happen to all who are a part of or help the Zetas in any way (including halcones aka hawks who are just lookouts).

From the narration in the video it would seem that the Gulf Cartel took upon themselves the duty to protect the innocent. Zetas are notorious for intimidation tactics so there’s no doubt many innocent people fell victim to their Narco operations. If CDG acts as they speak, then more power to them. Though with videos like this one – who knows who really the victim is. He’s already beheaded when the video starts and all we have is the word from these sicarios that he was a Zeta.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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105 thoughts on “The Gulf Cartel Dismembers a Zeta with an Axe”

  1. Someone forgot the chainsaw gas…I know who’s next.

    I was watching a program last night about the Cartels and how they hire morons to swallow about 90 wax pellets of coke or heroin to smuggle it from Mexico to New York.

    200 pesos I believe was paid to the biggest idiot.

  2. My hands down all time favorite gore = Cartel Videos… although I wish somone would splurge on an HD camera.. “La Guera Loca ” vid complete with face skinning with boxcutter is one of my top #3 cartel videos..

  3. GoPro should send some of their camera’s to both the Gulf Cartel/Zeta’s. They can then use the HD execution footage for their commercials! Imagine watching a GoPro ad for 3 minutes filled with sports, and than you’re confronted with a absolutely gorgeous video of a competitor/snitch/cop/mother/child/or local concerned politician being beheaded in HD. A truly glorious day that shall be.

  4. This is absolutley hilarious to me. Once your dead your dead. I don’t give two fucks to whatever you do to me afterwords. Its like the guy that keeps shooting the threatening object because its still going to get him.

  5. Know we’ll all wake up one day
    With a gun
    To the back of
    Our brains
    You’ll be asking for your rib
    And I’ll smile
    And call you brave
    Maybe someday when
    When this bloody skull has dried
    Know our city is in ruins when our greatest source of pride
    A monument of dicks and ribs
    And the gender crown we wore
    Where underneath a plaque will read no woman is a whore

  6. I wonder if these guys are trying to compensate for something by using machetes, chainsaws and axes. Not complaining but I think It’s time to start bringing in bigger machinery and HD camcorders, I’m tired of straining my eyes and I’m sure this would invoke more fear in their enemies if they are actually able to see what will one day happen to them.

  7. For cryin’ out loud! It took one guy all that damned time to chop off two arms and two legs! Why didn’t one or two of the other guys help out? I guess that’s how they get their jollies – watching someone get chopped up in addition to other crimes such as rape and everything else these assholes do.

    1. you got that fuckin right! you wouldn’t catch me dead in mexico!(pun intended). i can do that in the safety of my home because nobody with machetes is tryin to break in. i wouldnt have time to be on the computer, i’d be hiding in the closet in the dark with a dull knife. but seriously, not everyone here is from america. some are safe at home in other places.

    2. are you crazy? do you want them to leave the safety of their homes and come down on mejico with their tanks, missiles and bombers like they did in irak and afghanistan? dont give them crazy ideas, meng
      Anyway, the whole narco mejico show is about supplying drugs to america, so with the status quo everyone is “winning”, cartels, DEA bureaucrats…

  8. I’ve noticed something. Now call me ignorant ( because I know nothing of drug cartels, besides the fact they kill people, obviously..) if you want but, one would figure with all the equipment those men have, they would be able to afford/acquire a better camera. It seems in almost all the videos from South America/Central America the quality is terrible.

  9. Those who regularly read my words know that I am not usually given to bouts of racism or stereotyping but am I the only one here who notices the Mexicans seem to favor gardening tools as their primary weapons of torture and terrorism?

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