Gunman Attacks Free Speech Seminar at Krudttoennen Cafe in Copenhagen, Denmark

Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein - Alleged Denmark Free Speech Rally Shooter, Probable Mossad Agent

I can already hear all the conspiracy theorists pulling their “Islam did it” cards out of their sleeves, per usual disregarding the clues signalling a signature Mossad false flag attack.

During a free speech seminar held at the Krudttoennen Cafe in the Oesterbro district of Copenhagen, Denmark, a gunman attacked the rally and opened fire at the attendees. The seminar was conveniently attended by Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, infamous for drawing the cartoon of Prophet Muhammad with a body of a dog.

A man named Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein is the reported shooter. According to Yahoo! News, Omar El-Hussein was 22 year old, born in Denmark, and known to police because of past violence, gang-related activities and possession of weapons.

Danish authorities are already saying that the gunman was inspired by Islamic terrorism and the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, France. War criminal Benjamin Netanyahu approves of this rhetoric cause he hesitated not a minute and immediately urged all Jews to move to Israel – the same way he did after Charlie Hebdo attacks. Israel – a safe heaven for all pedophiles.

Although the gunman fired dozens of bullets at the Krudttoennen Cafe, only one person was killed – 55 year old Finn Norgaard. The gunman then reportedly targeted a nearby synagogue, where he shot a “Jewish volunteer guard” – 37 year old Dan Uzan.

Who would have thunk…

Below is an audio recording of the attack obtained by the BBC:

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        1. I have,,, I have,,, and i also punched him square in the face, and knocked his fancy little scull cap, off his head! He left a stream of piss down the street as he ran home, crying like the little BIG MOUTH bitch that he was!

        2. “Kike” ? Sure have. It has the same effect as calling a hostile, irrational woman a “Cunt”. More often than not, It becomes the point of no return as any chance at restoring civility between the two parties is lost. Time to cut your loses and burn the bridges that cross the river of muh six million tears.

  1. I did’nt hear the famous ‘Allahu Snackbar!’ chants before the gunshots went off what Muslims are known to do when they want to appease good old little kiddy raping Mohammad, Maybe this one was a 5 seconds of fame seeker.

          1. Yes, Israel treat their IS mercenaries, that is beyond doubt. There is much more going on in the world than just IS.

            Corruption is everywhere. The police in the States, Banks, Multinational Corporations etc etc.

            Take the police for example. Once the population realise the difference between a Policeman and a Police Officer, the floodgates may open. Basically, the population, by and large, know not their rights as human beings, not as people, not as a person, but as a human. It’s just a small, general example, but if folks were more aware, things might alter for the better.

            We have all been conned, from the day of our birth, and due to ever increasing populations, the truth and reality has become ever more opaque.

            An inquisitive mind is the best tool to negate all of the bullshit that surrounds us. Question everything, just as the creator of this site stated.

          2. LMFAO! This report
            sure is one helluva smoking gun isn’t it?

            The Free Syrian Army and Islamic Front are the ‘militants’ being treated in Jewish hospitals, NOT isis and al-cowards. Damn, some people just don’t get it do they? One group is fighting the Syrian government backed military, the other groups (al-cowards and isis) are attempting to swallow huge chunks of the middle east by force, cutting the heads off any decent human beings just looking to live their lives. al-cowards nor isis are being funded or helped in any way by Israel. The arms and money have come from obumma, the terrorist lover.

        1. Exactly. Ofcourse there are zionist influences, and there is jew controlled media, but not EVERY terrorist attack is a zio conspiracy. These days, Bestgore is saying that islam is not a threat to us. We shouldn’t get all hyped and paranoid and stuff, but dealing with a totalitarian religion is necessary.

    1. Cui Bono? The Mossad don’t leave proof. You can only infer their culpability from the relentless pro-kike propaganda that these events generate in the jew-controlled mainstream media. Expect to see a push for harsh new measures to combat the ‘rise of anti-Semitism’ in Europe. Problem, reaction, solution.

      1. Yes yesss, we should all believe this report by the Druze……you know, the ones who support Al-Assad, fascist leader of Syria right?

        Nevermind that their interest is opposing anyone against that regime, which includes most of the world. So why not tie Israel and isis together for propaganda purposes?

        It only makes sense in their and any idiot with his eyes closed minds….

      1. All I ever get from them is a pamphlet telling me about their new fancy smancy website that has all the answers to lifes difficult questions. That’s usually when I ask them if they’ve ever been on BestGore. “No? Well let me show you.”

      1. Most criminals are just not that bright….

        It’s just to bad the innocent get killed while the few that actually are guilty of starting all the bullshit in the world are heavily protected and gets away unharmed while others die..

  2. Ate, you need to look a few more moves ahead if you want to understand the purpose of their present action.

    First, there are random attacks against so called Jewish targets, I say so called because most of them weren?t but the media still had a field day with the ?woe is me? Jewish prosecution bullshit.

    Benjamin Netanyahu then makes his speech urging Jews to move back to Israel where it is safe for them just as he did after the Charlie Hebdo attacks as well.

    Now, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics Israel is extremely overpopulated and was ranked the second most overpopulated country in the world a few years ago by many statistical polls. It has also suffered from a chronic water shortage for years as a result of consistent annual droughts and overuse of water due to the overpopulation issue which is now at crises point.

    The above being said, why would Benjamin Netanyahu wish to add millions of Jews to the already dangerously overpopulated Israel?,

    The answer comes back to why they are dangerously overpopulated to begin with, they do not have enough land.

    Now, remember what happened the last time the Jews were prosecuted and the world?s media cried a thousand tears, they were given the land to build Israel.

    That leads me to my conclusion, the reason why Benjamin Netanyahu wishes to add millions of Jews to the already dangerously overpopulated Israel is because he wants to use this new ?prosecution of the Jews? episode to grab even more land and expand.

    It worked the first time and no doubt will work again given the current media lamentation.

    1. The more Jews leave and go there the better as far as I can see. Go, get the fuck gone to your dusty ill gotten land.
      And the land grabs and fighting over them, have been around since year dot, nothing has changed in thousands of years in that regard.
      Those middle Easterners will continue on with the same old same old, regardless. Always have, always will.

      1. The problem is guys that Israel wants to become the prime nation of the world,(Isaiah 2:1-4 and Micah 4:1-7).

        The global repatriation of Jews back into Israel is also there, (Isaiah 11:11-12).

        Now, Jewish mysticism is complete bullshit to us but the Jews sure as hell believe in it and they in fact follow it as one look at history will show you.

        Considering that Jewish market forces(debt plus interest)and basic core capitalist functions are completely imbedded into our societies it will not be difficult for them to still rule us from Israel, particularly since our governments are already bought and paid for by a global consortium of money men and we, the people, follow all top down instruction without question.

        The Jews therefore will become the ubermensch of the new world order.

        Nietzsche once said that hope was the worst evil because it prolongs the torment of man and I agree because our bought and paid for politicians sell us hope everyday via promises that are made and never kept and we keep on going along with them because we fear standing up to them and you know why?, because we have mortgages/rent to pay, we have bills to pay that incur debt if we are late on our payments, we have pension pots and bank savings, everything we have is part of the system in which they control and we are slaves to them so long as we depend on that system.

        My point, our world is in the hands of a global consortium of money men and there is fuck all we can do about it unless we are prepared to lose it all and whether the Jews decide to return to Israel or not will not change the current world direction.

        Greed shall keep marching on.

        1. It’s hilarious that most Christians don’t even know that ALL of the old testament was written by Jews and atleast 25% of the new testament….self chosen doesn’t count…

          Most of the modern day wars has been fought over the issuance of money…

          King George didn’t go to war with USA colonies until they issued their own currency…War of 1812 with England was over Rothschild in London not getting the National Bank charter renewed..Hitler issued debt free, interest free Putins created the anti dollar BRICS alliance…always follow the money to get the real truth in most cases..

      2. @ ewestomper

        If the good lord is willing, a better day for Muslims is coming. What we’re in now is because of royalism, nationalism & turning Islam into a religion of war and a blanket to commit warcrimes. Islam is bigger than that, the Quran is bigger than that.

        God is merciful after all.

        1. Mass media is indirectly declaring war on Islam while the whole middle east is being flipped upside down for the benefit of Israel….Al Baghdadi is definitely a Mossad operative and it wont stop until there are puppets in the rest of the Arab countries with the grand prize being Iran..

          1. @mike11111

            I can feel that indirect declaration of war mike, I couldn’t agree more, Israel knows it doesn’t stand a chance by itself, especially after its last shameful failure in stopping Hamas’s attacks . They finally dragged Iran’s foot in Iraq & Syria via ISIS, I can finally see the initial implementation of the plan, mike, and this is so scary & brutal. This would be a war without media support, and more frustrating to see many Arabs and Muslims who already sided with Israel.

          2. Iran sent our USA puppet a no thank you letter to fight IS in Iraq…so far Iran is not taking the bait just helping Assad like Putin….Iran knows the USA is gunning for them and if Billary Clinton is selected in 2016 she will go after Iran for sure…that bitch is evil and a compulsive liar like her husband…

          3. Arabs only have themselves to blame for not uniting and allowing the Sunni vs Shia division…The ones that deserve to die the most is protected by the USA and in bed with Israel and that’s Saudi Arabia…

            These ISIS videos couldn’t be worse PR for Islam and now are used to drag in other countries so I have no doubt it’s being led by Mossad and the CIA out of Iraq….it’s so obvious it’s being used as Israel and USA proxy in Libya and Syria….the American sheeple are buying the ISIS bogey monster and now 50% want boots back on the ground which Israel has to love having the Americans die for them again….it makes me sick that our govt has planned to take down 8 countries in the middle east and seeing all the death and destruction…

            Egypt bombing Libya and Jordan bombing Syria….unreal….I bet every citizen in Libya wishes Gadahfi was still their leader and he was so right about the other Arab countries would be the next Iraq because they were not united…

    2. @Empty soul

      Your comment makes total sense empty soul, I was just thinking about the same.
      Looks like a new invasion is coming. I think either a portion of Syria or Ghazza are the new targets. Looks like a new bloodbath is coming. Very good conclusion.

    3. Sheik Imran Hosein said the exact same thing a few years ago. He said the Jewish plan was to make it look as if the Jews were in grave danger. The whole world is against them and they are surrounded by crazy nuts who want to slit their throats. The most dangerous time for them. This will be the justification for Israel to wage an unprecedented war the likes of which we have never seen in the middle east where they destroy all of their enemies and create greater Israel. At the end of this war, they will crash the economies of the western countries and throw millions of workers onto the streets in order to spill the blood of their enemies, the white Europeans. Israel will become the ruling state in the world.

      1. Come on POZ, you’re giving them far too much credit. Israel will never rule the world, not a chance, regardless of Zionism, usury and all the rest of it. They are relatively powerful due to the media and their nuclear capabilities, and of course, they have a big ally in the US.
        Them taking over the world is not feasible based on those capabilities.

      2. I need to educate myself more on this ‘Jew’ problem. Islam in my opinion is the death of humanity and anyone who worships a kid fucker really does need a bit of lead to the head. I haven’t researched the jew so i have no opinion on them as yet.

  3. Ever considered maybe religion isn’t the driving force all the time. While the internet and media allow us the ability to assess and judge all that we hear and see, it looks to me the kid was a bad seed to start with and any excuse will do.

  4. Oh Lord of Flies repeat repeat………………………
    For this is the time of the horses feet………
    As the riders gallop……
    We stare at the eclipse…….
    Dazzled ……Blinded…………
    Surfing our own Apocalypse .

    Seven trumpets are sounded.
    Each transmits a full blast.
    When the third horn`s a past echo..
    Then Wormwood`s waters been passed.

    As the fifth note resounds……..
    Then the key has been found…..
    By a spook with some wi-fi…
    Where the tar and oil never end…………..
    That`s where you`ll find Mossad…..
    Isis…………and friends!!!!!!!

  5. This whole charade has ?Mossad? written all over it. Two (2) god-damned jews die, and now they got cops looking after the jews all over Europe. They are just so bloody special, aren’t they? In my country, they let a jew babble on TV about anti-Semitism and freedom of speech. These fetuses of Satan are up to something ? mark my words. I’m rather positive that we’ll relatively soon see certain laws being tightened all over the EU. The persecution of truth-speakers is as blatant as the Zionistic plan to silence all resistance is obvious. And can you imagine that in these days and times most of the people don’t even want to understand what the hell is going on. Madness!

      1. Correction: one (1!) jew died. And you should’ve seen how the reporters and hosts of our news broadcasts reacted to the situation: they talked on a low voice and swiveled before their jewish masters while interviewing some droop-nose. The sheer image makes me angry and just plain sick. I don’t watch TV anymore but my girlfriend had seen it.

        And what about those mandatory remarks about freedom of speech and de-mock-racy? I understand the ancient ideal and notion behind the word ?democracy? but that is not what’s happening everywhere in the western world. One thing that has contributed greatly to the poisoning and destroying of that system are the political parties i.e. you don’t vote for a person per se, but for a party as a whole.

      1. I don’t know @thedre… I think @Chosen (Choszen Hamiszpat) might have been nibbled on instead of sucked off… He was deprived of his birthright… That’s why he’s so angry all the time. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

        Oh… I almost forgot… Hi @Chosen!

  6. lol. dude falls of bike in Brazil and rips arm off. Its the Jews. Waif-like Filipino gets raped and thrown in a ditch. Its the Jews. Dumb ass “fanny-pack” wearing Texan sticks arm in meat grinder. Guess who motherfukers…its the Jews. A greasy hobo bich-ass Diego gets maggots in her front secret … put there by Jews. Chechen mujahideen dehead Alawite child…because the Jews told them to. Syrian farmer get treated in Isreal by the Jews… ok that last one is actually true.

  7. Hi all! Made my first account after about 2 years with you fucked up people. Like my name??

    Well, about this. Im not the one that usually belives in shootings like theese and such things are falseflagged/staged and so on. But this one is quite diffrent. Im from Sweden, and swedish media (aftonbladet) wrote that they had interviewd alot of the people around him, saying he was not even religios. and defently not a muslim beliver.
    Infact he is the opposite was what they said. He liked to drink, play videogames, Box, smoke hash and sleep around like everybody in their mid 20s in Copenhagen.

    Not to mention all the pictures that have been put out on “him” are all diffrent. In diffrent cloths, high and everything.


    1. If you belive anuthing coming out of Sweden, youre deserve to be shot death with the muzzie. Stop crying. Im a Dane. Not just “born in Denmark. Im fucking ethnic danish, and all of my ancestors were, or at least German. So get the muslims and the jews out. Problem solved.

      1. Its sad that you actually couldnt come up with a better answer than forcing your hatred against me because you cant think on my level.
        Not much of what i wrote is relevant to what you wrote. I could not give two shits about you beeing ethnic dane. So please. take your p?lse and shove it where the sun dont shine.

  8. Let ’em all flee into that concentration camped strip of land into a nice, comfy little kibbutz like group to maximize the efficiency of the nuclear devices gift wrapped for them. Too bad the same is a bit harder with the sheet-heads.

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