Gunmen Kill Security Guard and Restaurant Worker in Honduras

Gunmen Kill Security Guard and Restaurant Worker in Honduras

CCTV cameras filmed a moment gunmen armed with assault rifles and wearing bulletproof vests stormed a restaurant in Lomas de Toncontín area of Tegucigalpa, capital of Honduras, and killed two people.

The gunmen are shown arriving by car. After getting off, a faction shoots a security guard, while others enter the Típicos de la Costa restaurant and appear to frisk one of the employees. Then, without warning, a gunman fatally shoots the guy.

The security guard was identified as Mario Ruiz Torres. The other victim was reportedly the cousin of the mayor of Santa Ana, Jorge Sandres.

Here’s also a better resolution, full length video from one of the cameras:

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        1. Oh,,, hello everyone long time no visit, had broken up with my fiance, didn’t have the passion and drive to continue my late night bestgorefest !!as usual. But im back you fuckers…missed
          ya’ll lol…back home with my girl too……sorry off topic…

    1. They should have played the Benny Hill theme song. First the parking fiasco, guess that wasn’t pre-planned, but they made sure not to run over any pedestrians, lol. Then when the killers couldn’t decide who should get in the black car and in what order. And who was the killer in the white shirt (who went inside the restaurant) shooting at when he came back outside? The people in the car that had the passenger door open?

    1. Props to the blue shirt guy, who stood in front of his girlfriend and sealed his fate. I’d definitely do the same for my love or her kids. Oddly I can’t say I’d do it for a family member except my little niece, although I love them all. I’m past mid twenty, my parents are both past 60, they have seen enough of the world compared to me.

      I feel like an asshole saying that, does someone understands my feels?

  1. Cold blooded mo-fo’s. People who own restaurant type business’s, food stalls etc. they don’t do 38-40 hr weeks, they have to work damn hard, morning to night. I don’t think this was a simple robbery though, they wouldn’t be getting much money from them? Anyway if it was, they took the hard earned money, why take his life?

    1. Hey Judy it wasn’t about the loot but about deep seated hatred the killers harbored against the proprietor ; its the aftermath of some sorta vengeance, killers wanted wreaked in a broad day light to teach others as well .
      The other guy simply got killed and although the proprietor looked to be unarguably complying with his hands up but the killers were no mood to listen .
      A case of , “easy come , uneasy go”.

    2. These criminals are gang members from the gang 18 street and they extort money from businesses and people. And when you dont want to pay, this happens or worse, a family member gets chopped up in little pieces and the head sent to your front door step. And you still have to keep paying them “rent” as they call it to make momey in their territory “barrio”

      Sorry miss tas. Someone already spammed you taking up space i was gonna use to explain what happened.

  2. Up until 0.07 mark the video looks every bit sleepy with that lone parked up Charlotte feeling mighty proud like a limousine and a woman stylishly cat walking past it with lots of hipshakes.
    And suddenly the much awaited action erupts with two of the vehicles shown going reverse . The shoot out appeared organized
    but I liked that white shirted lone wolf who was trigger happy as though he fired shots for the opening up of a GALA SHOW

    Bye Bye Torres & Sandres……. you guys were no good HONDURAS that’s why you have been ousted .

  3. Coffee? Check.
    Dead security guard? Check
    Cool that’s fine let’s go. Three people not involved just walk to their car like it’s a normal day occurrence, who knows maybe it is.
    If it was Brazil or Thailand then I’d understand it better but even with a gun shot caught on camera it would still be classed as suicide in Thailand, Ohhhh the land of smiles eh.

  4. I think what is really strange is that nobody there even attempted to assist the security officer. They walked around him and drove by him, and nobody tried to help him. I wondered if anybody called the police. It sure didn’t seem like it. I guess the people in Brazil are so accustom to these shootings and violence that they just don’t care. Interesting.

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