Gunned Down Young Man Continues to Twitch as He Lies Dead in a Gutter

Gunned Down Young Man Continues to Twitch as He Lies Dead in a Gutter

This young man was gunned down by a single guy on a bicycle. It’s quite a downgrade from two guys on a motorcycle, but hey – even if you’re on a budget, Brazil has a hitman for you.

The murder took place in a neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro called Bairro de Fátima. The victim was known locally by his nickname of Ratinho (Mouse). The assassin fired 4 rounds at him, killing him on the spot. Ratinho fell and died in a street gutter filled with dirty water. His passage from this world was accompanied with countless flip flops and cell phone cameras in his face. Luckily for us, the camera that filmed this video was a very good quality one, providing both high definition image and incredibly vivid colors. The color of his blood is particularly rich in the video.

At the 0:22 minute mark, you can see bubbly blood ooze out of the victim’s head wound and at the same time he appears to grasp for air. His lights were clearly out at that point, but a part of his brain continued to deliver reflexive twitches which lasted until he was moved away.

Seeing the death cheer team on video was much creepier than in stills. Regardless of age, they were each very keen on getting a close up visual of the dying victim.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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52 thoughts on “Gunned Down Young Man Continues to Twitch as He Lies Dead in a Gutter”

    1. Can you imagine catching athletes feet (or similar fungal disease) in your crotch and then have to explain that to your doctor to get treatment? He or she is gonna want to know how you got it there….

    1. Now imagine this type desensitized people in your neighborhood… That’s real horror man.
      It must be horrifying for Americans to see that train with Mexicans coming to destroy everything they touch.. But i don’t give a fuck because they don’t give a fuck for my country also. Actually, my country suffer allot from American hands.

  1. Hey Mark, you called it here! Brain stem alive and well, keeping the body’s mechanical systems going while the cerebral cortex had been taken out in the front. That front part is where we ‘live’ as a person you know yourself to be. Even if the dude had survived, chances are that he would have been radically ‘altered’ as a person.

    Somebody was smart enough have a camcorder too!. Love the other phone cameras, etc! Here is what I guess what subsequently happend by these folks: Text to Mom/Dad, sib or current BFF containing:

    “Check out what I saw today!” (with vid attached)… with not a bit of remorse or concern expressed.

  2. Hello! 🙂

    Judging by the death cheer team’s accent, I’m sure it didn’t happen in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

    So out of my curiosity I researched about it:

    The references I could find about a ‘gunned down young man named Ratinho in the neighborhood of Bairro de F?tima’ indicate that it happened in S?o Luiz, State of Maranh?o, Brazil, in April 2012.

    ‘Ratinho’ was friends with some guy known ‘Rato 8’, who was also killed, weeks or days before. Guess why his friend was known as ‘Rato 8’? Because he had already scored 8 kills in his short life as a criminal…

    Both were suspects of being members of gang, and accused of armed robberies and homicides. It means they had many sworn enemies who wanted them dead.

  3. If you listen closely you can hear what seems to be crying , with gasps in between . After watching it 4 times that,s what it looks & sounds like to me .NO PITY though this lil fuck murdered probably many himself. MS. KARMA , gotta-luv-her , no?

    1. yes, sure that an artist would make a good work of that, like a black n’ white pic with only the couloured high-defined red blood with all its different tones and intensities

  4. once your dead you have an overview on your death scene, your dead body doesn’t mind much for you, your soul is above all so relieved to quit this too tight armour full of needs, so all what he saw was his dead body in a sewer, surrounded by flip flops, ugly fat chicks and cameras

  5. The “twitching” is Agonal Breathing. Wikipedia states “Agonal respiration is an abnormal pattern of breathing characterized by gasping, labored breathing, accompanied by strange vocalizations and myoclonus. Possible causes include cerebral ischemia, extreme hypoxia or even anoxia. Agonal breathing is an extremely serious medical sign requiring immediate medical attention, as the condition generally progresses to complete apnea and heralds death”
    I’ve personally seen it enough times in the ICU right before a person dies.

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