Guy Arrives on Foot to Engage Two Cops in Firefight

Guy Arrives on Foot to Engage Two Cops in Firefight

Guy Arrives on Foot to Engage Two Cops in Firefight

No backinfo on this one, but apparently it happened in Brazil.

The CCTV footage of the incident shows a guy arrive on foot and engage two cops standing on the street with his firearm. Despite having the element of surprise to his benefit, he fails to dispatch either, sparking a firefight with the two trained killers.

Somehow, through all, the guy ends up on top and both cops land motionless on the ground, presumably dead.

That’s how you go out with a bang. If you have a death wish or an axe to grind, take it out on domestic terrorists, not random innocent people. And don’t wear rainbow trunks while you’re at it. That’s just plain gay.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. Don’t be retarded. He was talking about Latin & South Americans. Theres a ton of non whites around the world like in Africa and the Middle East and the Slavic nations and the Asian nations. Did you go to Mexican school or something?

  1. Looking at this based on my intellectual capacity and vast knowledge and skills acquired both home and abroad, tactically and tentatively right from the start of time especially in the light of ecclesiastical evolution and I’ve come to a clear concrete, definite and profound conclusion that I really have nothing to say about this.

  2. The two security agents were killed as a result of the shots fired, while the killer, also wounded, was left by his accomplice in a dead-end street to be taken to the hospital.
    Some reports say the killer is dead, but some say he is in critical condition.
    The other accomplice was arrested, and said their aim was to steal the guns from the agents, not the cargo of cigarettes.

  3. No I think only 1 died there the other was playing dead.
    It was pretty funny. I think cop 2 behind the car at the very end of the video thought , play dead and he froze but his hand were under him so he quickly pulls them out to make it more ‘realistic’.
    Luckily for him by that time they were going anyway.
    Jeez I needed that chuckle.

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