Guy Assassinated on Livestream While Getting Haircut at Barber’s

Guy Assassinated on Livestream While Getting Haircut at Barber's

Guy Assassinated on Livestream While Getting Haircut at Barbers

This looks like it could be Brazil. The video, which was streamed live on the internet, shows a guy getting a haircut at a barber’s. The good feeling lasts only after loud gunshots pierce the air and the guy apparently gets assassinated.

One of the gunman passes back and forth before the camera, but acts more like a robber, than an assassin. So who knows, maybe it was your standard robbery.


Props to Best Gore member @inkedarmymom for the update:

The victim is 13 years old. He was shot six times but survived. The incident happened in Fortaleza, the city in the state of Ceara, Brazil.

Props to Best Gore member @carnage-2 for the video:

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139 thoughts on “Guy Assassinated on Livestream While Getting Haircut at Barber’s”

    1. No, no hot towel, not now – that’s what the robber was after and why this man lost his life. The ‘ol hot towel at the barbers saga – it’s been an item of desire since the beginning of time, and some things will never change. I myself, have day dreamt away many an hour, fantasising about the sort of life I could live if only I could get my hands on one of those hot towels from the barbers………..

      The robber/murderer was very colour coordinated – obviously a stylish man. It’s no surprise he was after a hot towel to call his own………

    1. I just wanted to confirm this is Brazil, most probably in Salvador – Bahia (northeast part)

      I tried to find what what happened but once I started researching I found so many cases of shootouts at barbers that is hard to know which one is this one so I gave up.

          1. Well, his hairstyle suggests that he was probably a beach. The fact that he wasn’t wearing board shorts brings in to question the premise that this is even from Brazil.

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