Guy Attacked by Mob in India Gets Beaten and Stabbed

Guy Attacked by Mob in India Gets Beaten and Stabbed

Guy Attacked by Mob in India Gets Beaten and Stabbed

According to the backinfo I got, this happened in Delhi, India. The CCTV video shows a mob ganging up on a lone guy. They beat him unconscious and repeatedly stab him until he’s left on the ground motionless.

I don’t know what this was all about, nor what the outcome for the victim was. But I somehow have the feeling his chances of survival were low. He took too many stabs in the chest and whether anyone got him timely medical assistance feels doubtful.


Best Gore member @mystics provided the update:

The victim was a 25 year old. He was killed by a bunch of teenagers because he objected to them doing bike stunts in his neighborhood.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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  1. The one with the knife just didn’t wanna stop, psycho in the making..
    Proper personnel killing, must of fucked his BF .!

    I did feel sorry for the stray dog walking around in a country full of curry stinking fags.

    1. Let the stray dog nibble? Why is that so you can fatten it up to eat for dinner?
      Fuck the worst animal abuse I ever saw came from china, I saw a terrible video once of a dog being boiled alive in China!! That shit will haunt me forever … Dude talk to your ancestors that shit is SO wrong.

      1. Apparently ,the Chinese have outlawed that now as has Cambodia. I read something about the two. It is getting too much publicity and the govs now think it is a backward tradition. Putting my fairness cap on ,we can’t expect villagers to not eat dogs if that is the only protein they can access due to their poverty.

        However ,don’t we also boil lobsters alive as well? I don-t really know…Hmm

        There was a vid here of a dog -boiling on BG and it turned my stomach as did my first headchopping here as well. Sad

        Happily ,I actually saw a boiling dog escape here as well .

        When iwas on holiday in Greece I saw Gyspsies with dancing bears but they didn’ t seem to treat them badly and the Gypsy seemed good- natured. I loved that Old World Charm.

        Ladies ,did you hear about the famous Ancient Greek History professor from the UK or Us -a Lady -who was attacked and eaten by wolves when out for a walk somewhere outside of Salonika? It was only a few years ago. I love how Nature returns but it will get dangerous soon as well.

          1. No doubt that has happened in beautiful Alaska too! Wolf and bear country!

            Very sad, can you imagine being on holiday and being eaten by bloody wolves! They go for the throat and rip you i’m told. We’ve seen bears and tigers here as well and @fred1212 and i talked about a mountain lion that attacked a guy.


            The photo in the aricle would have to be the shittest ever! I looked up the place on the web and it is really lovely in other sections of the beach with a lush green mountain right behind it.

        1. At first, I thought you mean Suzanne Easton’s case, but she was killed by a different animal…
          The lady you’re talking about wasn’t famous, just a regular person, a hiker from UK.
          The coroner said wolves left no soft tissue on her body, all that remained was only bones…
          These kind of attacks are very rare tho and usually not fatal.

          1. A friend of mine got trampled by a bull elephant & died in Africa Which was quite brutal..

            Never seen a fucking wolf in Greece but plenty of Lions and Bears with the travelling circus.. Awful, wild animals shouldn’t be kept as pets! People just need to learn how to live with them better like in fucking Africa with lions/hyena and Eli’s and it works just fine..

            With the animals I have worked or encountered from Lions, giraffes, elephants, snakes, Puma, primates the only fucking thing that ever attacked me with a dam puppy that I was trying to save in Greece. He had teeth like razors – he fucked my hands badly, but he was terrified as obviously abused, and he was stuck down a long piping so I had no choice but to use my hands or he would of died :-/

        2. Cool.
          Don’t know the Alf, will have a look tho.
          Nems when I do that kind of write it is straight off the top of my Head.
          Can’t even remember what sparked it off.
          I’ll send you the other part of it if you wish to read the rest. More to do with what the little fucker was/is building in the shed. Haha…
          Plus I’ll mail you the other replies later haven’t quite finished those yet.
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  2. I was waiting for the video to end with a nice head- on collision between a motorbike and those fuckin 3 wheeler robin reliant contraptions with a whole generation of 20 Guptas ejected from the thing, sprawled out all over the road, bleedin to death. Alas, it was not to be.

  3. “Guy Attacked by Mob in India…” – Incorrect description.
    “Guy attacked by 2 “Psychopathic Narcissists” from a crowd in India…”

    Psychopathic Narcissist: That’s the full mentality of the 2 killers or maybe just one of them.
    They are in the group but need to validate their superiority to the others in the group. this is to show they are “in charge” & this is the punishment for not recognizing their authority. The 2 killers have the same mentality & it’s not clear if they see each other or just themselves as “in charge”. Co-leading is rare, they probably see each other as close but slightly inferior to themselves. They themselves are in charge and simply allow the other to show their dominance in the group. This will keep order & make control or respect easier if they are away & return. There is a third group member which seems to want to join in on the killing but is unsure if they are dominant enough to challenge the 2 others. He tries to join by kicking the victim but, when it appears he’s unsure of himself, he is pulled from the scene, for his own safety as the other 2 may see him as a threat to their status in the group. This show of violence shows dominance over the other & is the reasoning of the “overkill” in the attack. It seems one is actually trying to pull the victims arm off, at the end. This is expected if he thinks the other has shown more dominance in this act & is in fear of the group seeing him as 2nd in charge. Maybe wrong but that’s what I see.

  4. Indians get upset really easily you touch a cow the wrong way they will prolly jellify your testicle. You give cow an udder massage they will jellify both your balls.

    Not all Indians are annoying some are worst than others

  5. Once a girl was coming home at night from private tutor with his father. Suddenly some local teenagers started verbal assault and also tried to get physical. While her father went there to stop them, those teenagers beat the shit out him. The Girl went to police with her father. but they told him that it’s just a simple case, no need to charge them. So they called some news reporter hoping to create an awareness. After couple a week when those teens heard about it, they came to the girl’s house, gang raped her, killed her and set the house in fire. Nobody couldn’t do a shit to them, just because they had some Political Power and Upper Class Support.
    Sad part is those teenagers now became Men and living happily.
    You see, maybe from outside India seems very bright and shiny but inside it’s a Real dark place. Even light can’t reach to those places.

  6. **NEW UPDATE**
    All that he was heard saying was that God Existed, and so Our Beautiful Dome-Firmament Covered Flat-Earth, Has To Exist. So Truth Hurts,,, or Really does hurt for these Globeheads I Guess. There Is So Much Evil & pure hatred In Satan’s Globe-Earth lie, that his Evil Globe-Earth messengers of Lies, get Super Angry, and violent from simply trying to correct them about this Evil Satanic Lie? 🙁

  7. These are Muslims. The desert death cult is an orgy of violence, illiteracy, and general scumbaggery where ever it breeds. Pity, India has no Hitler and no gas chambers to roast these sins of rapist dacoit Muhammad, to the seventh circle of hell. Pisslam:- Murdering the weaker, since 700s.

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