Guy Attacks Vet, Vet Packs Heat, There Is No More Guy

Guy Attacks Vet, Vet Packs Heat, There Is No More Guy

Guy Attacks Vet, Vet Packs Heat, There Is No More Guy

In São Luis do Maranhão, Brazil, a guy took his cat to a veterinarian. Because he didn’t like how much the vet charged for his service, after a period of arguing, the guy attacked the vet.

The vet didn’t know how to fight back, but he was packing heat, and unloaded it into the guy. According to the backinfo I got, nine shots were fired. Two struck the guy in the head. He died instantly.

Hard to tell who is the bigger douche here. What’s not hard to tell is that one douche there is no more.

Props to Best Gore member @niqcelo for the CCTV video of the incident:

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288 thoughts on “Guy Attacks Vet, Vet Packs Heat, There Is No More Guy”

      1. Most cats spook easily. Either that cat has nerves of steel, or there is something seriously wrong with it. The feline freak just kept chilling like nothing happened. Dude probably brought it in because he suspected that the cat was deaf. I’m starting to lean in that direction.

        1. @Honkeykong & @monstereye
          Hey guys,,, Hope that you’s are both doing well. 🙂

          And yea,,, as You’s could both be right about him either being deaf, or that he is used to the loud yelling matches, and the many fights that they both must’ve had for the few months leading up to their split-up. So yea both theories make much sense guys.

          1. @batterfriedhandgrenade
            Me too! I totally agree! I can be an asshole to another human being but when I see some innocent animal in need, I will not hesitate and rush to give it help! Btw- what’s a witto cat? Can anyone explain?
            Ive got 2 dogs and 4 parrots so I’ve been to the vet a lot! I don’t think my vet packs a gun and I’m in NYC which as we all know is overrun with boons! Anyways, maybe my vet does pack because a yearly check up for one dog cost me $300! My parrots cost $450 due to specialized care… so I’m sure some people freak out when they get the bill… that’s why they’ve got a big sign with the visa/Amex/MasterCard logo by the reception!

    1. The vet pulling out the gun and shooting him when he was not attacking anymore was illegal, so this vet will go to prison most likely. We might see his headless corpse in a future video when all those headless fucks are laying around during prison riots. Plus the vet started the situation by grabbing and slapping at his phone. The vet has a right to not allow people to record in his place of business, but he needs to ask them to leave and then call the police and have someone trespassed so they cannot come back and do that or face arrest. Trying to strongarm someone into not doing something you don’t want them to do in your place of business is illegal. I think the vet was the total shitbag. Hopefully he won’t be “caring” for any animals anymore.

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      1. Hamburger Bob,
        and that cat could give 2 shits about that dude giving up his life. Cause that’s how some cats roll. As long as their human pet cleans the litter box and provides the cat chow, cat toys, and cat treats! The cat got it made in the shade. They don’t call em Fat Cats for nothing.

  1. The vet is a scammer who was trying to charge the customer for services he had not actually provided, hence all the discussion that started when the customer said he was gonna call the police. The customer should have paid and returned with the police. He must have thought: this guy will never kill me in his own clinic with 3 witnesses and a CCTV filming us. But some people are psychopaths with no self control = hot temper combined with low IQ.

  2. The Veterinarian is 100% responsible for this. The customer started complaining, but he was only using his words and his phone to take video or pictures. He did not approach the veterinarian. The veterinarian went around the desk, approaching the customer in an aggressive manner, probably talking aggressively. The customer still did not touch him, he put up his phone to record.

    Then the veterinarian decided to use physical force to take the guys phone from him. He was the one who started the physicality. The customer then responded by hitting him twice to repel him, he then stopped when the vet was off of him. At this point, the vet pulls the gun, but he wasn’t justified in shooting, because the guy had backed off. The vet used deadly force when he wasn’t in danger.

    That’s how it would go in a court room.

    The vet would probably say he feared for his life when he got punched. Lie. He shot him because he was mad, not because he feared for his life. Plus, he shot more rounds than was necessary.

    The reason he walked up to him so boldly and aggressively in the first place is because he knew he was armed. The fact that he knew he was armed meant he was well aware that he shouldn’t be initiating any violence, because he may have to use his gun. If you are armed like that, and you go over and grab at a guy, you are extra guilty, because you knew you had a firearm on you, and you went over starting a confrontation.

    I’d give him life for what he did. He should have just stayed where he was and used his words. He knew he had a gun.

    1. unfortunately, brazilian law is crime friendly. Our social democrat Constitution does not allow life sentences. Before Presidente Bolsonaro, 30 years was the maximum jailtime for any crime. Now, its 40 years, of which the criminal has to serve at least 50 % in jail (=20 years) before eligible for parole ( before Bolsonaro, after 40 % of 30 years (12 years), parole was already possible (and possible in Brazil means = 100 % paroled, unless the prisoner commited some serious crime while in jail).
      BUT all that, is IF the murder is considered “heinous”. If the judge considers it as simple homicide (in self defense, for instance), maximum jailtime is 20 years , and after 25 % of the jailtime (= 5 years),the criminal is freed on parole.

      1. When you are carrying a gun, you have an obligation to not start confrontations. Carrying the gun is not a first aggression. You have to take some sort of action for it to be a first aggression.

        If you’re carrying a gun, you don’t start trouble, and you walk away if you can.

        1. You described the expected ideal but my point is it could incite aggression in psychopaths like this vet. Cops in America seems to be doing the same thing. Just my thought as a citizen of a country where private gun ownership is almost nonexistent.

  3. The whole incident is caught on audio as well. The guy started filming with his phone. When the vet went to grab it, the guy placed his phone down on the front counter. You can see it lit up sitting there still recording. Maybe the video on his phone will get released and you can hear the shots and hear what was said.

    At the end, his woman picks it up most likely to call the fuzz.

  4. Translate did acceptable job.

    The video shows four people at the clinic reception, around 7:40 pm, on Wednesday (9). The businessman Eduardo Viégas carries a basket with a cat, his girlfriend beside him. Behind the counter, veterinarian Daniel Leite and, beside, a fourth person.

    According to the police, the next conversation is a discussion about the amount charged for the care of the animal. The main witness of the case is Evelyn Mendes, girlfriend of the murdered businessman.

    In an interview with reporter Regina Sousa, on Monday (14), she spoke about this discussion.
    “He was reporting some procedures, but it didn’t look like they had actually been done. So we started to question and he couldn’t explain. Eduardo asked for the note and he didn’t want to give it. Eduardo said he was going to call the police, then he said ‘come on, call’, with an air of mockery. Then Eduardo said he was going to call the police. Twice he said it was for Eduardo to call the police, ”says Evelyn.

    The images show businessman Eduardo Viégas taking out his cell phone to record the discussion. The vet does not like to be filmed and starts pointing his finger at the businessman and tries to take the phone by force.
    The device seems to touch Eduardo’s face, who reacts by punching the vet twice in the face.
    At the time of the fight, Daniel Leite wears a shirt out of his pants and you can’t tell he was armed.

    After being hit by the punches, Daniel pulls the gun from his waist and fires point-blank at the couple. The first shots hit Evelyn, who was injured in the arm and hand and lost one of her fingers.

    “I only remember my boyfriend being hit brutally, even after he hit the floor. I think Eduardo fell in the third (shot), so he still continued, there were nine shots ”, reports Eduardo Viégas’ girlfriend.

    The sequence of images is shocking. Daniel Leite fires nine times to hit Eduardo Viégas.

    Although the veterinarian’s lawyer said in an interview that the client was defending himself and shot in the direction of the legs, the images show that the shots were in the direction of the victim’s head, who died on the spot.
    Veterinarian Daniel Leite had been on duty at the veterinary clinic for five years. Against him, the police said there were already three police reports for threats and damage.

    “There are some occurrences registered against the author, even for the crime of threat and damage. That will be extracted, to see if people are summoned to speak. Because this question weighs heavily on the personality of the author. His past life must also be analyzed in the case file, ”explained Chief Lúcio Reis, head of the Homicide and Personal Protection Superintendence (SHPP), who is investigating the case.

  5. Pretty sure the prick who walked into the guy’s clinic and assaulted him was the bigger douche. Even his cat didn’t give a shit when he died. I mean isn’t that what guns are for? Protecting yourself? Especially in Brazil. Even the vet knows to carry a gun on him.

    1. Yes. This wasn’t some drug dealer from the favela, this was a businessman, angry about being overcharged, ok he shouldn’t have swung his fists, that was stupid, he should have just left and refused to pay the bill – but that doesn’t justify shooting him dead. Yeah and hope the cat is fine.

      1. The guy pulled out his phone and projected it like an accusatory finger. The vet should have stayed behind the desk. He did not. But when the customer punched the vet, I say that he has opened himself up for pain.
        You should not allow anyone to assault you.
        If you punch someone, then they have no idea what else you could be planning, so expect a prompt compensation of jacketed hollow points to the center mass.
        Live by the sword of trying to use violence to vent your frustration and die in a puddle of your own blood. The deceased thought that puching would get him his way, and he is now a corpse.
        I think that he may have been acting more aggressively to show off in front of the woman.

  6. This is the most bizarre thing I’ve seen on BestGore. The guy was shot bcos he complained about the vet bill, ok, he shouldn’t have punched the vet, but shooting the guy in the head 9 times was a ridiculous over reaction. And the vet has 2 previous convictions for threating behaviour, so why was he still allowed to have a gun? Almost comical that a cat running away as soon as the shots were fired, but the cat in question was probably heavily sedated which is why he was still in his basket during the firing. Bizarre crime.

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  8. North and Northeast of Brazil are the craziest place of Brazil. The educational status of the entire country is precarious, but those regions specifically are the most precarious. Uneducated and bad informed people tend to do shit things more than “normal people”.

    1. i dont think thats related to the educational system. Its got more to do with a culture of violence that pervades those regions, from the lowest social strata up to the political elites. They have that macho mindset that considers any insult as a personal attack on the honour that justifies resorting to violence. And apparently also an impulsive behaviour, very poor self restraint.

      1. Yeah, I understand. There are “smarter” and “well edecated” people out there that can do worse things, so education it’s just a small bit of the problem, but it’s still a problem, though. And, yeah, I’m in agreement with you.

      2. The vet shot the costumer because the costumer was asking for a document called “nota fiscal” in Brazil. If you run a legal business, you have to give your costumers such document, it says what they’re paying for, services, goods etc, and it’s important in case you’re a costumer and you want a refund.

  9. Be sure that if there was a release of the arms trade in Brazil, BG would have dozens of posts like these every day, note that he was carrying a gun illegally, because at least he has a shooting technique, shoots sloppily with one hand and fuck. What certainly aggravates the criminal situation of this individual, since carrying arms around here is unaffordable. However I will take advantage and expose what will happen to this vet.
    He will be convicted, but our infamous law protects the murderer, for having a higher education degree, the state is obliged to provide special treatment, often in special cells, individual and with various perks, with some years studying, working and having a good behavior. in jail, his sentence is reduced to a maximum of 5 years of closed regime, after that, he can return to society like so many murderers here. This is one of the biggest problems in Brazil, dozens of communist bodies prevent these laws from being toughened, so that the BG can have less presence of Brazilian atrocities.

      1. It’s beta as fuck. Just deal with stuffs the old manly way – jaw to jaw.

        Even though I enjoy BG and I am grateful to all those who press the record button immediately they sense shit is about to fly. Without them, we would not have all the great videos that feed our gory appetite and keep us entertained. However, it has never occurred to me under any circumstances to whip out my phone and record the prelude or aftermath of any incident regardless it involved me or not.

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