Guy Ends Up Killed with Own Gun After Argument in Costa Rica

Guy Ends Up Killed with Own Gun After Argument in Costa Rica

Guy Ends Up Killed with Own Gun After Argument in Costa Rica

The CCTV video apparently from Costa Rica shows an argument of sorts in a store which ends in a cold blooded murder of a man. The things happen quickly, but it looks to me like the responsible gun owner gets riddled with bullets from his own gun.

BG fan Andrey notes:

Costa Rica has become a den of thieves and murderers in recent years due to the lack of Police Security Personal and weak laws that are exerted to the criminals.

Thanks a lot for the video, Andrey:

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    1. I do believe it’s a blood..and no reflects of the body when being shot In the head/face that many times…watch other videos on this fine Website and you will see in other vidoes their bodies jump all over from bullets hitting nerves and bodily stuff

        1. Such a damn good song.

          I ended up in the opening sequence of a short video that’s played on a loop for 5+ years at a country music museum in Bristol, Virginia. It was about the influence of the Carters. I was singing “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” at Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion for some cameras and poof…. instant non-stardom. I also get (no) residuals. Lmao
          It is fun to take folks there and wait and see if they are paying attention.

          1. That’s really cool, I love the Carter’s music and read the book, Will You Miss me when I’m Gone a few years back, awesome read. If it wasn’t for June, we wouldn’t have had Johnny as long as we did. I’m on a Americana music kick right now. Check out my profile page.

          2. @illegalsmile55

            If you like Americana… check out Dale Watson, Paul Thorne, and Willie Watson (formerly of Old Crow Medicine Show. He also had a cameo as a singing gunslinger in The Ballad of Buster Scruggs on Netflix).
            Dale is my favorite by far. I’ve gotten to meet him a couple times at festivals too. He’s a great guy with a obvious sonic link to Cash and Haggard.
            Check out his Chicken Shit Bingo live album.

  1. This guy had some training (As I Did Also) with 2 my Cousins,,, 2 of my Brother,,, my Late Father, and 2 of my Uncles all being into Law-Enforcement. So I Was Taught, and I Practiced How To Go About removing a Handgun, or a Knife from a Would be Robber.

    So As He Did (The Much Smaller Man) He Grabbed His Hand, & Quickly bent back of his fingers towards is wrist, (ouch,, believe me) and this makes any Grown Man Scream, & Instantly Let Go, & completely loose their grip on Whatever Weapon they might have been carrying at the time of the Attempted Assault, & Robbery.

    And as you take his weapon raise your forearm to this chest, or throat, and with your leg behind him, one quick push and down he goes while you either shoot, stab, or chop him hard on the windpipe incapacitating a 6 foot 8 Man like fuck-All.

    But the Key is To Do it Quickly, and Without Ever Flinching, or Hesitating, because then, You Could Very Well, End-Up Critically Injured,,, Crippled For Life,,, Or Even Dead. So You Should Get A Friend You Guys/Gals ,,, And Practice These (What Could Very Well End-Up Being A Lifesaver) Self-Defense Technique Together. 🙂

          1. @swollenlefttesticle

            Do You Really Have A Swollen,, or,, A Bigger Left Testicle Brother??? I Only Ask Because I Have A Third Testicle, and the third one being small like a pea. No Brother what happened is I Had Surgery to not have kids anymore, and the darn Surgeon left A Small Piece of Gauze Inside my bag, lol.

            So A Couple Months After Surgery, after thinking that the little round, and Pea-Sized Ball was only scar tissue, or some small swelling type of thing, When i noticed that it was not going away,,, I Decided to Pop by His Office, To have him look at it!

            But to my surprise,,, when i arrived i noticed paper covering the window, and it was vacant. So I Went next door to A Travel Agency and asked them what was up. So they told me that he had retired after many complaints from ex-patients. So Pissed-Off, i went to the Ottawa General Hospital, and after some x-ray’s they informed me that the old bastard forgot some gauze inside of me that my body forced into a ball to contain-it, lol.

            They informed me that it was not dangerous, and that they could have-it Surgically removed if i wished to do so. But being that one Surgeon had already played with my balls, and fucked my shit-up,,, I Said “NO THANKS” walked-out of The Hospital,,, and the rest is History, as My Wife Often Plays with my balls, and laughs while she tries to find where it’s hiding, cause it does move around in my bag, lol.

    1. I do believe it’s a blood..and no reflects of the body when being shot In the head/face that many times…watch other videos on this fine Website and you will see in other vidoes their bodies jump all over from bullets hitting nerves and other bodily stuff

        1. If the first shots killed him, then it’s not surprising that there wasn’t any movement. It’s small projectiles moving quickly through a mass of flesh. The muzzle flashes do seem a bit odd, but I think it’s real.

          1. @honkeykong

            Depending on the size of the caliber too i guess. But after reviewing-it a few times i can tell by the kick back that it was Not,,, A 22 Cal. or A 25 Cal. But It Was One Of These 4 Instead,, with The First Two Being More Likely, and The Last Three Being The Less Likely One That Were Used. A 9MM. ,,, A 45 Cal. ,,, A 38 Cal. ,,, Or A 44 Cal. ,,, or A 357 Magnum.

            Now Because The 9 mm. And The 45 Cal. are Both, The Most Popular Semi-Automatic
            Handguns today, at the fact that they are so massed produced that Ammo, and The Gun Itself Have Become relatively inexpensive therefore a popular choice for Protection.

            But they do pack a punch,,, at that That Close Range,,, they would have at the very least created some type of Instant Mess On That White Tiled Floor especially if as you said brother,,, that he was killed with the first shot, cause that would of had to be a Head Shot! But again,,, and after reviewing-It Yet Again, And Just Now Another couple of times,,, man it,s hard to tell, cause if it was Fubar,,, then the People’s Reaction Would Of Had Da-Jew Movie Producers Knocking on there door because of their Acadamy-Award Winning Performance.

            So Yea,,, now after watching-it like A Dozen Times Already,,, I Cannot Tell If It’s Fake.

        2. Well Dre, I reviewed the video again, and I just realized something. The victim was shot in the back of the head, and it should have flown back and to the left a bit. Brain matter should have shot out, and landed on the tables behind him. It’s now clear that this is totally fake. All jokes aside, this is some JFK footage that most people probably haven’t seen.

          1. Cool @HonkeyKong And Thanks Brother, cause that was too cool, and your right cause i have never seen that JFK One Ever Before, and probably most other people have never, Ever, (As You Said) seen it either .

            That is just crazy how they send the Secret Service Agents Away And Right Before He Gets Shot. What a set-up that was with that asshole in the front passenger seat. 🙁

            Kudos,,, And Major Props Bud! 🙂

          2. @thedre @honkeykong
            If it was a .22 or .25, there would not be a lot of brain ejaculate and blood.
            And there is a big chance that the bullet went pin-balling inside his skull.

            Its said that at close range these small rounds are just as lethal if not more as any other larger caliber. On soft targets that is 😉

          3. @GNeveNL
            A Friend of mine committed suicide with a Saterday Night Special, or ( 25 Cal.) and i did exactly that brother. He shot himself up in the pallet of his mouth, and the bullet just spun around, & around inside his scull turning his brain to mush. When we we allowed to move his mattress out the next day all there was was a little blood that came out of his mouth, and ears.

            But I Knew & said that it could not have been a 22, or 25 Cal. because of the strong kick back.

            R.I.P. Alex 🙁

  2. That gave me a bit of an 80’s flashback, I wanted my Dad to buy me a Club International jazz mag, before I’d even asked, he just took it, rolled it up and beat me, like he did my ginger step brother. The shop was full and he still had to buy it anyway,cos he ruined it.

    He was a proper cunt.

  3. Unfortunately, gun owners in the US are also at high risk of their weapons being used on them as well. Happens a bit too often. Which is why unless you know for a fact that you are in control of that weapon, there is a high probability that you can be a victim of your own weapon. Arguments with family members often devolve in this manner. Recently in the news, a father shot one of his sons over an argument about an NFL game.

    1. You can open carry in my area, and sometimes I think how easy it would be to just knock them the fuck out and steal their gun. Especially the old ones. I’m a nice guy, but if I was fucked up, I would have a bunch of free guns.

  4. He was just trying to look hard with his gun. He thought as soon as he pulled his piece, everyone would freeze up. Otherwise he’d have backed up before pulling it.
    Talk about a backfire.

    Either that, or he was just THAT stupid.
    The shirt makes me think maybe it’s the latter.

    Whatever the case, I hope dude doesn’t get locked up for defending himself. I would at least TRY to do the same thing if I was in his situation. He was in the right for blasting that orange shirt wearing fool.

  5. His first mistake was living in a shit hole country. Any place in North America south of the U.S./Mexico border is a complete dump and the entire continent of South America is a huge dump. His second mistake was pulling out a firearm with all of those people right next to him. If I was such an unlucky bastard to be born in a shit hole country (every place other than Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, The United States of America or any country in Western Europe), I would be doing everything I could to make my way to one of those places listed in the parentheses, but most likely the United States of America. This country especially, is a hell of a lot better than the rest of the shit holes on the planet.

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