Guy Gushes Blood from Mouth After Being Stabbed in Birmingham, England

Guy Gushes Blood from Mouth After Being Stabbed in Birmingham, England

Video from Birmingham, England, shows a guy gushing blood out of his mouth after being stabbed. He’s in pretty bad shape and loses a lot of blood. I do not know if he survived. It happened on April 16, 2016.

It looks like the guy was stabbed in the side of his neck. He’s trying to contain the blood loss by pressing a piece of garment on his neck, but he’s struggling to remain sitting up, and the passers by are about as eager to assist him as people in China would be, so who knows how well he fared.

Props to Best Gore member @caisey100 for the video:

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    1. I would like to add for those outside of the UK or that arent aware. Birmingham England is the second largest city after London and has large communities of Niggers and Asians and as you can imagine Niggers+gangs+stabbings/knife and gun crime go hand in hand. Niggers love forming violent criminal gangs in first world countries that have been so accommodating. I don’t care if they stab/kill each other but when they attack, rape and steal from the natives then that is a different matter. Look at the Nigger in the article below he took her to a dark corner and raped her.

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      1. lololol and? The atrocities Britain has did to this world you deserve every bit of it. Don’t act like the British are innocent white fucks who didn’t cripple the Chinese empire with opium and fuck over India with occupation. I love it. Get use to it.

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      2. Knife crime is almost exclusively a Black thang, even in the UK. How many Asians do you hear of, wielding knives?

        I always wondered. Black people came to the UK in the 1950s, Asians came over in the 1970s and 1980s, and yet they have overtaken Blacks. Why? Coz they don’t do knives, gangs and shit. The work harder at school and qualify.

      3. hopefully your mum is raped by one of these outstandingly brilliant human species, i would help them, i also hope that an asian cuts you into pieces and sends body parts to the rest of your pathetic and worthless family members…….oh and just to really piss you off, i’m actually white. you talk unintelligible shit and can’t back anything up with facts lol XD you are what society calls an underachieving scummy little fuckwit with the intellect of a degenerative spastic.

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      4. I’ve visited all over the world hun and most rude people are the Taiwanese and the indians. But they are more diverse countries than in Kentucky merica where I grew up and it’s quite lovely to not be called a nigger every 5 sec even the Russians were sweet.

    2. Died at the scene. Feels kinda weird that there is video from England up, for some reason I feel uneasy about watching it. Like I’ve seen horrendous things on here from all over the world but rarely from the UK…

      1. That’s what forced multiculturalism doe’s to civilised countries that have been forced on us by a unelected European parliament. That’s why I’ll be voting for the UK to leave the European union in the referendum in a few hours time. Immigration is a massive problem here.

        1. Its not noticeable in my part of England, but when it is and they start fucking around like they do in other parts of the UK i WILL take to the streets at night time and take my streets back one immigrant at a time if i have to, not enough police assigned by a dodgy government that doesnt give a fuck. People here are too afraid to speak the truth or use sound common sense, incase they are called “racist” fuck them.

          They wont be shouting “racist” when muggings and rape go throught the roof and the police cant do fuck all about it. Watched a good documentary on immigrants, did you know alot of them are prisoners broke out of jail by terrorist groups who are looking for their locked up buddies? These groups tell the other prisoners to fuck off and never come back or they die – then we end up with filth on our streets.

          Right now in towns like Luton, Birmingham asian gangs are taking to the streets trying to enforce Shariah law, picking on individuals not dressed right or drinking alcohol, motherfuckers forgot which country they live in. They want Shariah law, go fuck off to the middle east.

          Not on my watch.

          1. we had a politician here in Australia that stood up in parliament and warned that if we don’t tighten up the intake we will be swamped, that was a few years back and she was basically marched out for being “racist” by the bleeding hearts that are too scared to say anything , now I look at riots in Melbourne and huge increase in crime ( news reports are always – “It was a man of middle eastern appearance” it’s over and over the same thing all the time. That politician was so right, it’s not racist, it’s FACT, these scum bags bring their backward cave man shit from where they’re from and taint what used to be alright places to live. It’s getting worse and I agree one day you are going to need to make a stand and reclaim your home because government won’t bother.

    3. This happened in Cape Hill ‘Smethick, about 2 miles from Birmingham city centre. This machanical digger got what he fucking deserved. He was constantly bullying the fellow that “..jukked him”.He bled-out at the scene.

  1. Happened in capehill, guy got stabbed inside a Internet cafe and is now brown bread, the attacker is (have no surprise) BLACK as the ace of spades and of large build. Not sure if they have arrested him as they all look alike……

          1. No pal it’s all rigged anyway, you cannot polish a turd and our country is fucked anyway fuckin dirty Muslims everywhere setting up shops, perving over school girls, if we are in or out it won’t make any difference they here and they will make sure there bullshit beliefs are heard. Did you vote, what’s your stand? ??

          2. Out gez and yeah your probably right about it all being a fix. Iv never voted in my life but today i did. i just couldn’t stand by as Scumeron and his boys peddled lies and used scary tactics to sway people’s vote, its down right criminal of them. They need to be sent a message that their trust funds aren’t safe anymore. Bunch of ball washing bastards!

    1. I know, right @re-pete
      It kinda surprised me how he started shakรฎng: I had never seen anything like this O_o
      Now, I agree with you: I think he died…
      That’s what everybody seems to say, and after watching the video, it wouldn’t be a surprise…

      1. You’re right – at the time of my posting the links, the pictures weren’t available. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I’m aware of a recent murder near me which took 8 months to get to court. I’d like to think I will remember this one and keep tabs with it but my memory is shit these days. I’d love to know where on his body this guy was stabbed to be so catastrophic.

  2. Not that everyone would know what to do if they came upon a situation like this. But I wonder why there is always so little display of compassion for the victims. This guy must have been feeling pretty alone. Poor bastard

    1. Poor bastard indeed. It’s bad to think that in a more Civilised country like England that people will just walk past him, I expect to see it in videos from Brazil/China/Thailand etc but not the UK. Guess there just aren’t too many people out there ANYWHERE in the whole world who really care about others.

          1. Same!! It feels weird watching a video from your own country or area doesn’t it. I darent watch it, it makes me very uneasy knowing that this is England today and that poor sod bled out on the street with no one comforting him.

      1. Not being funny but if there was that much blood pissing out everywhere I wouldn’t exactly be jumping in to get covered in it… you never know what you could be catching these days. Maybe that makes me a bad person but I wouldn’t expect any different if it was me…

        1. @HelenFale – Nope, you’re not a bad person – just normal and looking after #1, like everyone else. I wouldn’t want to catch shit off someone’s blood. If it were me as a bystander I’d be taking a video and saying to the guy “Any last words, pal?”. At least his family might get some comfort from his last words and his unknown family here at BG would also be appreciative of that, too.
          By the way, I’d also leave this country for France if I had the chance. I’m voting OUT tomorrow.

          1. @kevinh67 Not sure I’d be the one taking the video but I definitely wouldn’t be getting down and dirty lol. So anyway… you’d leave for France but you’re voting out? Who knows what will happen to our right to free movement if we leave the EU? This will affect me and my family directly as my husband is from New Zealand, he’s here purely on the basis of my right to free movement in Europe. Let’s hope if we do leave then we’ll have rights as existing residents in France because with the visa situation already in England they’re letting in terrorists and layabouts but it’s nigh on impossible for my husband to get a visa…

          2. @HelenFale – I have to reply here cos your reply does not have a button. Yeah, I understand what you mean. I’m genuinely sorry to read that it’s tough for you. I hope it works out okay for you. I truly don’t see any changes happening to Brits abroad except in the cases of Stupid Nationalist Pride by individual scum in host countries. My experience of the French is that they’re quite a decent lot as a whole. I have my fingers crossed for you and your homely setup.

          3. @kevinh67 yeah no reply button… and thanks, it’s typical we’ve had almost 4 years pissing around getting a stable French visa and finally it seems to be sorted and now the UK are rocking the boat haha. In my experience (I’m generalizing here) the French really don’t like us English, or at least not when it matters like when trying to get visas etc! To be honest though it would be a silly move for European countries to boot out UK expats as there are so many of us and a huge number of small businesses and the like it would be pretty damaging for their economy. And you know it’s possible for exes to stay friends ain’t it?!

  3. He is turning white……and fill a cup of blood every other 5 seconds, this guy is done … done as I’m eating croissants
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    I was wondering what’s going on in the UK…
    It’s hilarious how the establishment is trying so hard to
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    I mean really ….who think a sec that these 1% fuckers
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    Time to wake up guys…….in between incessant invasion
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    1. I like how I see some people complaining about the citizens that kept walking and then I even heard someone making fun of the citizen that stopped to help. So I guess it does not matter if you keep walking or help since people are gonna make fun of you and put you down either way.

      1. People here don’t give a fuck what they say as long as it’s disrespectful and “funny”. Many have no respect for anything and they think it’s a good thing. Who the fuck raised you? I’d like to see them voice their disrespect in public so they get knocked the fucked out. Though they would never do that because they are cowards. You know who you are.

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    I remember those times I was a pariah as a kid………. thrown
    From a foster home to another……it does not get a toll on all….au contraire Mon frere… gets you madder……and so very much stronger .!!!!!!…..

    1. Inner city life…Birmingham is a rough city with a large black and paki population but also has alot of white nutty people and their accent is the shits best swerve the whole city if possible

      1. @WOPA12 – Ooooh, I don’t know… Brummies Jewellery Quarter is pretty good! The Bull Ring is not what it used to be and it’s train station was voted the worst in the UK! I’ve been once and no plans to go again! So, yep, you’re right, it’s shit!

  5. dang all that blood you know an artery was hit he probly died, yes man is the most cruel in animal kingdom we should be made to eat our kills gross that may stop most but who knows im amazed to reality

  6. Flashback! I was in Burningham @ UFC 89 , On the way to the Arena we ?found? a guy who had been stabbed and had a pretty broken f ace…and as nice that I am we called the ambulance and drank some whiskey and smoke some to keep him awake… Proud moment:D

  7. I am Jackโ€™s complete lack of surprise.

    Birmingham, just like London, is no longer considered to be part of England due to being the demographic equivalent of one of those holes in a Glastonbury Festival which everybody shits in.

    Niggers are just one example of the faecal matter excreted upon the once white Birmingham and whereas I donโ€™t normally have anything good to say about them I will give them this, Niggers hate each other almost as much as the rest of the world does because they deplete their own numbers via their own volition.

    Niggers are the missing link between the Homo Erectus and the Homo Sapiens. This has been proven due to the absence of Neanderthal DNA in Niggers which is present in almost everybody else.

    In the above it is fucking obscene that they would force a tribal, regressive sub-species of man upon the evolved but they have and we deal with the ramifications of this daily with their almost constant rapes, thefts and murders.

    My conclusion, no successful countries exist in which niggers are the majority hence the more niggers a country has the more likely it is to fail.

    The above begs the question, why do they wish to import failure?. Because they wish us to fail as well is the only answer and in England Birmingham stands as a clear representation of failure.

    1. @empty-soul absolutely. These cities are complete shit holes its a shame what has happened to this country. Ever been to Leicester or Bradford? If not don’t ever bother. Bradford is the aids capital of England. Luckily I live on the coast where blacks stay out as there is nothing for them to leech on to. I suppose you could say I’m the hand of the body and as we know cancer rarely effects ones hands. So if you consider London being the centre or the abdomen in this analogy then cancer/blacks are abundant.

      1. Bradford has a lot of Asians (“Bradistan”). At least Asians open shops or are professional. Some ethnic groups are only good at violent crime and impregnating white women.
        Want a nice, ethnic-free town? Try Weston-Super-Mare in Somerset (near Bristol).

    2. Holly shit……?!???!!???!!?
      It’s almost like asking yourself
      Why are people even living there.???????
      It would be more like having a sadomasochistic personality
      Or someshit.??????
      Is that where it’s always raining and when not raining……
      It’s still raining…….and raining…..

      1. Britain can suck my fuckin cock! I think most people here would agree the modern world sucks more dick than your mom and dad at a dick sucking marathon @steaknsidneys. Britain sucked dicks long before blacks and muslims got there. Plus it produces disrespectful cunts much like @steaknsidneys and @FredHawley two of the dumbest disrespectful shit talkin cock sucking fuckin faggots on B.G. Go back and read some of the shit that comes from their mouths.

          1.’ve got a friend Freddie!

            @Uncle BB Gun,
            You haven’t been around long enough to know who the dumbest, disrespectful, shit talking, cock sucking, fucking faggots are on BG.
            Lighten up Francis.

          2. LOL,uncle AK47 came in with a bunch of flowers all caring and tree hugging,and then,.. bang bang bang, that AK47 came out and started shooting like a muslim in a gay bar lol…

        1. @fightingirish16 Hahaha he has, guns blazing, but he doesn’t relize he firing marshmallows haha.

          TW-@uncle-ak47 I know your probably not going to answer this,seeing as you’ve cowered away “EVERYtime” iv confronted you, but whats Fred done wrong? i can only surmise that your pissed at him saying “jungle bunnys” which in turn instantly tells me your a “black man” on a power trip.
          Yeah good luck with that my lil black disciple.

  8. Yeah this dude is out of luck, I don’t see the wound actually, but judging from,that nlood, artery is hit. I bet he was dead within 1 Mi ute of video stopping.

    First time posting, long time fan and lurker, thanks for having me BG

    1. Welcome aboard, nice to meet you. I bet he died pretty soon after too. The way he was shaking and staring, you can tell he was in shock about the whole situation, not being able to breathe and seeing that much blood pouring out of you, and he had to have known he was about to die. Crazy way to go.

  9. I love how the viewers always have more input to a story with factual details; not that bestgore doesn’t do a damn good job for sure, but then I learn so much more from the viewers toi. Sorry dude died, probably would lived if someone would helped him. There was more sympathy for the 95 year old Asian women living in squalor for 5 years. Her life was already over and I would gone w euthanasia on her, but hey, majority wanted her half dead ass alive.

  10. It’s 2016 who in the fuck uses internet cafes anyway? really who. other than scammers and pedo nonces. just maybe this guy got he just desserts. they may have made hunting pedos online illegal but there still upstanding members of the community who chase these rats down. Douane brown could be a straight up beast for all we know.

  11. oh my fucking god ….. i live just 30 seconds away from this place hes outside the phone shop and i couldnt tell you wether he died but im sure i would of heard something on the local news maybe he got lucky but were i live knife crimes commonplace as we in the UK have damn strict gun laws ….. just letting you guys know anyway my friends ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Judging by the way his body is shaking and blood is still pouring out, I wouldn’t be surprised if he died. Too bad too, the way his eyes looked seemed like he was trying to man up and survive. At the end he kind of just said “fuck it”. I watched this a few times.

  13. Considering the blood has a pretty bright tone id say his artery got fucked up i dont think he survived that shit, a lucky man to die. Hes a really lucky guy , he didnt even need to commit suicide as the others did it for him. Things like this make you think man im too lazy to commit suicide and wait for some niggas to kill you

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  14. Based on my professional opinion he’s FUCKED… I mean they’re just now calling and he’s already falling out from the blood loss. They’re probably ten minutes away at the least and going to stop for tea before they get there. Cheerio Old Chap.

  15. Looks like a somalian got a taste of it’s own medicine. Now he be a good boy. I am pleased to no end to be able to watch a fucking somali nigger bleed to death (that is a fatal wound – you can’t bleed like that and live. Looks like a carotid artery got severed and it was pulsing out. Even a surgeon on site with extra blood could not save this piece of garbage)

    We just need about 10 million more to suffer the same fate. Just make sure to clean up that AIDS tainted blood as well.

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