Guy Gets Knocked Out and Dies from Ground Double Tap in Enschede, Netherlands

Guy Gets Knocked Out and Dies from Ground Double Tap in Enschede, Netherlands

Guy Gets Knocked Out and Dies from Ground Double Tap in Enschede, Netherlands

On Saturday August 22, 2020, a 26 year old man got knocked out and was pronounced dead from a double tap by the ground. The assault took place at the Oude Markt in Enschede, near Haverstraatpassage, the Netherlands.

The nighttime video of the incident is not that crisp, but the headslam is visible and audible. His skull reportedly fractured on impact.

Props to Best Gore member @repkik for the video:

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  2. this type of thing happens all over the World .. 2 dudes get

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  3. This scene is played out every Friday and Saturday night in every city, town and lil back water the world over. I live near a town of 800 people and this same thing happened only 8 months ago. The young fella here also died and the bloke who threw the punch has been charged (though not yet convicted) with manslaughter. Two ruined lives and their two ruined families all for a bit of drunken bravado…….that’s why you should shoot up heroin instead. No one ever started a fight whilst on the nod……

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