Guy Pushed In Front of Train by Friend in Mexico City

Guy Pushed In Front of Train by Friend in Mexico City

With friends like these, who needs enemies. Best Gore member Zvan explains:

This video was filmed by a Mexico City Metro surveillance camera on April 2, 2014. One person was pushed on the tracks in front of an approaching train and died. Three people were arrested in relation to the incident, but only one is being charged with homicide.

What happened is four drunk college students were waiting for a subway train when one of them (the victim, 22 years old) started to argue with one of his friends. The argument escalated and his friend pushed him. Said friend has been detained and is awaiting trial.

The red circles shows the three “friends” of the victim. The victim is represented by the yellow circle. At the end of the video the three guys tried to escape but several witnesses ran after them and alerted the police who caught them.

Thanks a lot for the video and info, Zvan:

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          1. Hi Dre!!!! just having some troubles with the cellphone,I need one for my own, but that will never happen 🙁 how’s your arm?

      1. I once saw a guy on a motorcycle pull out of a parking lot right under the tires of an 18-wheeler. The next day I saw the cops there and they said they were able to get the guy out of the wheels with a garden hose.

  1. Let’s get one thing clear, that is definitely not a friend. I don’t care how long you have know him or how close you thought you were. That is NOT an action of a friend, it’s an action of a murderer who couldn’t give a fuck about the victim. I don’t care how angry you get, you don’t push someone in front of a fucking train unless you want to kill them. Simple!

    1. You are dead fuckin right Judge. Its the old clich? as said in the post, “with friends like these, who needs enemies.” That was more than a fuckin argument, to tune into murder. Would not be surprised, if it turns out to be premeditated.

          1. Or to read the articles apparently. To find out he died, one would of had to have done some intensive reading all the way to the end of the second sentence.

          2. good morning, obli. whats the problem? ty, isnt good enough for you? ignore it then. i think brokeback didnt get me wrong, and dont mind it at all.

          3. @amnyc. good morning to you as well ! i couldnt read it, thats why i have asked. i dont see here a problem as well, so whats the point?

  2. ” When the drink is in the wit is out ”

    This is up a notch though . There surely must have been some pent up anger inside the culprit towards his supposed friend .

    Really is one big screw up for all concerned .

  3. I’ll never get why fleshy viruses stand so close to the edge of platforms while waiting for a train to come. I’d rather lose my chance at getting a seat and stand for 15 minutes, than give some deranged or drunk individual the opportunity to end my existence with a simple push. Trust no one, not even your “friends”.

  4. On a platform I stand with my back to the wall, or any solid object, I’m not getting pushed or knocked under no train, better to be late and alive than be re-routed to the morgue……Brown Bread!

    1. |It’s hard to tell though, they spend thier whole lives manipulating people, watching peoples reactions to what they say and what comments are going to be useful to manipulate the people around them. Most people don’t do this, so even if they’re much cleverer in every other way they tend to be fooled by a not very high I’Q, manipulative sociopath. like I said, they’ve been doing it all thier lives. You always have to be very vigilant.

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        Just let me know if im going too “easy”on you. Lol. I know you like to throw down every now and then. A lady with some bite. Grrr.

      1. @Onion, take it from a guy who’s been fooled plenty of times…the pic is’nt always of the person you’re coming on to. There may be a big hairy guy on the receiving end of your comments.

  5. Imagine being that friend the next day, we have all had lovers tiff with are good mates which leads to a backhand and a stern telling off, drunk or sober it usually ends with slap, fuck that guys life, knee jerk reaction leads to one of your boys dying, harsh times, can’t see him on the list for the funeral, drink responsibly people or you could kill your friend, peace out!

      1. Maybe it was premeditated, the whole thing could of been planned for all we know, get off with a manslaughter charge, out in a couple of years, he could of been fucking the guys sister for all we know, ah well, who knows.

      1. Hard gore 😆 here they kill tons of ilegal center Americans and nobody gives a flying cacahuate but when they kill a Mexican they want to start a war, what a bunch of losers 😆

  6. The red circles are killing a yellow circle in what is obviously a color of circle motivated hate crime. The blue circle steps in to restore order, probably while using excessive force. No white circles were involved in the making of this clip.

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