Guy Shot with Museum Grade Weaponry After Interrogation

Guy Shot with Museum Grade Weaponry After Interrogation

Guy Shot with Museum Grade Weaponry After Interrogation

While I don’t have any backinfo, I can’t help but wonder – did the shooters rob a museum to lay their hands on the type of weaponry they have? I’m no gun expert, but those sure look antique to me.

The language spoken sounds neither Spanish nor Portuguese to me, which discounts the possibility of the video being from South America or much of the Caribbean. Although I understand in Haiti and on some other Caribbean islands they speak Creole, which apparently is a butchered version of French. So it’s either that or somewhere in Africa? No idea…

The video shows a group of people armed with ancient weapons interrogate a guy who comes across rather calm throughout the whole ordeal. Eventually, the captors open fire, though the video cuts off before a conclusion could be drawn on whether he was killed or not.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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        1. I’m sure the murder rate in Africa south of Sahara is reasonably high, its just that u don’t hear much about it since there are no functioning governments anywhere and each and every one of them spawns another 12 individuals so despite dying like flies they multiply in numbers over time.

          If you’ve ever paid any attention to news u hear every now and then that some village slaughtered entire other villages etc.

          I’d bet my future children’s kidneys that twice as many as in the two world wars combined have gotten killed in Africa since ww1 without any particular wars happening(at least not of the WW magnitude)

      1. Nailed it.
        Plain simple truth and FACT.
        They don’t and have NOT Evolved. Never will so.
        Does NOT matter what you do for them, what you give, what you Build.
        They tear it down, reverting to their primitive savagery. Leading to the conclusion,
        They like it like that..!

        Different species altogether.
        Look at American pavement apes and hood rats. Their there centuries and haven’t learned the Fucking language yet. We should rid Africa of that plague, let the World have a nature reserve..!!!

    1. poor bastard he only a kid..
      was hoping the gun’d blow up in his hand.. wishful thinking.. should have never been given the wheel… come to think of it that goes for fire too….

    2. never seen any white people killing otehr white people with atomic bombs….

      i mustcome from another planet. because all i saw was white people killing yellow people with atomic bombs… but not white people.

  1. As long as the “Pirates of the Caribbean” kill each other I really dont care. The guy doesnt seems to be a innocent sailor to me…but…I like his shirt. BTW…being shot with a 500y old weapon would really piss me off 🙁

  2. Why don’t we show this video to all those protesters and antifa lovers to make them see how black people in the United States have it made and still want more vs a black person living in countries like this Where they have no rights. I would love to hear there open opinions on this one.

    1. 12 gauge slam fire guns are the easiest improvised firearms to make.
      This is a Nigerian Special Olympics Competition pistol in 88 Magnum. The same pistol that Johnny Dangerously used to shoot through schools.
      The audio sucks monkey balls because it sounds like a squib round. It’s not because Nbuq!!^^umimbe gets aired out.

    2. Flare guns of any age cannot handle the pressure of regular shotgun rounds with big primers and fast burning powder.
      Like many enthusiasts, I looked into it because there are a shit ton of brass flare pistols all over the place you can buy cheap such as the classic Webley & Scott from WWI.
      In Iraq, I found one – as well as a satchel full of flares – and had a great time.
      I highly encourage our third world Darwin Award contenders to buy these and try them out with high base 3″ Magnum 12 gauge with buckshot or slugs. Pass it along that the bright orange ones are the best ones for videos to be shared on BestGore.

  3. LuL, he got killed with an old flare gun. Sucks to be that nigga. He’s probably still laying there.
    The video definitely has an African feel to it. After this they split for break, Ooga boogA banana time!

  4. This is from ikorodu Nigeria, they’re speaking pidgin English mixed with dia confraternity Patua, they belong to the Eiye confraternity aka haban crier air Lords, the person speaking is the nō. 1 called armoured tank, they’re using hand made gun because guns re illegal in the country.

        1. It happened in Nigeria !! And it’s. A Gang related war .. the gun men are called Eiye men.. Which means “bird” while the little man Shot dead is A black AYE member means AXE.. the fight is still in as we speak

      1. The easiest type to make is a 12 gauge slam fire.
        All you need is at the hardware store. Plus the 12 gauge rounds.
        But do your homework so you don’t end up as a Best Gore Member’s Rock/Darwin Award Winner video.

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