Guy Stabs Man to Death After Being Told He Looked Nice

Guy Stabs Man to Death After Being Told He Looked Nice

Guy Stabs Man to Death After Being Told He Looked Nice

A 22 year old guy, identified as Tomás Cerletti, killed a man who told him “how nice you are” when he was walking in the Buenos Aires area of La Plata, Argentina. The crime was captured by the security cameras and in the images the aggressor is seen repeatedly stabbing the victim, identified as 49 year old Walter Chirinos.

Police were alerted on Saturday morning, October 27, 2019 that there was a dying man crawling through the streets. Upon arriving at the scene, the authorities discovered Walter, who could barely stammer his name. The victim died a few hours later at the San Martin Hospital, outcome of the more than forty stabs received in the attack.

Tomás Cerletti has already been charged with homicide. His father was also arrested for illegal possession of weapons.

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181 thoughts on “Guy Stabs Man to Death After Being Told He Looked Nice”

        1. I agree. Try having a piss at a public toilet in central London. You take your place at a urinal and, within 5 seconds, a man appears at the urinal right next to yours, even though there is a whole row of empty ones. He then looks at you and smiles. He doesn’t need a piss at all, he’s a homosexual looking for sex with a random stranger. Apparently, the smell of piss and shit arouses their perverse desires. This happened too often to count. I left London 20 years ago, having lived there for a decade. I have no intention of ever returning to the cesspit.

      1. Just wondering, Dear… do you count cracks while walking on a sidewalk?

        And sing in your head: ‘Step on a crack, break your mother’s back.’

        (Whilst chewing Bubblegum)? ; )

      2. There are more interesting, fun, ways to kill humans, even without knives, ripping out the throat is one of my all time favs, although if you not looking to make a mess, just a clean easy kill, getting either of the main arteries in the neck to rip is the fastest way, just gotta land one sufficiently strong chop with the edge of you hand on the mucle thats next to it and involved with rotating the head

          1. I’m sure BestGore has has converted a few men of the cloth over the years to men of gore and with the new found sexual arousal the cloth is being used for something else.

    1. I just googled him too, weird looking guy with a fucked up looking bottom lip lol.
      With about as much muscle as my sister, and scared to fight with out the blade, prison is going to be a bitch.

  1. You never know when your going to run into a crazy person and accidentally set them off, even by saying something simple or nice to them. When someone is insane and off their medication literally anything can set them off into a violent rampage. This was a severe violent attack with total intent to kill with no mercy shown. It’s not normal to get mad at someone for saying something simple or nice to you. This guy is insane. I hope they give him life in jail for this brutal attack.

      1. @vileness

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        I screamed like a gay Banshee
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        His name was Mister Darcy
        Actor Colin Firth ..

      2. I say f*ck the laws in whatever country you’re in.
        And carry a weapon and practice using it.

        A wise man once said:
        ‘Hey… how do you get to Carnegie Hall?’
        ‘Practice, practice, practice.’

        (I think that was in reference to Music, though) : /

    1. 20-somethings are the same way here in the USA. You can’t talk nice to them.
      I say: Hey, wasaap you fucking, retarded, scumbag.
      And he says: Cheerio ole’ chap!
      You see… It’s how they’re raised these days. (By Wolves)!

  2. Trivial shit like saying something to the wrong person can and will get you killed like this. Our fucking world is upside down because of liberalism!
    Hence my new term…the only good liberal is a fucking dead liberal!

    1. Liberalism did not cause all this on its own. If fat Conservative suits didn’t love fat wallets then they would not have pushed crap adverts ,tv shows ,products and services onto us. This was done by Conservatives as they are the ones with the money. Many Liberals are also just useful idiots as are many Conservative voters all simply tools of the fat cats.

      If Conservatives keep winning elections in the West ;France ,Germany ,UK ,AUS and US then how come we have a proliferation of crap? Like I said ;the few Globalist ,Conservative Moneybags call the shots in the Media.

      1. Seriously are you on fucking bad drugs? So you are saying that conservatives run the fucking media? Man get up off the bad acid ! And name one fucking city any big city that is not run by douchebag Libby’s? Just fucking one I bet you ain’t got a one in that thick skull. And liberals are the new fat cats with the shut piles of money brother. Wall st. Jews=libtards. Silicon Valley Jews=liberal Marxist pigs. Universities =Marxist jew whores! I thought you had something to bring to the table. I guess not? Oh well you can’t open up closed eyes or closed minds.

  3. It probably triggered years of pent up sexual frustration. And now finally this opportunity brings him to terms with his homosexuality, release has come! born a eunich the knife serves as a proxy unleashing an uncontrollable fog of passion; ultimately claiming the soul of his lover.

          1. Shut the fuck up hillbilly abortion, el español es un idioma bellísimo que merece y recibe respeto a nivel mundial. We only like English because everyone uses it and it’s fairly simple, but compared I’d much rather use my language.

    1. Don’t fall for this “repressed homosexuality” crap. Homosexuals like to think that any man who hates gays must be a repressed homosexual. They would love to prove that 50% of men are repressed homosexuals, because then homosexuality (including the repressed) would be as normal as heterosexuality.

      Most men who hate homosexuality do so because they regard it as a revolting perversion of nature, on a par with paedophilia.

  4. Thats why its just best to keep yer fuckin mouth shut if ye dont ye get chibbed specially if yer in a diego wap fuckin shitter hole country
    That said good old london town has its fair share of chibs mostly coloured brothers that get it so not a great loss is it

      1. Be careful, danaconda, they’ll say you are a repressed homosexual. Anyone who regards homosexuality as an abomination must be a repressed homosexual himself.

        “Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind: it is abomination.” God is obviously a repressed homosexual.

        1. They’ve tried that bullshit with me before.
          Extend thier logic to include foods that you don’t like, sports teams that you don’t like and music that you hate.
          According to them, I’m a latent onion eating, country music listening Alabama fan.
          That would never happen.

  5. First, it should be pointed out that none of us know the attacker’s mental state, nor do we know exactly what was said. Also, I am not in any way defending the killer’s action. Having said that . . .

    The idea that the attacker was a homosexual in denial is nonsense. It’s an argument that I often hear, usually from homosexuals who are convinced that just about all heterosexual men are homosexuals in denial.

    Homosexuality is an aberration of nature.

    Nature is a vast automated production line churning out millions of creatures every day (approximately 350,000 humans alone are born each day). As with any production line mistakes occur: a baby can be born blind, or deaf, or missing a hand, or homosexual.

    Just look around the planet. God may not have said “Be fruitful and multiply,” but nature certainly did. The idea that nature would somehow intentionally produce a inherently barren sexual relationship is absurd. In the same way, a man or woman can be infertile – it just happens: another mistake on the production line.

    Homosexuals cannot seem to understand that homosexuality is instinctively disgusting to (many) heterosexual men. The thought of touching another man sexually is repulsive to me and many other men. This is not because I am a homosexual in denial, nor is it something that society has taught me to feel – it is instinctive. In fact nowadays, society is trying to convince us that the reverse is true: that homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality. It is not natural, it is an aberration of nature.

    For a homosexual to assume/imply in some way (by a suggestive remark, or whatever) that I too might be homosexual is just as infuriating as a paedophile suggesting that I too might be a paedophile. That does not mean that I am a paedophile in denial. It means that I find paedophilia disgusting.

    If you are homosexual, imagine how furious you would be if I suggested you might be a paedophile. Now you can understand how infuriated I would feel if you suggested that I might be homosexual. Many homosexuals just cannot seem to understand how strong the instinctive revulsion is among heterosexuals. Unfortunately, in this case that lack of understanding cost a man his life.

    1. Well said sir.
      In nature same sex mating doesn’t happen not even out of curiosity lol the species are hardwired to multiply. In nature, suicide is something unique to our species alone, love and mating is not confined to specific genders as defined by nature. Nature doesn’t apply to us anymore. our parents were guided and conveyed ethical standards created by myopic mentors bound to prehistoric social assumptions enforced by religious hypocrites

    2. Hate is not an instinctual emotion, you have been conditioned to react this way to the “stimulus” by fear, and programmed that it’s correct by society. Whether the fear comes from within, or without, only you can tell. A homosexual telling you “all hetero men are in denial” is just as incorrect as someone saying the opposite. If you dunk a cockroach in a glass of milk and give it to a 3 year old, they’ll drink it, same with playing with shit, same with a homosexual telling them they look nice. You learn disgust and hate, it’s far from innate. In fact most would argue that homosexuality is a conditioned response to a particular upbringing, since if it were genetically based, it would have died out millions of years ago.

      Hey, I could point you to the works of Jung or even Jordan Peterson but it sounds like you have your mind made.

      1. I dunno nuttin about this Jung chap, so please try to think down to my level.

        I never used the word “hate.” Disgust is not the same as hatred. Four of the five men I know personally, including the one I would most call a friend, are homosexual. I feel no hatred at all toward them, but the thought of what they and their partners get up to in bed is disgusting to me. Surely this disgust is innate? Isn’t it essential for the preservation of the species? Nature “wants” us to reproduce, and that’s not going to happen if we are attracted to members of the same sex. Are we not instinctively attracted to the opposite sex, and feel an equally instinctive revulsion at the thought of sexual contact with members of the same sex? Isn’t this nature’s way of ensuring that procreation takes place? The attraction of a vagina seems very instinctive to me. I have even licked vaginas in the past, so that instinct is strong enough to overcome a certain revulsion I feel at the thought of what happens down there every month. I have long felt that the human genitals, male and female, are not in the least pleasing aesthetically. The attraction is instinctive.

        Disgust often leads to hatred, but it is not the same emotion. That’s why I never used the word “hate.”

        If disgust and hatred are not instinctual emotions, what about love? Are any emotions instinctual?

        You say “most would argue that homosexuality is a conditioned response to a particular upbringing, since if it were genetically based, it would have died out millions of years ago.” I don’t think that view would be very popular in the homosexual community, as it opens the door to gay conversion therapy: if homosexuality is acquired, rather than innate, it can be un-acquired. I thought the politically-correct view nowadays is that homosexuality is innate. Also, didn’t most homosexuals in the past (and some still today, especially in Islamic countries) live their whole lives in the closet? They married and had children, thus passing on their genes, while having secret homosexual affairs or at least dreaming of doing so. Even in Ancient Greece, which held a relatively favourable view of homosexuality, men were still expected to marry and reproduce, again passing on their genes.

        I could say that your mind is equally made, by Jung and Peterson. Jung is not a god.

    3. Seeing two men kiss does make me a bit uncomfortable. However, I believe that more men should go gay. The world is overpopulated, and every nut busted in a dude’s butt is one less kid using up the Earth’s resources. Also, that frees up more women for the rest of us.

  6. In order to save the Court the costs of determining the psychological state of Walter Chirinos I have carefully analysed the video of the event and conclude that Walter is a repressed homosexual with substantial anger issues.

    A. Doctor

        1. Lol! I saw what she FLMAO’d.
          If you used that line on stage, a HUGE candy cane would quickly hook you off.
          ‘Cat Urine’… Pfft.
          If that gets her FLMAO then my lines get her to PIHP. LMAO!

  7. All he had to do is play dead and he could have probably avoided those last 35 stab wounds and several kicks to the head….but he probably told him he had a nice ass as he was walking away.

          1. I believe there was a time when the BBC could be relied on for unbiased reporting, but those days are long gone. It is now dominated by liberals pushing their support for gay rights, women’s rights and multiculturalism.

            The same is happening, or has happened, to Hollywood. Actors now feel it is their duty to educate us, not just entertain us.

            Who the hell do these people think they are?

          2. It is easy to think that the BBC is the way it is nowadays because of Liberals.

            It is in fact that the BBC has shrugged off its mantle of respectability . It is simply a Globalist ,Atlanticist mouthpiece like any other TV station . So all paid channels had such a bent but now they have coopted the government channel; BBC as well.

            In the end any established media is controlled by Conservatives ; Facebook ,YouTube etc all started off as Progressive and Liberal and ALL turn Conservative ,Atlanticist and Globalist in time . Why ? ‘Cause they make big money and want to keep making it. How? Well we expand the market by having the same culture all over the world and stay on the good side of power.

            An example ;Gay couples are cashed up! No kids to drain your funds ,so a new untapped customer base. So pander to homosexuality and put it in all media. We make a gay customer base in all countries and sell shit to them. How do we make a homogeneous customer base. Easy ; push the same Globalist Americana onto them . Cheap expenses ,no customisation needed for different cultures and just sell with one message everywhere.

            Money ,money ,money and Power ,Power Power for the Monopolists and Power Elite. They hate differences in people and independent thinking . Just hate it.

  8. Ah yes, my country

    Im surprised, I thought homophobia wasnt a huge thing nowadays, much less coming from a 22 yo dude. If anything I know some people and some TYPES of people I would’ve liked to see stabbed like this instead.

    1. It’s clearly visible that he is imbecile. Don’t know if you see what i see but is is all written in his face:
      He is son of single mother or family where man exist like ghost, treated like God, intolerant to any, even minor suffer, never punished, didn’t experience hunger. Bully to very weak and feared in school, screaming as child for toys in shop.

      I hope he suffers right now.

  9. Assumption: Masculine men do not like to be complimented by other men, especially on streets desolate of people and by a man with long hair, and possibly flamboyant.

    Is he alive or dead, the kicks caused unconsciousness so he may have bled to critical condition.

  10. He stabbed the guy because of hate. Here in Argentina, there is a lot of people who hate those who are not “normal”, i mean: the LGBT community. For my part…I have never cared what persons do with their lives. But stabbing for a compliment… it´s extreme, besides i think that guy has some mental problems, since he said to the judge “You are a piece of shit”. His father has illegal weapons: a 22-caliber carbine, a 12-gauge shotgun, a 22-caliber revolver, all without numbering, plus a gun, three loaders, projectiles and two compressed air rifles. Also the killer had a marihuana crop XD. A total normal family, huh?

  11. Oh silly fags, when will they learn….
    Dicks are for chicks
    True story : Gay guy came up to me said can we go back to my place?
    (No knife), but I Knocked that fag out
    And I’m cool with you being gay. But don’t fucking do that shit. Especially if your not sure if the person is gay

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