Guy Turns Into Bloater After Dying in Plastic Chair

Guy Turns Into Bloater After Dying in Plastic Chair

A guy died in a plastic chair, slid a bit down though still stayed on it, but had turned into a spectacular bloater by the time he was found. Or at least by the time he was filmed.

I don’t really know anything about the video, but I’m sure the flies appreciated the putrefying flesh.

Props to Best Gore member @boscotkc for the video:

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64 thoughts on “Guy Turns Into Bloater After Dying in Plastic Chair”

      1. If that was his goal then,…success! Awesome looking bloater, too bad nobody ever does zombie makeup to look like bloaters, they are by far the scariest of the still somewhat composed dead. Imagine this guy moving around and trying to eat you, would be awesome.

        Happy Thanksgiving all.

    1. He didn’t get permission to float. His tough luck.

      That tongue is something cool. What if he was sucking on a super straw, and it broke loose? What a bitch. Do you reinsert the straw and let him live, or get the ultimate blow job? You make the call.

    1. I don’t know. Looks more like a beach side picnic to me. Totally innocent. Man hugs to the family, if you’re of the black recividist murder first degree persuasion. Otherwise, I feel bad pain that we be seeing naughties.

      Oh, God, I have a boner!

    1. “People slowly became accustomed to the fact that the physical states of matter were the ultimate reality.”

      This bastard’s physical reality is food for fish, but I saw something offscreen (virtually) that bothered me. Girl snorklers rubbed it out. Hey, they deserve satisfaction too! That’s what my wife of 46 years says once or twice a month.

      1. Lol, ok,,, that was funny. And i’m happy the *Rough Ocean Storm Waters* have calmed/diluted since becoming an Old Fart Myself, lol. and i was feeling like total shit afterwards. I just like for all of us to have fun and get along, as our BG Sister Lucy has proven to us all that she is a tough cookie, that can hold her own.
        But i have to admit that you’s had some very entertaining, and funny exchanges in the past, and as a result of both of your many witty comments, you two had me in tears, lol, on more than 1 occasion.

  1. A Definite Puffer By His Pink Pants, And The Swollen Anus Slurping Tongue This Flaming-Fatty-Fagot
    That “Me Thinks” Could Have Easily Sucked Da Chrome off A 10 Ton Bumper Hitch With When Alive.

        1. Around here in Michigan, it can get difficult fishing in late summer with all the heavy plant growth. That’s when I hang it up for the year.

          However, I never had to contend with breaking a lure free of an overgrowth of recently dearly departeds. Is it similar to breaking free of a tree trunk? At that point, I sometimes have to cut the line.

  2. I never thought about but you guys might be right in that it might be a Cannibalistic ritual. Where the human meat is fermented for better taste like the Eskimo do with their fish. They’ll ferment fish in the snow deep in the ground
    Then eat it.
    This guy’s the main course.

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