Guy Uses Shotgun to Kill Ex-Girlfriend Then Self on Street in Izmir, Turkey

Guy Uses Shotgun to Kill Ex-Girlfriend Then Self on Street in Izmir, Turkey

Guy Uses Shotgun to Kill Ex-Girlfriend Then Self on Street in Izmir, Turkey

In Izmir, Turkey, a guy uses a shotgun to kill his ex girlfriend and then himself on a street. The other woman lying on the ground is said to be the ex-girlfriend’s sister.

I said it many times before but it pays to repeat – a woman is never yours, it’s just your turn. It’s woman’s nature to ride a cock carousel in her prime and then look for beta bux when she hits the wall and her pussy is overused and painted a hundred times over with Chad’s sperm. But even then she’s gonna cheat and monkey branch, so as a man, you set yourself up for inevitable heartbreak if you get involved.

The dog is faithful, woman never. –Turkish maxim

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Props to Best Gore member @emrefidan for the video. It reminded me of this incident:

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148 thoughts on “Guy Uses Shotgun to Kill Ex-Girlfriend Then Self on Street in Izmir, Turkey”

    1. Any man from beyond europe is not really a man, they’re really babies, over mothered and spoiled by a combination of religion and mom. When they finally meet a girl they think the girl will fall all over them just like their mothers. This turk got his wake up call

      1. I never wanted to fuck anyone that slightly resembled my mother, nor fat chicks. But you are given ample opportunity to find a match that under qualify your expectation. While woman don’t have to wait to be picked. They blame most men are shallow, however woman when giving all, they choose the bad boy who in reality doesn’t give a shit about her.

          1. I’m just glad 2 more sand nigger filth are ‘off our planet’.
            I did feel sorry for the empty water bottles though, a ricochet bullet coulda pierced one of them, and then you couldn’t refill it.
            At least now those 2 assholes can be ‘married’ in Paradise ..
            Fuck the Turks!
            Fuck the Arabs!
            What good are they, anyway?
            Fucking Nil !!

          2. He shot her because after he fucked her she wasn’t a virgin anymore. It’s heartbreaking for a jewhadi to find out his wife is spoiled. It confuses them.

    2. “Someone told me the other day that he felt bad for single people, because they are lonely all the time. I told him that’s not true; l’m single and I don’t feel lonely. I take myself out to eat, I buy myself clothes, I have great times by myself. Once you know how to take care of yourself, company becomes an option and not a necessity.” ~Keanu Reeves

      1. I’m old and have never married. I do what I want when I want. I don’t have to follow some woman around shop after shop while she searches for curtains that perfectly match the living-room carpet. My home is filthy, and that’s how I like it. I am never lonely or bored when I am alone. In fact, company bores me.

        Keanu Reeves is obviously a wise man. If only he could act.

          1. No one can disagree with Steve McQueen.

            Of course you can only live like that if you are emotionally self-contained. If you need someone to boost your ego by telling you “I love you” every five minutes, you are condemned to a life of captivity.

            The fact that I can’t stand children helps.

          2. That is a well known and established fact, that is never mentioned by the gynocentric press or the society as such – single men get a lot of pussy, men in a relationship very little and married men essentially none. But funnily enough, simps, maginas and the rest of them white knights call single men “incels”, because when you have no real arguments to make and you are in no way getting ahead in an argument, all you have left is insults. I wear them as a badge of pride. An insult from a white knight is a compliment. More on it here:

          3. steve mcqueen beat the shit out of every woman he ever came into contact with, and wrote both his sons out of his will while he was in mexico seeking a miracle cure because they showed concern and tried to talk him out of it

          4. Since i been single even women who are taken show an interest in me. All i need do is mildly flirt and they respond, not all but enough. Once i get that response i take it as far as i want. The married ones just want a man to find them attractive and not be afraid to say it. I watch for the eyes to light up, the giggles followed by that little smack on the arm then i know i’m in. Hubby can foot the bills.

        1. Sage Keanu is really correct about these things. There’s nothing wrong with being single, it’s more the fact that for some reason it makes OTHER people feel uncomfortable, and I think I know why. They’re always afraid they’re missing out on something you are getting. The idea that you don’t have to put yourself in jail in order to get pussy is completely alien to them. Also, he really is John Wick in real life. I think he shoots better than I do!

          1. @coffindodger, I may not always agree with your comments, but you’re a smart motherfucker. This is a great observation, and I agree with your theory.

            And may I add to the proceedings, I’ve been in several relationships, and I truly loved my girlfriends. And even if I wanted to marry them, I also wanted my freedom. Thankfully, freedom wins everytime.
            And for those of you with no children…
            Don’t get any of them pregnant!!!

            That’s when freedom becomes an impossible fantasy.

      2. It works for him of course, he is after all Keanu Reeves. Loaded and well known, without a accused sexual offense. If you look closely in fan pictures with females…. His hand is in no way touching hips or ass. He is a smart cookie

      3. He is correct, the older I got the more I realized that to have someone around you, you have to be paying in some form of resource, rather be emotional or money (mostly money). Either way it’s a high ass bill to pay. Marriage is a contract to trick off all of your money to someone else and when it’s over you still have to pay. That’s like stop messing with your favorite prostitute. And the judge tells you, you still have to pay her every week or month, but can’t fuck anymore…

      4. I’m 51 now, got married at 25 and divorced at 39. The whole time I was married I had to follow the unwritten rules of being a husband and a father. I got up and went to work every day then came straight home and spent my evenings with my wife and kids, went to bed at a reasonable hour and then woke up the next morning and repeated the previous day. I loved my kids and for the most part my wife too. It just got to the point where I never did anything for myself, mainly because I had no time to myself and I was so bored with my life that I would enjoy masturbating more than having “routine” sex with my wife… and she felt the same way with her life. We finally sat down and had “The Talk” after 14 years of marriage and we both agreed that neither one of us was happy and it was time to part ways.
        I’ve been on my own now for the past dozen or so years and even though I spend most of my time alone in my 2 bedroom condo I am happier now than I was being stuck in a miserable marriage. Now I do whatever I want whenever I want.
        So as far as “feeling bad for sinģle people”… I feel bad for people who can’t be alone.

        1. I know those type of people, can’t really fault them for depending on others for more than a scone and a chat. I’d rather be a Alien loner then some hound on the hunt for hollow sex…
          I glad you have found yourself, sorry you had to endure the falsehoods of marriage.

      1. not likely to happen Nem as they’re the ones that will be hating on the man. best find another random female and bring her into the situation. Females always respond to seeing another woman around. if you just stay loyal and single they tire of you very quickly and only keep you around as the handy man or baggage carrier.

  1. Amid a wall of water
    Lays a body–now it’s fodder
    Revenge turned to debris beside her
    An envious man
    The lady lies quiet forever
    The shotgun cemented her tether
    Now her soul is light as a feather
    A hollow mass coated with leather

          1. Lol…what’s the largest number of comments you’ve ever had on your notifications? See? The number of “friends” you have has no bearing on your popularity here…Fucking Facebook shit right there… “Friends”…Bahahaha. Oh dear, there I go gossiping again.

  2. Da-Police,,, Da-Police, he says!!! Shut-Up man, have some B G Balls, And walk-up there to give us a close-up shot of their exploded melons for fucks-sake You Twisted Turkey. And while your over there that Moaning Cunt, Kick her while she’s down, to shut her Da-Fuck Up Man! W.T.F. is wrong with ya’s

  3. Amen Vincit I don’t think I could add anything to what you already wrote..

    “It’s just your turn”..

    I smash and dash, and when it’s “my turn “I make sure to indulge heavily in carnal activities then I’m out haha

    1. not even need of that anyway.. in my city, i bet they are 35% of turks here… 5% blacks… 10% asians

      the rest is split between german, swiss, italian and east bosnia/polish/whatever’ish imigrate.

      yeah.. no french in france lol at least, less than 2 % on my place.

  4. History buffs? Izmir was called Smyrna ,another Early Church . The city was a pearl of the Near East and Christian until around 100 years ago when the Moslems killed them or chased them out. You know… like kosovo was almost 100 percent Christian as well. Now both Kosovo and Izmir is overun by Mohammedans.

    What Britain ,France ,Germany ,Low Countries and Scandinavia will look like in twenty to fifty years. Good luck.

      1. Very true…disgusting weakness and naivete shown by both the UK and France or just greed by the elite wanting cheap workers and they couldn’t give a fuck what happened to the nation.

        You never saw such rot in Eastern or Southern Europe -barring France-as the populace would hang the elites from the lamp-posts. Admittedly ,these countries were too poor ,the least industrialised and most war- ravaged so did not need cheapworkers ,but bring in Moslems? You have got to be kidding!!!

    1. well you are a whore and most of the times the man is for his woman, it will always be your turn if are good whore for him, and a lot of men tried to buy women loyalty with money but they failed you know why? because cunts needs to be suppressed or they will ride the cock carrousel and being paid for it, there is nothing to be proud of you parasite.
      your nature as a women is destructive for societies and for national security(open border policy) if men really restored their testosterone production you will just be begging the good man to protect you.
      this world we are living in is a joke don’t take it so seriously.

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