Gypsy Scum Stabs Girl in the Back in Romania

Gypsy Scum Stabs Girl in the Back in Romania

Those of you who live in, or visited Eastern/Central Europe for more than a couple of weeks would have had an encounter with Gypsies and would remember it forever. That is because these encounters are never pretty. Gypsies who infested Europe are the lowest of low. They are pieces of shit that would make a piece of shit offended. There are no words to describe these bottom feeders.

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling racist, know that there are people in each race who are good and respected members of society and contributed to her betterment and advancement in many ways. Good luck tracing down a single one Gypsy in Eastern Europe who earns money with honest work, let alone contributes to society in any way shape or form.

Many native people in North America are drug abusers and wastes of government’s money, but you can find many who do great things. You can find great doctors and scientists among black people, Middle Eastern people, even fucking Jews sometimes. But fuck me with a chainsaw – none of the bottom-feeding Gypsies who infested Europe has ever done anything worthy of living. None has ever even as little as done any work to earn money.

Communism was a problem back in a day. Their philosophy was based on a fact that everyone must have a house and guaranteed social support and health care, regardless of their family situation. Plus Communist government paid so much money per child a woman gave birth to so Gypsies, previously nomadic people, saw the opportunity and settled. To get free money, they started to breed like rabbits and pretend they were mentally challenged in order to avoid military service and work.

And while hard working Slavs paid taxes, Gypsies who never worked a minute in their lives, made more money by just breeding and sitting around. This type of lifestyle took its toll, though. Bastards got bored out of their minds so they started forming gangs to kill time. Afterall, all this shit loads of money they got for nothing didn’t last cause they wasted it on booze and drugs within a day.

Houses Gypsies got for free were destroyed. They turned them into ghettos of unspeakable filth. Hard working people were being robbed, little boys beaten and little girls raped. If the police tried to step in, the Gypsies complained to the international court in Brussels, creating an impression that native people of countries they invaded were racist.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Gypsies, the most racist of all races, discriminated against everyone else and used every and all opportunity to complain when a threat to withdraw their social support came about.

Needless to say, where officials were powerless, general public stepped in. They had to, cause there was no other option. Skinhead movement is not something people do out of boredom. It is a response to ongoing oppression by one group of people against another. Gypsies were the cause, Skinheads were the effect.

I was myself attacked by a Gypsy who tried to rob me and my Australian companion at knife point. Up to that point, she was one of brainwashed foreigners who believed all the media bullshit that Gypsies in Eastern Europe were discriminated against. When she saw the truth, she changed her attitude rapidly. Nobody dared to help us because gypsies operate in large gangs and are armed and dangerous.

Anyway, travel through Eastern Europe is beautiful, but Gypsies stain the crap out of it. There are places though, such as Bratislava in Slovakia, where Skinhead movement is so strong, no Gypsy ever dares to step foot in. People simply had enough of watching their little brothers beaten and little sisters raped, shaved their heads and kicked Gypsies out of their town. As a result, Bratislava was one of the safest places in all of Eastern Europe I have visited. No Gypsies and you instantly feel safer.

Video below is of a filthy Gypsy scum stabbing a girl in the back in Romania. He stuck that blade so deep into her back, he had trouble yanking it out. The girl survived but remains in critical condition and on life support in a hospital. Her lung collapsed and internal bleeding went out of control.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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147 thoughts on “Gypsy Scum Stabs Girl in the Back in Romania”

  1. Haha they sound like the knuckle draggers ( blacks) we have here in the states. Think they deserve everything and contribute nothing. Besides the select few that is. Makes me glad I’ve moved out of california. And to the cold white part of the u.s.

      1. True, and he he shot his grandparents when he was 15? Then 6 yrs later he was released, to murder young hitch-hiking girls, he soon learned they ‘dropped dead’ when he removed their heads! to finish up he bludgeoned his mum too death, her friend then called the cops on himself. He once said he had a 15 yr olds head in his car while reporting to his shrink (after first release)

  2. In 1940, Hitler knew he was Right.
    In 1940, the German Volks knew he was right.
    Today look at all the greedy corporations, the Jews media and ZOG, look at the gypsies and jews and blacks and mestizos infesting our cities, killing and raping our people.
    In 2012 we KNOW Hitler was Right.

    1. hitler is an invention by the zionist to clear europe of unwanted followers of zionism and re-create the state of israel.
      Nato,soviets,U.n,taliban,u.s,abrahamic religions, etc etc. theyre all organized to control the masses in every way imaginable.
      Anyone with power, isn’t who they say they are

          1. @tiger, I know right? And over a petty comment on someone’s avatar. Clearly that dickwad had nothing better to do. Waste of space.

    1. By asking that question, you obviously need to go alllll the way back to page 141 and start forward.
      One by one, and THAT, might possible start to provide a reality-based answer to your question.

      I must ask you, WORD, what is wrong with your brain for askinging such a question on Best Gore, a site DESIGNED to provide the answer.


      1. at least once a month I go all the way back and troll through all the gore just to see if I spot something I didn’t before ( as well as reliving some old “wood” material.) It’s good for helping you fire off a few knuckle children every now and then ( more now than then) 😉

      2. I used the word ‘shit-rivet’ the other day, my friend looked at me like, ‘what the hell…?”‘ I said, I heard it on the computer from my mate, Rotten! Thanks @RS. Everyone will be saying it soon!

        1. especially when you (being one of the few) who actually KNOWS what is meant by it.

          Kinda gross, but kinda great at the same time

          Glad I can help increase the worlds vanacular, one new insult/made-up word at a time

          1. Oh I know what it means alright! it’s one of those things that ONLY happen to men!! 😉 or maybe a really dirty woman, ha ha

  3. I for one am from Romania , and honestly am glad to find out about this on bestgore , since i don’t watch too much TV , although people like that black mutherfucker (no i’m not racist) make me want to puke my guts out and shit my shit out on their fucking nigga night-looking son a bitches they actually are ….

        1. It’s aid that the number 666 is imperfect….don’t rally know why “they” say that.

          “They” also say that the number 777 IS perfect….ALSO not sure why “they” say that either…..ALSO not even sure why “they” are in the first place…….looks like I don’t know much of anything

        2. Wow…I saw something about that very thing on the History channel the other day! Supposedly, the sign of the Beast, or Satan, or whatever you happen to believe in. Also, there is a theory among some that when the “Anti-Christ” comes, we will all be identified by numbers and his followers’ numbers will start with 666 so he will know who they are.
          Yeah, I know, sounds totally retarded to me, and yes, I DO watch too much TV…lol

  4. we had an abundance of romania gypsies who hit dublin last year and when i say filth i mean filth….they go round in groups of 5 or 6 and circle around you begging for money and wont stop till you give them some…they take their newborn babies out in the rain and snow to beg in the streets… one stage they were leaving car seats at the side of the road so people would stop to see if there was a baby in it (mainly targetted at women)…when the woman got out they were dragging the woman into bushes and raping themm then stealing the car…many of them have been deported though

      1. yes true @ketch but our irish travellers/gypsies are actually quite nice people….they dont beg or steal…they keep themselves to themselves…they work damn hard…….they cant even be put in the same catergory as the romanian ones

  5. Since few years, we have alot of Romanian gypsies (the Roms as they call themselves) in France. Their ugliness has to be seen. The last time, one at the gare de Lyon in Paris asked me for money. I gave him 50 cents to be rid of him. Then he asked me more, with a naughty eye. As I said that I had no money anymore and that I was poor to make him leave, he had the insolence (to make fun of me) to suggest me to bed with him, saying that he could earn 30 euros per day, and that I didn’t have to shame about it.

  6. I’m glad you’re all talking about the gypsies and not the romanians. I’m from Romania and I swear to god I got sick of people calling us names and calling THEM romanians. I’m even afraid that if I ever go to another country I’ll be seen as a damn criminal because of them. The sad thing is that this has gone well beyond the race barrier, it became more like a way of living and thinking. There are normal-looking white people that act just like them. One of them is one of my neighbours who beat me, torn up my clothes and damaged my car for parking in his spot for 5 minutes, with emergency lights on (to signal I was just staying a few minutes), because I was passing by and I had to take a dump really bad. I was on my way to another place, just stopped by to quickly do my job and then leave. I was on the toilet when he came home and started sounding the horn and hitting my car to start the alarm. The next day he started threatening me, saying that he’ll put me in a hospital. I went to the police again and filed a report, I was a few steps away from suing his ass. But this isn’t the US, that kind of shit here means YEARS of useless expenses and trips to the court, hours and hours of waiting each time etc. But the thing is he stopped when he saw that shit just got real and he really can’t do whatever he wants and he has to obey the law. And he’s just one of thousands… I swear to god, I want a law like in America to allow me to carry a gun. Boom, headshot !! What ? He threatened to kill me, It was self defense. For a better world…. too bad these are only dreams.

      1. Agreed.
        it is shameful that the “systems” in place FORCE us to rely on that in which, has long since failed, yet WE are imprisioned if we cross it, after it has failed us, leaving NO OTHER MEANS to defend ourselves from the many.

        Hope to see it all end very, very soon.

        It most likely won’t….be too fucking easy, and would make too much fucking sence

        1. R.S., do you think the world will end on 12-21-2012? Throughout several of your comments I have read your abhorrence of this fleshy virus the Earth is infested with. I mean absolutely NO offense, I enjoy your comments mostly. I just wondered if you think it will end or just hope it will?
          Personally, I think the Mayans got so far and decided, okay, that’s enough. I do not believe in the Bible whatsoever. I am more inclined to believe the Earth itself will have its revenge, and that revenge has already begun(earthquakes, tsunamis, massive tornados, etc.)

    1. @Hung, It didn’t seem as though they even spoke to her. The guy just walked up and stabbed her for no apparent reason whatsoever. The younger guy was following behind to…what?…see how it went? I am totally in the dark about what even prompted the attack at all.

  7. so that is familiar to me im from Bulgaria and in my coutry there are many of these sub-humans we are small coutry with population of 7 milion but 1 of those 7 are gypsys we all hate them but we cant do shit :/ they live on fucking tribes always walk in group and if you want to beat the shit of someone in the next 1h 30 or 40 of them will come to deal with you and they bring knifes bricks sticks everything they find on the way u will be robbed and taking a nap in the hospital if you survive of course Romania is bigger than Bulgaria so they have more of them and its worse than us but still its the same shit Mark explained it pretty good that is the reality :/ Now i live in Spain no work and no future in Bulgaria for the young people SRY FOR MY ENGLISH I KNOW IT SUCKS BUT IM TRYING 🙂

      1. Again, I agree.
        English is the ONLY language I have ever known, and I can follow exactly waht you say just fine.
        Doom I appricate your insight from a place SOOO far from here.

        It gives an invaluable idea to what the global reality is…..and it’s NOT good

    1. @Doom, your English is fine! Not hard to understand at all. I am sorry to hear you had to leave your home and go so far away just to be able to make a living. It sucks that good people are hated along with the bad simply because the bad are So bad…did that make sense? 🙂 As an American white female, I never knew prejudice growing up. I was raised in the Northern part of the country and never even saw a “black” person up close until I was about 14. When I moved south, it was way different because, believe it or not, the “Rebs” still hate the “Yanks”. Go figure…
      Anyway, great post Doom. 🙂

    1. I thought being a ‘gypsy’ was a way of life, not a race of people? Like someone further up said, there’s even some white gypsies around? Do you mean you are part Romanian?

      1. I’ve always taken issue with that myself.
        Like “being a jew”
        Isn’t that a religion, and not a race?
        I can’t convert over to being Australian (although I would LOVE to try!)
        I am an American, with all the self-serving, self-important flaws of being one.

        Converting from one stupid religion to another is one thing, but from one race to another?

        Stupid! No sense to me, this makes.

        1. That’s right @RS it seems strange to say “I’m half Jewish”? It’s a religion, can you be half a religion? What you have to say is, my mother/father, whatever was a Jew/Gypsy and I do/don’t practice/go to church myself!

          1. Depends how you look @ it . Judaism can be
            blood thing or/and belief thing . To an
            orthodox jew a male has to have two jewish
            grandmothers & be practicing his faith to
            be entitled to call himself jewish .
            Simon , over to you .

      2. True, being a gypsy is a way of life rather than a race, but there are entire races, such as the Romani (NOT Romanian) that are almost all gypsies. I would have said that I’m Romani, but I figured no one would know what the hell I was talking about. I certainly did not mean to start the whole race vs. culture thing.

        1. Well, I am someone who knows what your talking about by saying Romani. The Romani were called “gypsies” but they adopted a different name to stay away from the racist generalization of any trashy/nomadic/disney-circus like; “gypsy” person. There is infact a few peoples that have called themselves gypsy, but all have different names now.

  8. this brings me some memories…Back in 2002 i was on vacations in Madrid, Spain with a friend he ‘picked up’ a quite hot romanian lady on a nightclub, to make a long story short, as you probably already guessed, the pick up was staged to get my friend outside the nightclub, where 5 romanian hoodlums were waiting and rob the fuck out of him. Luckily for him, none of the guys where armed, and i came to his rescue just in time (he had previously left the club without telling me and i went out looking for him as the whole scenario was a little odd) . In the following battle, one of the romanians got a hold on my friend’s (almost empty) wallet and they ran out with it, only to be aprehended by police a couple of blocks (they already had the romanian hottie handcuffed there). The coppers gave my friend his wallet back, the romanians where handcuffed on the floor insulting in his henious language one policeman on plain clothes that looked like the guy in charge, so this guy had enough, went to the patrol car, took a batoon and proceded to calmly and methodically BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF ALL THE ROMANIAN MALES until they finally shut the fuck up. Then, I’d bet they planted a knife on one of the guys to get them for attempted robbery with a weapon instead of simple robbery (an ancient tradition of the police forces of most latin countries)

    1. wow… that is epic…in America, approximately 70 people would have recorded and uploaded videos of the beating and cried “Police brutality”, never mind what the shit bags did to deserve the beating in the first place.

      1. back in 2002 there were not so many cell phones with camera around….still, it’s known that eastern european punks are encouraged to migrate to spain in part due to the ‘softer’ approach of the local police and judiciary….so you just have to imagine the methods of romanian, ucranian and russian police…

  9. this reminds me of the time i got stabbed by a mugger when i was 16. coioncidentally i met him in the same alley three years later where he tried to mug me again, he managed to stab me in the stomach, went for another go, i punched his throat, grabbed his knife and stabbed him in the neck, the payback felt nice

  10. this reminds me of the time i got stabbed by a mugger when i was 16. coincidentally i met him in the same alley three years later where he tried to mug me again, he managed to stab me in the stomach, went for another go, i punched his throat, grabbed his knife and stabbed him in the neck, the payback felt nice

  11. You said that you’d be lucky to find an honest hard working gypsy, well…. I know of a few being from England and having met a few people. It’s pathetic to put all gypsies into the same category, pathetic.

      1. I know some folk from Romania, gypsies- they’re not bad people, granted a lot of them are but not ALL of them. The gypsies in England are just scum haha of course, with the occasional decent one…

  12. i was standing outside my apartment on the north end of toronto watching children fighting for no reason.. a boy and girl and it was getting serious for little kids.

    i stopped it and later i had to go to the boy parents and great them with the usual new canadian greatings and how life is here and how to best keep your kid from becoming a waste.

    it was when mentioning the local areas crack head population when trying to direct them to a less ghetto area to raise him that i heard something funny, it made me laugh and i thought it was one of the wierdest ever.

    they were some kind of white europeans (my best guess) and nice people but the son new more english then the parents and the mother was very quiet, she only every said that one wierd thing when i was mentioning the crack ghetto. she asked “Gypsies?” with a look of horror and disgust on her face.

    the word Gypsie caught me off guard, i sorta laughed and immediantly thought of quazimotto from that disney movie. sure i sorta knew they were a carivan of displaced or nomadic people but i couldn’t at that moment even picture a gypsie as being any more threatening than any other type of person if not some out of time and place cartoon like cowboys and indians.

    this site is teaching me alot about humanities problems, as i now learn a gypsy is not quazimottos love interest or brad pit looking for a carivan. i wonder if that lady found her answer to canadas gypsy population with my expression of laughter at the fatasy of what the hell that went to my world

    i feel bad this girl in the video didn’t get the same good world

  13. Strangely enough, I have always thought of Gypsies ( as a lifestyle, not a “race”) as bad, right up there with carnival workers, which I always thought were “gypsies”….which, in truth, they are, and some are equally as bad if not worse than the “gypsies” were are discussing here…hmmmmm

      1. Gypsy: for younger generations, is a broad term used for any homeless euro trash, welfare, government assisted living, etc. Inspired by Disney’s depiction. For any older generation/most slavs, Gypsy is a term for native and sometimes nomadic Slavic peoples. Would be like calling all Native Americans, well, Native Americans instead of Allegheny, Dakota, Navajo, etc. It’s a language thing.

        1. You’re wrong. Gypsies are not nomadic Slavs. Gypsies are nomadic South Asians. They have darker skin and different features. They are a whole different breed in both looks and values. Gypsies invaded Slavic countries and settled because Slavs were very tolerant and supportive. Throughout thousand years of their history, Slavs only fought when they were attacked, but never attacked another nation themselves. That made them perfect prey for manipulative folk from afar.

          1. Blah was just giving a once over. If you want to be exact, they are not “Asian” far-east Asian , or what ever other generic term. They are from Indian decent. Most modern gypsie are instantly paired with Italy and Romania. Hence the slav comment. And they did not invade, they were avoiding being turned into slaves, mass murdered, and sterilized.

          2. Slavs and gyspsies are evil. Now seriously, according to spanish folklore, gypsies (gitanos) name derives from ‘egipcianos’ (literally, egipcians), as it was believed they came from egypt. From what i know, they are some kind of nomadic indo-european tribe that came wandering into europe eons ago, but most eastern european gypsies (at least those in my country) look like quite slavic by now.

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