Hadaba Military College Cadets Drone Bombed by LNA in Tripoli, Libya

Hadaba Military College Cadets Drone Bombed by LNA in Tripoli, Libya

Hadaba Military College Cadets Drone Bombed by LNA in Tripoli, Libya

According to the backinfo I got, the video shows US/Israel supported Libyan National Army (LNA) drone bombing a group of 30 cadets of the Hadaba military college in Tripoli, Libya.

Best Gore member @terminator_g explains:

The victims of an airstrike on the evening of January 4 using a drone at a military academy in Tripoli, according to the latest data, 30 people died and another 33 are in the hospital.

Most of the dead are cadets between the ages of 18 and 22, who arrived from all over Libya.

Just my 2 cents:

Looks to me that the drone strike was done by the USA. I cant imagine the LNA being able to pull off such a precision strike. It seems to be a high altitude strike, otherwise the soldiers would have heard the drone and reacted in some way.

Again the USA agitating the oil states, during the Iran confusion so it won’t get much traction in the news cycle. It seems they try to destabilize the region, so they can fetch more $ for their fracky oil exports.

Libya is not about oil, in my opinion. It’s about Dear Leader Trump being a good goy in the Yinon Plan for Greater Israel. LNA is supported by Israel and its proxies – Egypt and UAE. They fight over the control of the country with GNA (Government of National Accord).

Passenger 95 – Olena Malakhova, who was on flight PS752 that was shot down in Iran, was CEO of SkyAviaTrans – a company that has been supplying arms in Libya under a humanitarian aid front, and had a plane destroyed in Libya in mid-2019 by a UAE drone. Ukraine is an Israeli serf dog. As far as I know, both the Prime Minister and the President are Israeli dual-citizens, financed by the Israelis.

Thanks a lot for the video, @terminator_g:

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103 thoughts on “Hadaba Military College Cadets Drone Bombed by LNA in Tripoli, Libya”

  1. Look up ^, it’s a bird !
    Oh no it’s taking a shit,….
    Musta* been a yanquista Zio-jooz CeeGull*/s
    Or could have been a rocket hitinng that damn dome thing ,….Fork in eyeball ;-(

    1. Yep, def something Murcia would do. In fact it’s their copyrighted MO – kill a group of unsuspecting young people on the other side of the planet, while controlling their remote killing machines from the air con comfort of their Texan workstation – and what do they care ? Those boys n girls are happy to do anything for their 6$ / hr , except flip burgers at McDonalds coz they got a car loan to pay off yo ! Pppfftt…..

    1. Meanwhile, New York Times reports that LNA and USA will intensify coordination of their ops over Tripoli and surrounding areas:


      All the while Israel provides military training to LNA, which I’m sure goes without the US support:


      How’s that cognitive dissonance now?

      1. I believe that part of the problem is that most U.S. citizens think that we ARE America. We are not. We are little more than a commodity. Like cattle, or owned slaves. We are owned by the United States CORPORATION. The president is the president of the corporation. The owners aren’t even “American”. I like how this guy puts it.
        Just because the government does something, doesn’t mean that the people have anything to do with it. The people have no say so whatsoever.

        1. Definitely the American citizens have gotten lazy… recall there used to be riots and rebellions, many of which defined our destiny like in the war of independence, race riots in the 60’s, Vietnam war protests, hell Women’s Lib…nowadays it seems to come down to whose side has the best lawyers and deepest pockets.

          Whoever started this experiment called life on Earth sure fucked us by throwing different skin colors, languages, ethics, religion and fuck all politics…and NASCAR fans into the the blender.

      2. Happy to see you again Mark..
        I’m from Greece and here we have interest for Lybia.
        GNA had the support of UN and most of the countries. After GNA gave selter to muslims to be trained and attack Egypt (to restore the muslim brotherhood there) the things changed. Russia supported LNA first and not US/Israel. Don’t forget the Wagner merchenaries (more than 2K). They helped LNA to reach Tripoli before one month. GNA’s leader is a Turkish puppet. No Lybian tribes support him anymore.
        About your second source i have to say that Pakistan stays with Turkey last years and i don’t trust those articles.. There are many things about Lybia that someone haves to read about….
        The reason of all this mess is the East Med sub gas pipeline, a project of Israel/Cyprus/Greece.
        Turkey wants to expand the sea borders and to restore puppet goverments in all the region. Take a look to Albania/Kossovo/Azerbaijan/Somalia/Lybia-GNA. Egypt had the Muslim Brotherhood side by side with Turkey but Sisi send them to hell. Muslim Brotherhood was behind Daesh in Syria. Read about them dude…
        Sorry for my english. No time to correct my comment.
        Wish you the best for 2020.

        1. Yes. Very true. Pakistan is very pro Turkish and always has been.In fact , last president Musharaf ,spelling? Studied there .

          In the battle for Broken Hill , in Aust ,probably our first foreign terrorist incident over 100 years ago two “Afghans” shot at and killed some Australian picknickers. Until then they were widely loved and respected businessmen. What changed? WWI and Gallipoli was happening and Turkey (as the Ottoman Empire ) had just declared jihad on all unbelievers. That was enough to change two respected ,kindly businessmen into terrorists. Beware Western World.

  2. 63 casualties is an obvious lie. They’re in formation so it’s easy to count them, and there ain’t close to 63 of them. Subtract out the amount of those seen fleeing the blast site, and it looks like
    maybe a handful or two were blown up. As for USA culpability, what a silly idea. Those leaders wouldn’t waste a multi million dollar weapon on such an inconsequential target.

  3. How great was that like a game of human skittles with a drone, went and knocked one out then played call of duty, modern warfare, the one where the helicopter shoots and mac 50s the raghead lnsurgent bastards.. magic stuff!! More please

  4. Murdering people in this fashion, may alleviate some of the Post Traumatic Stress SynDRONE problems that our military face each day. Now, the United States military, doesn’t have to look at their victims in the eyes and say…

    “We’ve come to set you free.”

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  6. The LNA is not US- supported . At least not at the time of this attack(they may be now that they have reached a ceasefire with GNA for the moment) . The GNA (Muslim Brotherhood) is US/Nato /Israeli – supported. This is also where many of the old Idlib Mohammedan headchoppers and ISIS have ended up riding on ” Nato”TurcoIsraeli magic -carpets.

    The Turks have been sent to Libya as US deputies to undermine Russia and Haftar whom I support. TheTurks have succeeded and Russia has been snookered.

    You watchTurkey and Isis push through more Rapefugees and Subsaharans into europe now; main exit point from Africa after Qaddafi’s murder? Libya! Now again!

    1. Best Gore brother….. PLEASE send me an email. We need to chat…at a minimum, I’d like to talk to you off of here. Nothing dramatic, just needing to talk to you. It’s all good my friend. I would assume you’re able to get my personal email addy. If not, let me know and I’ll post it. Any little fuckers that wanna play with it will find out some skills I have with computers. 😉



          1. A piece of shit; half irish- half libyan . Ha! So we nursed him in our countries as well. Same with the fucks that blew up the Ariana Grande concert in Britain. Living in the UK for years and working with British Secret Service. They gov didn’t even bother to deny it! Same as the Boston Bombers: Russia warned America about them but the CIA and FBI thought they were smarter.

            A leopard does not change its spots when that indoctrinated. You either kill it or keep it caged forever!

            Thanks. I did read on another politics website that the head of FSA:turco headchoppers- that obama was trying to tell everyome was moderate- was on Turk tv saying they will go to China next and Europe or anywhere for jihad for the beterrment of Turkey.

            France , Germany ,Holland etc are full of these mongrels just waiting to slaughter us all and Uncle Sam doesn’t care and will never say sorry for their fuckups in making things much much worse.


    1. There is a lot the average American people don’t know and don’t care to know , which is sad. Anyone reading reputable sources can see that Qaddafi’s Libya was stable ,relatively secular and of very high standard with low taxes ,universal education,security and health . Most low -income Americans could only dream of how good their peers had it good in Libya. Same in Iraq,Iran and Syria, The only decent Moslem countries. Strangely ,all the ones hated and destroyed by America. Food for thought…

      ” It is not enough that I succeed…everyone else must fail! ”

      One of the Following ,Tamerlaine,Genhiz or Kubilai Khan ,all related anyway!


        1. I actually liked the power gov rap song a lot, especially the philsopher’s voice over in the last thirty secs. Reagan by any reasonable person’s standard was an idiot and detrimental to the middle and lower income class in America .

          Unfortunately ,it was worse as those bullshit “Trickle Down ” “voodoo economic policies” were taken on by almost all Western Countries to produce Globalisation and NeoLiberal Economics.His foreign policies externally have gone on to produce Islamic terror and the dread of rich fucks in New York ; Salvadorean gangs , ms -13. The 1% are all buying underground bunkers and panic rooms! Hahah

          Living standards have all dropped for those two income classes ever since and are still dropping.

          Now some people are just stupid or are lazy thinkers. They will say ,’…but I make more money ! I have a job now whereas i didn’t then!”

          So what ! Have you heard of inflation and the loss of purchasing power of the dollar? Even when you have payrises every year?Have you heard of loss of benefits and conditions to you and worse to society in general , which don’t have a direct-to -you monetary value ?
          So you have a good job ? Well what about the loss of opportunity to your friends ,children ,nephews who have to scramble for less now!

          In the 1970’s a man with no education could work and have a house and feed and educate a family. Now you need two parents or “partners” to have uni degrees to do the same ! So the uni graduate has less of a living standard than their pop who worked in the auto factory with no education. Is this progress?

          I think not!


    2. Great video and soundtrack for Libyan Truth and Gaddafi is a badass and is like a rockstar in it! Hahah

      Almost all true . Tell me , How many slack-jawed chumps know this stuff in America and in the rest of the West? Precious few for sure because CNN ,FoxNews ,NPR and BBC surely haven’t told them and never will.

      This man was buttfucked in public and knifed in the arse and the KillaryVampire laughed and joked about it. I fervently wish the woman enjoy a reversal of fortune and is strapped down by in a doomsday world scenario in America,and fucked in the arse by a rhinocerus while filmed on a smartphone and uploaded. Then i can laugh and joke about that Lilith as well.

      He is not my idol . In fact he did many things for which i will never forgive him, but for his own ,he was a Hero of the People. How many Weaterners can saythat aboyt their own govs? Fuck all!

      Putin enjoys almost total worldwide appeal in the West amongst ordinary people. Almost a rockstar in the American armed forces ,especially amongst Repubs! I almost fell off the chair!

      So jealous were the greedy Zioyankeevassals that they brought down gaddafi ,saddam and trying for Assad.

      He nationalised the oil of Iraq and his people prospered. America and the Western world ;they privatise the Commons to entrench and gorge themselves ,the 1%. So i will never lie about Gaddafi or pretend he was the devil that my western gov is desperate for me to believe . Fuck you ,cunts!


  7. I didn’t know about Passenger 95 ,guys,nice find. I did read about some others. The place was very dense in Irani-canadians and Iranis who were engineers and scientists,especially those working on new battery research and weaponry all detrimental to America and favouring Iran.

    There was also a BP oil top- head (Iranian)who was going to oversee a new gas find that was to to be publicised in the next month or so.

    Some guys did research and found the Linked in profiles etc

    Who benefits?

    Until now all were happy to say that Iran did it accidentally, then they had Iran confess and now Canada(US cat’s paw and AllRound NiceGuy for the English -Speaking World) has been the attack dog saying Iran shot it down purposefully. Really …would Iran shoot down a plane with its own saviours in it??


  8. Ukraine has to be the dumbest country on earth for electing a dirty fucking kike as their president. WTF were they thinking? Jews exist only to bog down and degrade any host society other than israel. They must be suicidal. Every jew on earth has a double identity, and historically it wasnt documented but today they actually have dual citizenships with Israel and their host nations that they exist as parasites within, working tirelessly to bog down, corrupt, and destroy. They are ALWAYS foreign bodies within a host nation. Loyalty is something they laugh about and cannot comprehend. Their religion is not even a religion at all, but just a conspiracy against everyone who is not one of them! Iran is the good guy here. They resist israel, and have no rothschild central bank

    1. Stalin was obviously NOT insane, at least in his dealings with both the Ukrainians and the Chechens, he as a Georgian knew these neighbors and that they were treacherous. He should have exterminated them completely.

      The only reason the Ukraine got Crimea was because Khrushchev was from Ukraine. Period. A gift to his constituency during the Cold War.

      the fucking Jews can pool their money and buy a slice of Ukraine between the warring factions. Allof Israel can move there and act as a buffer zone to the DNR. this is the real solution to both the Ukraine Civil War and the turmoil in the Middle East, at least concerning the invasion and colonization of the Holy Land by European Yiddish Terrorists in 1948

  9. just remember this: capitalism is the KINDEST of the economic systems. It allows for a black market and its operation and also permits organized crime. It also feeds and shelters the poor who have no marketable skills in society for whatever reasons…with welfare and other programs.

    Fascism and Communist systems do NOT allow a black market (with strict border and immigration control) neither do they allow organized crime to exist simultaneously. These outside competitors are seen like an enemy to crush rather than ignore.

    In fact? in MOST strict fascist or communist societies? the age-old truth exists and is followed in governmental philosophy:
    Do away with the poor and you do away with poverty in your society. you KILL the poor, its far easier than to feed, shelter and educate them. They are seen, like criminals, as nothing more than a parasite upon the people.

    i welcome either fascism or communism so we may do away with MILLIONS of poor humans across the GLOBE> this the way to combat global warming, by reducing the vast numbers of parasite apes that are a cancer upon this beleaguered Planet.

    you want to create a utopia? reduce the number of humans beings by at least half, but the optimum number is around 500 million. there would be no poverty and the forests would return and environment would be perpetually sustained.

    otherwise you will have a horrid dystopic future living in hives with filtered sewage and eating insect cake.

    1. What you suggest implies government and Pangea United efforts, will never happen soon enough. Mother Nature it appears is taking sustainable life into her own hands that most likely leads to vast depopulation.

    1. true enough. but its hard to keep the will to fight against aggressors from another dimension. But frankly I would find robotic attack dogs more stressful.

      humans are like bugs, even direct hits on ants dont kill them all

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