Half Naked, Fully Dead Rape Victim in West Java, Indonesia


Two Half Naked, Fully Dead Women in West Java, Indonesia

Props to Best Gore member @hilmy for supplying the video and saying:

The bodies of women found half-naked in Sukabumi, West Java Indonesia, Monday morning (7/22/2019), He is Amelia Ulfah (22 years), resident of Jalan Prof. Mohamad Yamin, RT 02, RW 09, Kecamatan Cianjur, Kabupaten Cianjur.

On Saturday (7/20/2019), two days before Amelia was found dead, she said goodbye to her parents to leave for a bachelor’s degree at the Bogor Agricultural Institute. Maybe he was raped and then killed.

Half naked/fully dead woman on video:

Fully clothed and presentable woman featured from video:

75 thoughts on “Half Naked, Fully Dead Rape Victim in West Java, Indonesia”

    1. Oh my fucking God lmao!!
      Maybe one will change their mind.. from this Facebook debate, said no one everrr!! Gotta help inform the others..

      Here come the effin trolls!!
      Mark Zuckerberg I make all my friends sound like me! Ha!! You tube is the greatest.

    2. It’s like that old lawyer joke:
      Q: What do you call 10,000 lawyers dead on the bottom of the ocean?
      A: A good start.
      Q: What do you call one publicly gang-raped and destroyed woman?
      A: Proof of concept.
      Q: What do you call 10 publicly gang-raped and destroyed women?
      A: A Pilot Study.
      Q: What do you call 10,000 publicly gang-raped and destroyed women paid for with Federal funds?
      A: An enlightened social program.
      Q: What do you call such a program implemented by every state in the Union and reimbursed Federally?
      A: The first neighborhood improvement program that actually works. A stunning success. Something to be replicated in every nation on earth.

    1. Prevention is better than cure. What actually causes someone to rape or some other crime and some others to never even think of something like that? Society should seriously contemplate on that. No use blaming monsters if we are the ones who knowingly or unknowingly create them. Criminals are not some other species, they are manifest right among us. We are them in a way, no matter of what nationality or gender. Neither can perfect implementation of imposed law actually help, which in itself is kind of impossible, as those tendencies surface in one form or another.

  1. Many dreams were shattered.. Parents must have been proud to hear about the girls graduation & Degree..
    People who do betterment for their future and do hardwork honestly to get somewhere, if they become the victims then that is really not nice & really fucked up..
    I was a believer that humanity is necessary & is out there in most of the people.. But m not sure I could say that anymore now.. Its just.. Sad.. Shit..

  2. I mean is there a shortage of women in Indonesia or something? Why are people always getting raped in these foreign countries and then they kill them. It is just very insane. Just stop raping women retards. They should castrate these men that do this type of thing to women. You know that I believe in women’s rights.

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