Handcuffed Syrian Man Bayoneted to Death by FSA Moderates

Handcuffed Syrian Man Bayoneted to Death by FSA Moderates

Terrorists from Free Syrian Army, whom Kenyan and other Zio puppets call “moderates“, bayoneted a handcuffed Syrian man to death. The FSA accused the victim of selling weapons to Syrian army.

During his speech in the beginning of the video, the mouthy old moderate talks in Arabic about how dangerous it is to arm hostile forces, and that the punishment for anyone who does it is death.

When he’s done with his emotional speech, the moderate starts to bayonet the victim. His comrades sound unhappy about it, and one tells him not to do it with safety off. They probably each wanted to have their go at torturing the victim, but the old moderate bayoneted him in the head several times, taking the joy of further torture away from them.

You can tell his comrades were not too happy that he stole all the joy for himself, because when he called “Allahu Akbar“, nobody responded. But that also could be that he called the wrong slogan. Most of these moderates now only answer to “Yahood Akbar“.

I also don’t find it particularly believable that the Syrian forces were buying weapons from some random guy on the street. But then again, ever since FSA unleashed their terror on Syria, they’ve done nothing but bullshit the viewer with scripted rhetoric in their videos.

Props to Best Gore member @Baby14 for the video:

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  1. Wow… the FSA still exist? I tought they were all wiped out by their sucessors from ISIS.

    But im sure he just baionetted him to death because they ran out of bullets for the AK… πŸ˜† Nice lobotomy though.

      1. Ohh they wont go anywhere anyways, they are doomed to die on the battlefieds because no one wants them back. In one way, they cant go back to their home countries because they will be either arrested for a long time or sentenced to death, and on the other side if they stay, they will be either targetted by airstrikes, hunted down by ISIS, or killed by the SAA. πŸ˜€

    1. Wonder how many goats they had to sell as sex slaves for a mag….Didn’t Allah and Jusus have a three way with the Buddah to install islam/jewdism on these turds? They kill people for a snack bar that is probably 3000 miles down below Earth, shackled with a 2 ton brick hanging from his ass, inked with the words INRI and SISI.

      1. Yes, but the really worrying thing is these dumb wogs with their brainwashed, murderous minds are busy populating The West.

        Very soon, Westerners will be the handcuffed, defenceless ones – waiting for the muzzies to shoot us or chop our heads off. And all of Europe/US/Canada, etc, etc will look like that desolate, dusty, rubble-strewn street.

        We had the warnings, but still we let millions of them in to bring about our demise and civilisation’s destruction.

  2. the guy talking (not the one that bayoneted the guy) says somewhere at 2:50: its haram to torture. (haram means: not ok/forbidden) (he was still alive i think)

    they wanted him to finish him with a bullet, but the guy with the bayonet said that these people doesn’t deserve to be killed by weapons (bullets) and that’s why afterwards the guy goes to the boy and shoots him. (still alive i think)

    the second bullet near the end finishes him off.

  3. Yeh this poor sod took a while to kark it. These backwards sand hoppers just need a bigger sandpit to play in. I am sure with some “running man” game show thinking there is a fortune to be made out of this forsaken dung heap…..

  4. Don’t you just hate it when they start talking their self righteous bullshit? That’s why I never liked going to church when I was a kid. Blessed are they who thirst and hunger for justice, for they will have their fill. Lets just hope we see the gory aftermath here first.

    1. I give a fuck coz I find it a bit hard to see a restrained innocents get bayonetted through the spine and skull……especially after some hairy sweaty fuck thinks he’s got a right to take life because he bought a camouflage vest in the 2$ basket down in the village market, after previously being a garbage collector for thirty years, never finishing school and sneaking out at night time to fuck goats

      Pathetic piece of shit…….

      1. Right mate.
        These guys problem is that they are acting upon the will of their minds, the ego, rather then acting upon what comes from the heart. It is unnatural behaviour, a manifestation of a trained evil mind. They act as a person, a persona, rather than a human being, which is a consequence of the oldest manipulative construct there is.

  5. I wonder as much as these people dislike one another if they wouldn’t do this for free if their sponsors yanked the plug ?
    It would take more than money or somebody that prays differently for me to do that to someone.

        1. When that sand nigga goes home tonight and lays in bed thinking about the day, you can’t tell me that he drifts off into a rejuvenating slumber. He will be haunted until the day he dies. He will see that fellas face in his mirror, in the car, in his family photos, everywhere he looks. He’ll never get over it and hopefully, just hopefully, he will blow his own brains out not too far into the future……….

          1. I don’t think it bothers them at all. Not one fuckng bit. I use to wonder the same about my evil fuckin mother. Did she lay in bed at night and feel sorrow & grief for the things she did to her child??
            She did not.
            These guys are indoctrinated as soon as they are born.
            What is it like to have no conscious? Kill kill kill….

  6. I don’t think that they all wanted to have a go at torturing him I have a lot of muslim friends when they haroum ( sorry if spelt wrong ) it’s when they not allowed to do something like eat pig etc or when they feel sorry for something I reckon they didn’t like the way he killed the man which is why the other guy came to shoot him in the back of the head to take him out of his misery

        1. wtf is a real muslim? they are all just following some fake ancient cult. and these guys may be supported by israel and the west but they are not begin controlled and ordered by the the west. the west is simply taking advantage of the psycho muslims and supporting the civil war to further wreck their countries, and drive downy the price of oil and take down assad who was an ally of Iran and an enemy of israel. the arabs and other muslim idiots in syria and iraq are just too dumb to realize this.

          1. You do know the end goal is the take down of Iran…the USA didn’t put all the military bases to surround Iran in Iraq and afghan for nothing…if Iran was smart they would just blow Israel up as soon as possible…best to cut off the snakes head before it bites you first…the world would be so much better if the land of Satan was destroyed…

          2. The way things are going, Iran could get dragged into this before long. Or maybe the Sunni’s will all end up in the western side of Iraq and the Shia to the east. Iraq having a line drawn through the middle.
            I’m no expert, but that’s the way this all looks to be heading.
            And taking what @Persian stated. It seems blatantly more obvious every day who IS truly fight for.

  7. Cowardly muslim cunt who thinks he’s hard alert.
    From the gore point of view a bit meh. Not as disturbing as another recently posted bayoneted to death Vid on here.
    Still glad to see the guy at the end shoot him, he put this clearly scared young man of his misery.

  8. a old big mouth santa with Ak/bayonette versus an handcuffed civilian ..

    fucking pussy cant just fight 1 vs 1, both have 1 hand attach and fight with knife in the second hand ? no . fucking pussy prefer kill defendless peoples with AK.

    what ? the guy gonna run away if he didnt have handcuffed ? i doubt of that as long he always can run away with handcuffed anyway + probably take a AK shot if he try, so let him fight normally .

  9. Such bravery in facing down an unarmed, bound, defenseless man. And you bitch about the U.S. military? These vermin kill more of each other in the most heinous ways than we could ever hope to.

    These filthy fucking animals always sound like they’re gagging on a jizz load when they speak.

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