Hawthorne, California Police Arrest Man for Filming Them, Shoot and Kill His Dog

Hawthorne, California Police Arrest Man for Filming Them, Shoot and Kill His Dog

I can’t stress it hard enough – the only thing worse than a nigger state is a police state. We need more Chris Dorners asap.

Hawthorne, California Police detained or arrested a man for no apparent reason other than because he had been filming them. After a few minutes of vertical filming, the man put his Rottweiler in his car and prepared to leave, but cops called to him, quickly approached him and placed him in handcuffs. At that point, the dog jumped through the open car window and lunged at officers. He was not attacking them, only barking because he saw his best friend being assaulted. Dog’s body language showed no signs of aggressive intent.

But one of the trigger happy cops shot the dog in front of his owner and left it writhe in pain. As the dog convulsed on the ground, the owner yelled in terror having just witnessed his friend’s murder with his own eyes.

From the video it didn’t seem like any verbal or physical threats were made. I believe the cops had no reason to immediately proceed to arresting the man without as little as talking to him first. It would also appear as though the officers spend moments before executing the arrest debating together to see if they could find a justification for arrest. It was the case of – what could we pin him with? Police plain and simple to NOT serve and protect the civilian. They only and solely serve and protect the system.

My understanding is that the reason why the cops were there in the first place was a hostage situation in progress. If that was the case, then senselessly discharging weapons could cause needless escalation of said hostage situation. Imagine you are a hostage taker and hear gunshots fired outside…

This video is a proof that we the people MUST make it our duty to record the actions of police. The abuse of power is so rampant, we can’t rely on police to protect us from themselves. We must protect each other from power tripping police.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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240 thoughts on “Hawthorne, California Police Arrest Man for Filming Them, Shoot and Kill His Dog”

  1. THE POLICE THE POPOS. They have taking advantage of the people to long.. We must start a rebellion! Police are people we are suppose to trust. and they shoot an innocent dog? Go fuck yourselves and eat your damn donuts.

    1. You can’t rebel with weapons. You must rebel with a pen. Numbers will do it. You need everyone to come together. If you pick up a weapon, they’ll shoot you down and just call you a waco.

    2. Police are nothing more than cooperate thug enforcement ! They know poor people have no money and therefore no importance and are to be controlled by any and all means/force nessesary to maintain corporate order! YOU WILL OBEY!!! Your freedom is what we tell you it is, disagree and WE WILL ARREST YOU! YOUR RIGHTS have been bought and are controlled by the CORPERATE Profit !

    3. I don’t know about you, but I have owned dogs since I was 6, and I would NEVER hesistate to shoot that Rott down if it came charging up to me like that.

      I blame the black guy for Max’s death.

      1. poor dog. But what the hell did the cops arrest the guy for? Just for filming? What assholes. If the cops shot my dog I’d be traumatized – hopefully he gets some retribution for that.

        1. The thing that upset me most was after the dog got pumped with bullets it immediately tried to get back up and go to the aid of his owner then collapsed in agony. I am not ashamed to say it gave me a lump in my throat.

      2. Why not go after everyone that was taping?? I didnt see where the man was interfering with a damned thing, and the dog was doing what dogs do, it didn’t charge. It was was smelling the ground, my God the poor thing didnt do anything aggresive and it was shot how many times jerking around afterwards?? My god!!

    4. Not all cops are like that some take pride in their work but others just fuck around my point of view is that the sicariosare taking care ofcrooked cops its a good thing fuck the crooked cops

    5. hell with the pigs they’re more corrupt then most criminals!!! I wounder can we as citizens make a public arrest and shoot their dogs for just standing around and looking at us WHAT GIVES THEM THE RIGHT

    6. Fucking pieces of god dam worthless shit , that dog wasnt gona bite , the dumb fuck kid cop engaged the dog and the dog jumped up like any dog would , what a shameful seem for the looser fat boys in blue that lost control of a controlable situation because of a lack of fucking expiriance !!!

    1. Yup, I found this video very disturbing, right at the segment where the Rott is writhing in pain on the ground.

      This could have been avoided if only that idiot n—– didn’t prance around close to the cops trying to draw attention to himself.

    2. Or you? Because you don’t think like a human. You just spread hate. What makes you worse then those scumb of police. Were you there? Easy to point fingers…so easy. But so damn difficult to think further.

      1. i know what video is, the dogs only serve as distract for the suspect low his guard and they start to fire
        poor fella, i have dogs and i normally dont get shocked by seen ppl suffering but i cant stand see this stuff on animals, humans are incredible cowards when they deal with animals that cant defend themselves

    1. Couldn’t they have used something else like pepper spray on the dog if they felt threatened?? I couldn’t watch the video…the pic was made me sad enough. The actions of some police officers make me sick. Where I live if you get pulled over for anything 3 or 4 cops will show up. They have nothing better to do

      1. theres a million other things they could have done.. but then that small dicked squirt cant prove to the world that he does indeed have something between his legs
        motherfucking cowardly piece of shit

  2. another great cop doing a heroic thing ……that’s what the police monthly magazine will have on front cover…and of course it will not state what really happened just the simple big ass lie like they always do to justified a senseless shooting that never should of happened. If only the dog bit his dick then that would of been worth it for the dog……

  3. I live in south Torrance, fairly close to where the white guy mistaken for being Dorner was shot by Torrance PD and where they shot the two asian women delivering newspapers. Nice to see the South Bay area being represented by the lovely city of Hawthorne…. some fine specimens occupy those streets.

  4. This is completely fucked up. For starters, what did they arrest him for? he was not hindering the scene he was simply talking shit? second he was filming.
    Can’t stress enough if you got a dog, keep it tied. I know it all went down fast. But thats pretty f’d.
    Those cops where fuckin pricks and should all be working down at the car wash.
    and we pay these people with our taxes.
    Totally unprofessional.
    I would say with this video, he’s got a lawsuit, they had nothing other then him filming and didn’t like his comments to put him in cuffs. I assume this is america, so freedom of speech is no longer a right i guess.

    1. Yeah, you’re absolutely right on the last part of your comment….freedom of speech is gone now. And what these cops did made me sick to my stomach. The dog showed no signs of aggression or even attacked the officers…..Pisses me the fuck off that this is where our taxes are going. We pay their salaries, therefore we are in control here. Any pig who abuses their power should suffer the consequences to the full extent of the law. Know your rights people. The black guy in the video did absolutely nothing wrong, and here we see him getting arrested for practicing his freedom of speech and his dog/family member got killed for no reason at all. This video broke my heart…

  5. My heart dropped when I saw that dog kicking like that, that poor animal…… The fucking stupid asshole cop…. what did he expect would happen when he got close to the dog in a menacing manner. He reached for his neck/collar, you dont do that with someone else’s dog ESPECIALLY a rotweiler. That cop is a spineless scumbag, I hope he dies very very soon. Maybe another Dorner will come along and take him out.

  6. The nosy nigga needed to mind his own business and not be filming the cops or talking smack. I see cops in the street I go the other way. Whatever they’re into don’t concern me. Any interaction with poop becomes confrontational very quickly cuz they wanna exert authority over you and let you know THEY’RE in charge. Avoid cops like the plague if you know what’s good for you.

  7. Gee was this for real???? That was crazy, I mean they had to shoot the dog if it came at them but why did they arrest him for, ????? Because he was recording them oh no don’t record them lol hahaha how fucking stupid, now he’s dog is dead over some bullshit. Protect and serve my ass more like protect and kill

    1. Why did he deserve it? Was this the only person filming? I admit he came to close. But what makes him deserve it? People who be naming race and such as it is never relevant,talking down on them as if they represent the race world wide are keeping the hatred alive. Because they feel better then the other. It only shows these kind of people have a small vision of and on mankind. Might as well wear a police outfit since they know everything so well.

  8. I remember when the police knocked on my door one time they were looking for 3010 and wound up on 3409 which was my home, I opened the door half out of it they started asking me questions I was like what? I’m home alone I work nights it is just me and my dog(yellow lab). My wife is at work, I’m sleeping I don’t know nothing about a domestic disturbance. Then my dog walks up to the door tail wagging, officer says put that dog away or I will shoot it if it comes closer, I told the officer no offense but if you shoot my dog who is non threatening whatsoever I will shoot you, you can’t kill a family member for no reason(yes my dog is part of the family). I said fuck off get a warrant and slammed the door. I called 911 told them there was an officer outside talking about a domestic disturbance at my house and had threatened to shoot my dog I told the dispatcher I’m alone with my dog I don’t know what’s going on but send other officers while I lock up my dog in her crate. While that was going on some neighbor had walked up to the dumbass officer bloodied up and said that she was the one who called for help, but those fuckers still wanted to get me for threatening an officer

    1. I’ve talked to people who have had their dogs shot by cops. If someone comes to the door and beats the crap out of it with a big flashlight like cops do, of course, many dogs will bark and act aggressive in defense of their home and owner. So cops look at this as a green light to be the big man and kill a dog who is just following instinct. Then, if someone shoots a police dog that is attacking them, they will charge them with murder of a law enforcement officer. Cops are such hypocrite fags.

  9. That was possibly the most fucked up video that I have seen on BestGore; why did the police, I’m going to use the words police and cops in a very loose manner here, handcuff the man? I certainly didn’t see any police codon, hear any warning or recitation of ‘rights’, the macho cop with the SMG/assault rifle appeared to hit the handcuffed man with his weapon, and the third policeman shot the dog which was not acting in an aggressive manner; to my mind, three ‘policemen’ who should be suspended, investigated and then sacked, jailed and have no future access to firearms. I apologise for the profanity, but when animals, children or the general population receive this sort of treatment, it needs to be taken far, far further and people need to loose their employment; ‘Protect and Serve’; fuck you all, go to jail and do not pass ‘go’.

    1. The cop that shot the dog should face animal cruelity charges. But they wont of course. Someone will say it was justified due to the dogs actions, but they will fail to admit it was that cops actions on fucking with the black dude filming which is what started the whole thing in the first place.

      If they can arrest someone for simply writing down plans to blow up a school, then they need to start arresting and charging officers that cause a chain reaction of things that results in something tragic happening.

  10. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that citizens may legally videotape public officials in a public place and specifically, they may videotape police officers as long as they do not interfere in the scene. The Federal Department of Justice has sent out a legal memorandum to all police departments telling them it is unlawful to arrest people simply for filming police officers. Cops continue to arrest people for peacefully documenting their behavior because ignorant, corrupt, violent pigs will be ignorant, corrupt, violent pigs.

    1. The cops are on the ball with this case then, they arrested him for obstruction on the grounds his music in his car was excessively loud and it was interferring with the arrest(s)/investigation they were carrying out which was apparently concerned with an armed robbery.

  11. As soon as the officer(s) saw the dog leap, they should have had a taser ready and then tasered the dog on the first approach. Tasers work great on dogs as well as people. Funny that for taser happy pigs willing to tazerize old ladies and children for no reason, they seem to forget them and resort to guns for peoples puppies and dogs.

    I’d love to see a video of a cop spazzing out and shooting a cat. Maybe even one of those crazy kittens that always attack your feet when you walk by em. Cats are awful!

  12. got i hate those cops for killing an inocent dog for protecting its owner im crying right now i cant believe a cop would do that that poor dog was twitching and crying oh my god im sooo balling right now i cant stand to see a animal hurt i cant i freak out

  13. I feel sorry for the dog
    But for real when a rottweiler jumps to me when i am busy whit his master and i have a gun i will shoot him as well
    But i wil shoot him again to putt it out of his pain
    Not let him shake on the ground like this piece of filt did

  14. Don’t blame the cops, blame the dumbass who put himself and his dog in this situation in the first place. He clearly had no business being there – just wanted to look for trouble and he got it. The one who had to pay the price was the poor dog, but anyone in the same position as the officers would have shot it (it clearly went after the officers)

    1. It’s because of dumbasses like you that we live in a police state. If a man is acting within the law, he should not be harassed by police. The reason cops get away harassing people is because dumbasses like you always see the wrong in civilians, not in powertripping cops. If filming in a public place is not illegal, it should not be a trigger for the cops to arrest you.

      We have to stop allowing the cops to arrest us every time they feel like they didn’t get their way.

  15. That cop needs to die. If you can’t handle a small animal like that, you do not deserve to live. Cops are over empowered by the guns they are issued. Put your mortal powers to the test pussies and get hands on, because I could have easily subdued that dog without killing it. You are truly a “bitch” in my book…

  16. I’ve got no problems watching humans die. Old ladies, ,little kids, even cats. But dogs, I just can’t do it. Especially Pigs shooting them. My friend’s brother was on parole and his P.O. made a surprise check on him escorted by two pigs. When they busted his gate and entered the property, his female pit bull barked and came out to see who it was, followed by his 7y.o. neice who got there just in time to watch their dog get blasted. Fucking god damned pigs killed their family’s dog right in front of a child who loved it. I fucking hate cops.

  17. Seriously? Steve Irwin can take on crocodiles. I think full grown police officer could kick that dogs teeth in. If he is not fired then I really hope his fellow officers look down on him.

  18. That’s really fucked up. Having being one arrested for bs nonsense.. this by far is worse. He did nothing and his dog got killed for protecting him. Pure fucking bullshit. Thought Florida cops were assholes.. go Cali.

  19. God damn cops. They think with their dicks instead of their head. Since they can’t possibly think of another way to handle the dog and they have a gun, they just use the gun. Typical redneck yahoo idiots. Fucking cops.

    1. Why not go after everyone that was taping?? I didnt see where the man was interfering with a damned thing, and the dog was doing what dogs do, it didn’t charge. It was was smelling the ground, my God the poor thing didnt do anything aggresive and it was shot how many times jerking around afterwards?? My god!!

  20. Yep, can’t watch this video either. The still picture is distressing enough.

    How many of us have 2 legged friends who would lay down their life at the drop of a hat to protect us?

    Cops should have animal restraint training!

    Cops are completely ignorant. Give a gun and some power to an under-educated person of low to middle level intelligence with an ‘us and them’ mindset and there are going to be problems.

  21. I do not know who in the hell trains them out there, but it sure as shit looks bad.

    I rarely speak ill of any officer unless deserved, but there were quite a few mistakes made that could have been avoided. The dog would not have been able to get out of the vehicle if the officers simply took 2 seconds to pay attention and let the guy roll up the windows.

    The other problem. When the dog was out of the vehicle moving amongst the four, it was not aggressive. The dog went to bite the officers hand because his goofy ass was going for the leash. Certain situations warrant deadly force but this is not one of those times.

    I honestly think a taser would have been more than sufficient; then again the situation could have been avoided altogether if the officer did not try and grab the dog’s leash. The dog posed no problem until he reached out his hand.

    In all honesty a fucking blind man could see that the officer should have taken a different approach.

    1. I agree with you 100%. A taser would be sufficient. Then call animal control or something so at least the poor pup didn’t ‘t have to get killed. Breaks my heart seeing the poor thing kicking around like that.

  22. I watched a cop get stabbed in the neck and go down he looked at me like i was supposed to help him I didn’t. I didn’t feel bad for him nor was I nervous or scared but I know if it was anyone else I wouldn’t have hesitated one bit to help. The cop survived and recovered but he never came back to his job. I guess he realized that having a job where everyone hate’s you is not worth dying for.

  23. I personally love dogs. Better friends than most humans, those lovable mutts. This brings to mind the video of a 2010 or 2011 protest where police threw a Golden Retriever down a stairwell and shot the poor pooch to death for no reason. Its sickening. All they want to do is protect us, hell, they do a much better job at protecting and serving us than the fucking police department!

  24. I don’t know what to write. I’ve had enough of this for a long time now and soon I will just kill anyone who does this or anything alike. I will end this sentence with a simple dot because it will enjoy the fuck out of them .

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