Hawthorne, California Police Arrest Man for Filming Them, Shoot and Kill His Dog

Hawthorne, California Police Arrest Man for Filming Them, Shoot and Kill His Dog

I can’t stress it hard enough – the only thing worse than a nigger state is a police state. We need more Chris Dorners asap.

Hawthorne, California Police detained or arrested a man for no apparent reason other than because he had been filming them. After a few minutes of vertical filming, the man put his Rottweiler in his car and prepared to leave, but cops called to him, quickly approached him and placed him in handcuffs. At that point, the dog jumped through the open car window and lunged at officers. He was not attacking them, only barking because he saw his best friend being assaulted. Dog’s body language showed no signs of aggressive intent.

But one of the trigger happy cops shot the dog in front of his owner and left it writhe in pain. As the dog convulsed on the ground, the owner yelled in terror having just witnessed his friend’s murder with his own eyes.

From the video it didn’t seem like any verbal or physical threats were made. I believe the cops had no reason to immediately proceed to arresting the man without as little as talking to him first. It would also appear as though the officers spend moments before executing the arrest debating together to see if they could find a justification for arrest. It was the case of – what could we pin him with? Police plain and simple to NOT serve and protect the civilian. They only and solely serve and protect the system.

My understanding is that the reason why the cops were there in the first place was a hostage situation in progress. If that was the case, then senselessly discharging weapons could cause needless escalation of said hostage situation. Imagine you are a hostage taker and hear gunshots fired outside…

This video is a proof that we the people MUST make it our duty to record the actions of police. The abuse of power is so rampant, we can’t rely on police to protect us from themselves. We must protect each other from power tripping police.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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240 thoughts on “Hawthorne, California Police Arrest Man for Filming Them, Shoot and Kill His Dog”

  1. Jesus Christ… My Dog in this day is basically my only companion in this terrible terrible world. If this happened to me. I would absolutely lose my humanity. Maybe tear through the shooters throat with my teeth after breaking through the other cops grip, before I get shot 800,000 times in the face I am sure.

    1. It’s not the dog breed that counts. It’s the owner that counts for how they raise the dog. This one in the video was raised correctly. It didn’t attack the officers in any way. Only got up on it’s hind paws and attempted to go to his #1 loyalty. Only to be gunned down by fucking hellbound pigs.

      1. You’re being dishonest…the dog clearly lunged when they tried to subdue it. And charging them in the first place is threatening as hell when it is a rott or pitt. You aren’t seeing it because you want to ignore it and hate the police.

          1. and what makes it more threatening is that you CANNOT talk and reason with animals. the cop cant say ”ohh please dog don’t bite me” that’s why they shot at the dog an dnot its fucktarded owner that got the animal killed, they dident shot the human cause he can be talked to and reason with

        1. I laugh when fat spoiled safest people on earth Americans cry and moan like dumb zombies because the said lazy spoiled brat let there dog out illegally and suffered the consequences. just be happy your not in some hellish country where police can break into your house shoot up your children rape your wife to death and leave you with bodies to bury at an everyday basis. But no needs and wants are sooooo spoiledly and overly given that when a gangster taunts the police with his dog and the police react which is ok because like all of us they have human rights to and shoot up a legally entitled aggressive animal

  2. Honestly it seems to me like everyone in this video is retarded.First there is a big apparel of police,so something is about to happen,and me personaly i wouldnt want to be hanging around there. second that police was a complete fucken asshole,there was no need for what he did

  3. Please read up the facts before making judgments. I’m no P.D. cheerleader for that matter but common sense and logical instincts were not with Mr. Leon ROSBY ~ Karmic Retribution caused the death of his beloved dog. It was his fault. He should have stayed away from this area:

    1. Leon Rosby, 52 yr. old male, parked his rental car near 137th and Jefferson with LOUD music blasting from his rental car. Hawthorne P.D. + SWAT were conducting a robbery barricade
    2. Hawthorne P.D. ordered him to turn down the music which he refused and continued filming on his cell phone
    3. As officers begin to proceed toward Rosby, he also begins walking in the direction of the officers and is then taken into custody without any further exchange
    4. While Rosby is handcuffed, Max (2 yr. old Rottweiler) is seen escaping from the vehicle through an open rear window and then approaching the officers while barking
    5. While Rosby is handcuffed, Max is seen escaping from the vehicle through an open rear window and then approaching the officers while barking
    6. When one officer motions toward the animal, the dog is seen jumping up and toward the officer, at which point four shots were fired
    7. A second video apparently shows Rosby stopped at the intersection and then driving slowly past the scene prior to parking his vehicle
    8. An attorney for Rosby plans to file a lawsuit against the Hawthorne Police Department. Rosby has filed six previous complaints against Hawthorne police, including one lawsuit which alleges officers broke his rib

    Source: CBS Los Angeles News

      1. I’m fairly certain purposefully interfering with a tense police operation actually is against the law. and if you missed the loud music, you should see the first video when he sees the police, stops and turns the music louder.

    1. Suzy do you consider yourself to be a reasonably intelligent person? I have to say it- Stop pretending to be able to think. You are programmed. You bring up karma? You think he deserved to have his dog shot? It was karma? WOW.

      1. have you never heard the term ‘noise pollution’? Why get out of your car and leave music blasting out of it to annoy everyone else? It’s really selfish behavior at best. As Suzy says, that’s his sixth lawsuit. He was clearly looking to stir up some trouble hoping to get a big pay out.

        1. Do you know all about these lawsuits? He has six complaints against cops is what I read her to state. How does that equate to justice served here? Plus, her source is the establishment media. I take everything I get from the establishment media with a huge grain of salt. I know of people who have a lot more lawsuits on their record and its because they defied the system not because they are criminals. Having lawsuits could mean so many different things. Real facts would be better than what amounts to guess work and a marginalized perception. But that’s just me.

          1. @kinky,
            you only have to look at his behavior to see he was looking for trouble. I said in an earlier post I don’t think being a total twat is an arrestable offence, but if he’s already had so many entanglements with the law he knows how it goes. In my mind his behavior contributed to the death of his dog. He should have put him in the car with the windows up before he went out of his way to get arrested.

  4. I’m not the kind of a left-liberal hippie, but I struggle always when seeing a police-man.
    You know, when I went to school and there was a kid in the classroom expressing the wish to be a police-man later, it was ALWAYS one with a lot of issues on aggression and with behaviour disorder.

    By the videos on the net it seem american police-men are really the worst you can meet.

  5. Its not illegal to record an officer. Those cops deserve to have their wives and children lined up and tied up in front of them then let pitbulls loose on them and watch them tear the kids and womens throats out. Then line up the cops and hit each one of them in the balls with a sledgehammer and leave them lying in the road as they watch their kids get eaten up.

    1. All of it. The dog getting shot. The uniformed thugs doing what they do best, abusing authority to the point death comes into play. The fact that I have to live on this planet with a bunch of brainwashed meat bags who by way of their willingness to be enslaved allow life on this planet to be as it is. Did that help? 😉

      1. Sure the man was antagonizing the officer but as far as I am aware it is legal to film cops in public places no matter how much it hurts them. I hope that black man filed a suit for being illegally detained and also a suit for animal cruelty.

      2. The message I left was for you I hit reply on your name but it didn’t copy for some reason. ?
        Sure the man was antagonizing the officer but as far as I am aware it is legal to film cops in public places no matter how much it hurts them. I hope that black man filed a suit for being illegally detained and also a suit for animal cruelty.

  6. This is what happens when a bunch of idiots get together and start drama. Innocent lives get taken away, this time was a beautiful rottweiler.

    I would have preferred they killed the nigger instead for trying to act tough in public.

  7. Just being a cop means you fucked up your soul path almost eternally. I am assured that this type of piggy policeman have a very special place after body die. Soul is indestructible. Consciousness is energy.

  8. He fires a ton of bullets to get him down but when he’s down he just let’s him slowly die? Couldn’t spare another bullet to end his life right away? Oh wait, must be more fun watching it die like that for them coppers. Oh how I hate cops so much, I hope the guy sues the living hell out of them.

  9. If a cop shot my dog, I would take a mental note of who it was, or in this case watch the video to check which cop did it, and get even. Doesn’t matter if it takes a few months, I’d bide my time and find where the fucker lived, and I’d make his life a fucking misery. I’d go to his car, and torch it, hopefully it would be a nice car that he loved, or better yet I’d cut the brake lines on it. Any belongings he had outside the house he could kiss bye bye, and I’d pay some lowlife crackhead to petrol bomb his fucking house while he slept inside it. And after that I’d sleep like a baby. People hurting people I can take, but a man who shoots a dog and lets it die in agony deserves to be lynched. Or have his meal spiked with a nasty venereal disease. Yep, that’d work.

  10. FucK Police.

    I can already tell 4 laws were broken here
    Discharging a firearm
    Abuse/cruelty to animals

    And nothing is going to happen because they are cops. But if it was me they would charge me with all that plus some resisting , vandalism , assault on a peace officer and murder for no reason .

    1. Not trying to be a smart arse or anything but i suffer from the same problem as you do. Torture/beheading/mutilation etc – no probs. next. But when it comes to animal cruelty … always wish i could save them somehow.

  11. i have family that work in public protection. first responders who will drive into a civil war zone to save a life regardless of creed, color, or whether your ass deserves to be wiped or whipped.

    i understand the need to be protective and cautious and even sometimes be a little on the wrong side when it comes to justice. secure a person in question. question them. and then release with apologies and explanations if all is good.

    these dicks should be cut slowly head to toe.

    acids hurts immediately. alkalai have done the damage by the time they hurt. then again, there is nothing wrong with a 5 lb sledge.

    they sought out a fight that was not needed. not in the public interest. and they did harm. with intent to harm.

    i have family in this field and in related fields. if they do this shit… fuck em. rain Hells fury upon their arse.

  12. Some cops actually are fair and know what to to do but others just are straight out bitches hiding behind the badges fuck fake ass cops respect to the cops that actually know how to control a situation how its ment to be with out abusing their power.

  13. I’ve seen more civilized cops in third world countries than these two. It seems to me though that the nigger was just fucking around with them for no reason other than being a nigger. Sadly, the dog paid the price. Should have shot the nigger instead.

  14. Fucking pig faggots I am so glad there is crazy people in this world that shoot cops in the face during traffic stops.
    I don’t even know what to say this makes me want to call 911 and say I am in trouble and when the cop comes to help me I will pop out from behind the tree and stab him in the neck.

  15. Ok so the cops were probably detaining the man without just cause. However, it appears to me that the dog lunged at the cop just before the cop shot him. That’s justification enough to shoot the dog.

    1. There is no justification for killing an innocent animal asswipe. He was worried about his master that is all. You kill for defending your kids no problem. Cops kill and get away with it every time. Covering up and matching stories. Probably as far as amending videos.

  16. this is what happen when porch monkies start shit and get an innocent life killed. The cops did everything right. the porch monkey entered the scene which he was not supposed to which automatically can get him arrested and he hd the audacity to talk shit to the cops and leave his FAITHFUL dog unsecured in the car. the dog only acted out of obedience and loyalty. i agree that there are some fucked up cops but it’s only a small percentage that are bad that make every other cop look bad so for all y’all that talk shit about cops go suck a big fat meaty cock.

  17. The moon cricket was bumping his gums and talking shit- they are professionals at this. While I do not cotton to the North American pavement ape or his actions, there was no reason for the cops to shoot the dog.
    The negroid could have exercised better skills when putting his dog into the car, ie- roll the windows up enough so that the dog could not leave the vehicle, tie the dog up inside the car…etc etc.
    The cops were wrong for shooting the dog. the nigger was wrong for running his head, putting himself and his dog into harms way be enticing the cops with his niggatry…..

    this video was wrong on sooooo many levels.

  18. There are a lot of dogs that are smarter than some people shuffling around. It’s truly a shame what they did, who cares if someone is filming you? No one should WANT to be a cop. If you do, I highly doubt it is really for wholesome reasons.

  19. While the story up top is a fun read, I will at least bend to the fact that the dog did take a swipe at the one cop before he shot it.

    I’m not saying that the arrest was warranted in any way. I’m not even saying that the dog was going to take the cop down (I don’t prefer the term police for individuals who can not) or bite at him again. Mostly, I would sue those cops.

  20. First off I don’t think all cops are bad,there are some good ones out there.Same with niggers.But yeah that cop probably just wanted to try out his weapon on something that bleeds.If a dog is acting questionable,not actually attacking,just pepper spray it.Temporary pain,no harm done

  21. This is police brutality! Even my Maltese would try and defend me. From watch I just watched, this guy was only recording a video and screamed out, lI’ll turn this video over to civil rights!” I am white and not too much into civil rights, but this video pisses me off. Turn this over to Fox News

  22. I kinda dont blame the police in a way because that dog was fixing to go at the cop so i probaly would have done i would have done the same thing if a dog or anyone came at me i put them down but they should not have handcuffed him in the first place but the police think they are badass because they have a badge and gun fuck the police.

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