Hey Luka… What’s Up, Man? Good Show, Yo!

Lin Jun - Victim in the One Lunatic One Ice Pick Video

Just kiddin’ Yo! Fucking wiggers…

Question – was anybody else under the impression that homosexuals are these queer people who like unicorns and rainbows and talk all gay and shit?

Luka Magnotta… you gave gay people a bad name. Now fleshy viruses are gonna fear that every fag will have a tendency to stab them in the gut with an ice pick. I see what you did there…

Enough of that. It’s been an absolutely crazy few days and so far, there are no signs it’s gonna slow down by much. Shit hit the fan on the morning of Wednesday, May 30, 2012.

Previous night, just before turning in, I posted a few pictures of people hacked up with a machete and appended a small remark at the end in which I, mostly jokingly, speculated if there could be a connection between Luka Magnotta – a man who was until that day only known as a murderer and a perpetrator in the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick to the Best Gore community and nobody else – and the news of a human foot delivered in a parcel mailed off using Canada Post to the Canadian Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa.

I shut my computer down, brushed my teeth, wanked warm fluid out of my wang and went to get a good night’s sleep. When I woke up, I could not believe my fucking eyes. Instead of your regular 200 new members who join Best Gore on a typical night, now there were 3,000. Instead of your typical few dozen emails from members I get over your typical night, I had hundreds – most coming from big media names. And to all that, I could barely load my fucking site it was under so much load.

Fellow Best Gore member with whom I exchange emails every now and then sent me a message that Luka Magnotta, days after having been identified by the Best Gore community, has been officially named by the Canadian police a suspect in the case of severed human remains in the mail to the Canadian political parties and a human torso discovered in a suitcase in Montreal. I was like – you have got to be fucking kidding me? I mean, when I mentioned it in an unrelated post with machete murders, I wasn’t actually serious. It was naught but a bland spew out of a mind of a tired man who’s really ready to get some effin sleep after a long day.

But the flood of emails with requests for interviews left little doubt that it’s actually happening. So there I was, stuck with hundreds of emails from reporters asking to do an interview with me and a server so overloaded, you could barely load up a page. Where do you go from there?

Let me just tell you this – from the moment I woke up on Wednesday morning, until way late into the night on Thursday, I did nothing but respond to emails. I went nonstop through who day Wednesday, then all throughout the night, and then on through whole of Thursday and through whole following night until sun started rising again just before 5am – at that point I could no longer keep my eyes open, and on the bed I collapsed.

Obviously, being overwhelmed with emails was one thing, but what bugged me the most was that people could not access my site owing to the extremely heavy traffic load server was under. As a webmaster. When your website is not accessible to public, that is the worst thing that can happen to you. When your website is not out there, you have nothing.

So there I was, extremely stressed out by the fact that I can’t keep the site on line, and to it all I have all those reporters pushing me to do an interview with them and needing it now because it was a very time sensitive topic. Needless to say, I had to turn any and all requests for phone interviews or meet ups with camera crews down. It was plain and simple impossible to accommodate that. The best I could do was to request everyone to ask their questions by email and I would answer them to the best of my knowledge in order in which they were received. That is precisely what I did for almost 48 hours straight.

Luckily, I had a yoghurt in the fridge and a chocolate bar in the bag. Had I not, I would not have eaten those two days.

When madness started on Wednesday, I thought it could not possibly get worse. May was gonna be a bit of a milestone for Best Gore because for the first time, the website was to have been read by more than 3 Million people a month. On May 30, two days before the end of the month, extra 200,000 unique visits were added to the milestone (on top of anticipated traffic). Hoping things would slow down a bit the following day, I saw traffic on Thursday May 31, 2012 grow compared to the day before by almost 300%. More than half a million people, on top of our regular 100,000 daily users got on Best Gore that day.

Luckily, unlike on Wednesday, I had my man slicer around who helped to optimize the server, the database and some other things so despite an even higher load than the day before, server was less down and served more pages on Thursday than on Wednesday.

And now here we are on the first day of June, 2012. So far, the traffic has been at the same level as yesterday – I anticipate the server to have served well over half a million unique IP addresses today again. But – to my benefit – I only got a few requests for interviews today.

And here’s a thing – I do not own a cell phone (or any other phone for that matter). I am not aware of any Canadian law which would make phone ownership mandatory so I do not own one. I do not wish to be disturbed by people who wish to talk. For the most part, I really have nothing to talk about with fleshy viruses plus I find that most conversations reach boring or downright annoying points soon after they started.

So… regardless of how pushy some of the reporters got, I could not accommodate their requests for over the phone interviews and because of how many emails I was getting, could not possibly withdraw myself to pose before the cameras. Plus I’m not much of a camera whore and do not seek attention of the public (the more fleshy viruses leave me alone, the happier I am).

This fact – the fact that I was more than willing to answer anyone’s questions, but strictly only over the email, proved to be a very good strategy later on. Soon after some reports were published, people started asking me why I said this or that? And I’m like – what? You have got to be fucking kidding me! I’ve never said nor implied anything even remotely similar to that.

But luckily, because all conversations were restricted to emails (did two using Skype, but only typing), I have written proof of what I said so they can’t frame me by spreading rumors and claiming I may have mentioned it over the phone. Divine intervention, I’m telling you.

Speaking of which – I spent 9 months preparing for my big withdrawal into the wilderness, had my mind and body set for it and when I was ready to go, I was delivered blows which forced me to return to start working on an alternative strategy. Was that a divine intervention too? Did higher power know I will be needed here so I can post the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video and have the Best Gore community pin that Luka character down?

By now you probably already know that Luka Magnolla left Canada by plane on May 26 for France. He’s now on Interpol’s wanted list and hunted the world over, not just here in Canada. The victim has also been identified – 33 year old Lin Jun from Wuhan, the most populous city in central China was an exchange student studying at Montreal’s Concordia University. Luka and Lin Jun used to exchange bodily fluids via the rectal entrance point and tongue massaged each others prostates before the murder, dismemberment, decapitation, necrophilia and cannibalism took place.

I once again apologize for slow loading site, frequent downtimes and whatever other unusual behavior you may be experiencing. I wish I could tell you it will get back to normal soon, but by the way things seem at this point, it’s gonna be at least a few more days. Nobody’s more dedicated to finding a solution to it asap than I am – trust me – and I’m working around the clock to get us back to speed, but I’m faced with challenges that make it rather tough. I’m on it though. Please bear with me and stay true! We’re Best Gore – Here Today, Gore Tomorrow.

By the way, over the past 3 days, at least 18,000 new people registered on Best Gore. That’s a whole lotta newbies. We need to find a way to welcome them to Best Gore somehow. I almost feel shy to make new posts (not like I could load any page, let alone make a post) cause it’s like speaking to a brand new audience for the first time.

As always, you guys kick ass! You’re the best in the world and have my utmost respect.


BTW – I was just kidding with the title. I’m too overworked to think properly. I just thought I’d give you an update and could not think of a decent title so I went the the stupidest one I could pull out of my ass.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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194 thoughts on “Hey Luka… What’s Up, Man? Good Show, Yo!”

    1. dammnnn this sites growing faster then china… i wish i could watch the video but it seems i’ve been to slow on signing in to bestgore 🙁 if you watched the video of Luka on yahoo he does seem like a fucktard.

      1. yea I seen the video &it was fucking sick!!! After he dismembered the body, he fucked the torso n the ass!!!!!! He is a fucking sick ass kid!!!!!! I couldnt watch every bit of it but I did skim through & I was pretty fucking amazed &
        discusted by wht I saw!!!!!

    2. am truly sorry you had to die you seem like a really great guy more and likely a very kind guy just getting on with your life

      .. but I have to your death video was amazing I had a goreasm (gore orgasm) need a bit more light bit more torture when you was still alive only if I got to hear you scream abit would have been over in mins for me .sad face your video is down right now ..

      lover of gore

      I’m not a troll I really did watch his video over and over and over and I loved every min of it (apart from the butt sex) blood turns me on

      1. @lover of butt sex: You obviously watched it over and over again because of the “butt sex” and the other homosexual acts.

        Why do i say that? Because there wasn’t much blood in this one buddy. So I don’t think it was the “blood” turning you on.

    3. I am not gay but it puts me of bondage i heard a story of a cute lesbian who pulled my ugly friend. She took him home tied him up then a big black negro came in gave her money then he twisted his body over his head and blasted his ass he could nit scream and it went on for a while he now walks like he shit his pants and is timmid and it has been ten years ago he tried killing himself but pulls out because of his pain in the ass ..he did suck her tits though that’s when i came in i mean the negro. Came in … How do i sell films?????

    1. I’m also a longtime Lurker (regularly for a year). normally never log in, but I guess nows a good time to start. Greetings all. I suppose I should start logging in. :p and Mark, I respect you for all this dedication. I could never pull that shit off.

      1. I am confident that the majority of newbies can conform to the the standard of ‘social etiquette’ that is demanded by each other.

        This is a unique website, with none of the rubbish that other websites seem to court.

        It will be a shame if this massive influx of members turns out to have a detrimental effect and standards slip.

        I look forward to having a productive relationship with you and other nouveau- Goregians.

      2. Ah, I posted a long reply to you.

        But it has been swallowed!

        The gist of it was, I hope that the new influx of Goregians doesn’t have a detrimental effect on the standards we have come to expect with each other.

        And I hope to enjoy a spot of productive banter age with you and other members in the future.

        Welcome matey.

  1. Sure would suck if 18,000 new Best Gore Welcomes were on the horizon.
    I’ll just get it ALL over with here in 1 shot….
    Welcome ALL new members to Best Gore!
    Now, Go and talk words to us about stuff!

    Glad THAT’S overwith.

    1. The kid is a total pussy.

      He had to tie down a man before he could stick him.

      A dishonourable way to kill a man. Even if he was homosexual. Not that I have a problem with that sort of deviancy if it is kept behind closed doors.

      A couple of nasty, predatory poofs had sex in a kiddies playground (at night) around where I am living.

      Sex in a public place is a great pastime.

      But that is just TOO public

        1. Ooh, my little Jammy tart.

          I do appreciate a Lady with a liking for non- vanilla activities.

          I will let you tie me down.

          Just if you try sticking a knife into me. I will be most upset (just to clarify, I have no objection to any other penetrative object).

          1. Razor!

            You ruined the jubilee for me!

            I just couldn’t stop thinking about the Queen running a Stanley blade (the fuck?) up my chest whilst grinding against me. Singing ‘night fever’ by the Bee Gees.

            I am most displeased with thee.

  2. Let the Gore cleanse the earth of the fleshy virus!
    1 animal killer/ azn killer at a time,
    whichever, whenever.
    S.O.B’s (students of bestgore) are on a path to enlightenment.
    And FYI to new gore folks, Wise up & welcome.

        1. @Stench!!!, I hope you get your computer fixed and get back here soon, miss your posts and misspellings, haha. I e-mailed you to see how ya were doin’ a while back, but I’m assuming ya didn’t get it. See ya soon.We hope.

    1. If it is the new tagline, it makes me quite pleased, as I suggested it on the “BestGore tagline” post. However, it’s not that hard to come up with, so maybe Mark thought of it himself. Oh well, whatever the case, it’s great.
      Stay safe Mark!

  3. Fack Yeah Muther Fackers! BG is on the map and my man Mark is finally getting his proper props, fuck Puka FagAlotta and the fleshy virus shit rivet sheep of the world and let’s not forget those fagmoes at the presidency of Turkey

    1. Oh yeah let’s not forget this gimp Puka FagAlotta wrote a blog about disappearing and starting a new life but I really doubt this crack head would be able to disappear especially since he’s such an attention starved wanna be, he’s all talk and that it..yeah he killed his butt buddy but so what it took him a couple of helpless kittens for him to grow some balls and finally off his unsuspecting boy toy while they were playing tie up…how could he resist not killing him he’s so use to killing harmless things because he’s a punk bitch like that that and that’s how he gets down by killing weak animals and unsuspecting people because he him self is so weak you can tell just by looking at his pictures and reading his retarded post that be is one big PUSSY fake ass wanna be queerdo

  4. I love that this site is getting traffic but I miss not being able to get on the site with ease. To the new members welcome and hopefully you all contribute to the site as reading comments are what makes Bestgore the best around

    1. Agree. Us true fans of gore have to pay the price for a slew of peeps who only came here for Puka and will be gone when the whole thing finally goes away. Maybe some of them will be like us and enjoy the whole BestGore site and what it offers and maybe indeed contribute to the wonderful dialogue that I have to enjoy here at BestGore.com.

  5. This is kind of weird, but Lin Jun is the second student from a school that I also attend that’s been murdered and dismembered. The first guy, from Pius x adult education center, was killed and dismembered by an ex butcher that owed the victim drug money.

    Anyway, according to his friends and acquaintances, Lin Jun was a really nice guy, and I do feel kind of bad. But if Lin would of visited BG once and awhile, maybe he wouldn’t have been so trusting of people, and he would still be alive.

    Shit Mark, I thought I was the only one in North America who didn?t have a cell phone.

  6. That’s a great tag line… Here today gore tommorow .. catchy gimmick , a lot of traffic on the site but oh well well mark , as always you have my utmost respect , BG has been an awakening for me , glad to hear your gonna be staying a bit longer , you might as well keep updating daily, call it divine intervention I guess..

  7. I love this title!!!! It puts a false sense of safety into all the newbies. So if you are new and reading this, this is the one and only time you will read a post that is not in some way offensive to more then half the people you know whether its family or friends.

    In other words. Welcome to the hotel California. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!!!!!

  8. It feels so good to be back! Ah, I can finally log in and leave a comment to this beautiful family in Best Gore.
    At first I was little bit upset by the fact that the site was totally collapsed, but then I realized of how many new people was lurking in here, hungry for information; so I stopped trying to let the newbies have a chance to get in.
    It’s really good to know that there’s a whole bunch of new members here, so I salute you fellows. Welcome to the best site.
    Once again Mark, what you do keep us informed and the site running..dude, is priceless. You’re incredible.
    I must say that since I couldn’t log in I began to search for some news on the internet, and found some articles about Lucky-Luka with some BestGore’s images, screen caputes and a couple of lines, and let me tell you all, I felt proud of this family. It was constant smile as I read all the titles and posts.
    PS: I’ll try to make something on Corel with that tagline Mark, it’s great.

  9. WELCOME, to all the newbies, and newbie lurkers, don’t be afraid to speak your mind with your finger tip mouths (stench quote”) here! Enjoy the gore and the real world that is shown on this site!

  10. I’m from montreal and was surprised when I saw this on the news today. I was like holy shit I saw this guy on bestgore, damn it’s that guy that someone posted a picture of because they thought it was the 1 lunatic 1 icepick video! Never would of thought he was from montreal. It’s just crazy! It’s pretty cool that bestgore is getting alot of publicity!

  11. There?s some gruesome shit on this site but Luka Magnotta?s video and police evasion are so much more interesting than the other videos. I can?t stop reading online articles about Magnotta. He becomes more bizarre the more you learn about him. I wonder how long he can dodge Interpol, if he will record the next kill, and will BG get exclusive rights?

      1. Sheep:

        “They should removed that horrific video all over the internet right now. Somebody must do something about it. Servers must not allow that video to be uploaded by their customers.

        – Lilian, USA, 05/6/2012 00:25”

  12. The title caught my eye Mark, I thought Luka might have contacted you since Best Gore members helped to bring his identity to light and he just wanted to give a shout out!
    I’m patient with the site as far as loading issues go, I understand, but I was impatient with this one because that’s what I thought! lol.

    Welcome newbies! 😀

  13. I Guess im fucked cause I haven’t found none of this footage shocking… Same with 3 guys & 1 Hammer… I feel more rage then anything, like i’d love to smash them 3 goofs faces in & force feed luka cat food till his stomach bursts… PUSSIES.

    RIP to the victims

  14. Mark my man, don’t apologize for the ultra-lag from the ridiculous traffic, its not your fault. You provide a service, a place to share unique perspectives and information about a topic that most people shun and avoid out of a fear to accept reality. People came here to learn more about Puka because they know you got the goods they are looking for. We will endure until Puka LaFaggotta the fleshy virus, gets what it deserves at the hands of justice and then we can be back to where we were.
    Welcome Newbies. Contribute or lurk, whatever your choice may be, just don’t be stupid.

  15. Wanted to say, this whole event was pretty intense. I started visiting daily about a month ago and have decided that it’s time I made an account. Just wanna say, I have issues believing in reality or that anything even exists, and anytime I get too far into my head this site never fails to ground me. Thanks.

  16. a member for long but I just wanted to say thanks Mark for continuing to share the truth and nothing but the raw truth with us each and every day. In a world where the media influences and distorts a lot of aspects of our lives its nice to see that you understand what true Journalism is all about, a clear presentation of the facts, uncensored and untarnished by the malevolent grasp of the fleshy virus. I wish you well in your future endeavors and hope you can continue to provide us with entertaining and educating material for as long as you’re able to.

    Oh, and welcome new brethren/members. May your words enlighten, educate and make this site flourish more than it already is.

    1. As a lurker since early 2011 (I stopped visiting several months ago because I started getting nightmares and the things I saw on here did not have a beneficial effect on my insomnia and anxiety issues) I want to say GOOD FOR YOU and everyone on here who are responsible for bringing this vile, murdering, soul-less piece of toxic waste to justice. You stuck to your guns, and kept plugging away, you didn’t give up, and now this fuckweasel is in custody.Also, I’m sure as hell glad I picked Word Press to start my blog on. Didn’t know you were connected at all till after I started my blog, and was thinking, well, Word Press sure as Hell is anti-censorship. Since (unless I heard wrong) they didn’t give you any shit at all about the blog’s involvement, I will stick to them. Anyway, you, and everyone in the community here who never gave up and never gave in despite all the misdirected hatred at you, should get a fucking medal for your hard work and the final result. You have my respect!

  17. “Here Today, Gore Tomorrow” – you used my idea for a tag!!!!! 🙂
    Unless you thought of that yourself, it’s not hard to come up with. Still! I feel secretly pleased.
    I’ve barely slept lately; I’ve been researching every aspect of Magnotta. It’s amazing and creepy what you can find.
    Hello to all new people out there, just keep your morals to yourself, your complaining to a minimum, your caps lock key off, and be prepared for a whole lot of what-the-actual-fucking-fuckery that is not only BestGore, but the world you live in.

  18. there’s allot of people on Facebook that use his name and picture. its freaky. one that actually seems to be him there was a number posted saying no one better fuck with him and if they do they are in for a suprise. crazy stuff

  19. I’m afraid the site is going to change its original path due to that Luka-Midget thing. I reckon next few months will be focused only on this issue. Due to the new members, it’d be harder and harder to post the real gory stuff because of all the publicity that Faggota is bringing along.

  20. Go to bed Mark, let the site to get fixed by itself.
    Each day you’re becoming a funnier guy; it’s unbelievable the way that things go from bad to worst for you. I can’t content my laugh.
    We won’t abandon you because the site is slow or the most recent post has 0% gore. We like you.
    Go to bed, Mark.

  21. I knew it was over when I read the story on MSNBC and saw an indirect mention of bg…I actually stopped reading and came to post about my findings but haven’t been able to get a page to load in 3 days…I figured it was because fleshy viruses were flocking to bg

  22. hy you

    Since the magnotta case was shown here, my 16hours working day was cut down, i wasnt able to work without thinking about these thinks happend, it was amazing how the puzzle was put together by members of this site and all the people around the world. I visit your site somtimes 20 to 30 times an hour to see whats going on, it was so thrilling to see what new comments were post and if there is an progress to identify him or pinning him down.

    I am from germany and read about it in the news first time on Friday or one day before. It was in the Headlines of alot of german top newspapers. I wasnt able to help in any way, but at least i can give a big Thumbs up to all who helped to idendify this men.

    great site and it seems to have a great community .

    kepp the good work..

    Greez from a new member out of germany

  23. I’m completely fine with the slow-down, because I know Mark is all over it.. I haven’t been on here in awhile,(no computer – have to use a friends to see my gore, and they don’t like gore so it’s not easy).

    I’m glad you sick bastards help expose that shit-pusher..that’s why this community is the best on the net.

    And, Mark, do an interview, but only if Stephen Colbert asks you to. HAHAHA

  24. The one reason I get on bestgore is not for the thrill of seeing dead bodies and shit, but the fact that people are sheltered, and I refuse to believe that all is fine and dandy. This is real, this is the truth that everyone is blinded to. I think what you’re doing Mark is a giant contribution to society. The more people that see, the less speculation. I’m glad more people view this sight. They NEED to see this. Instead of hiding behind there white fences and suburban lifstyles. I’m glad bestgore is around because honestly, it’s opened my eyes to all the cruelty and violence in the world.

        1. Im actually from Australia! XD

          And thankyou for the compliment! To answer your question im the one on the right my sister is on the left this was her wedding.

          Sidenote. I wanna hear more of Luka! I wonder what he’s doing/thinking right now.

          1. Ah, not much difference between our peoples anyway.

            It is a sweet photo. Congrats on your sister’s wedding.

            It makes a change from the filth other Goregians use as their avatars.

            Haha. I can’t wait till this Luka business has blown over. Then we can return to a form of ‘normality’.

  25. Dang, no wonder I couldn’t get in here! And I was also wondering why my email box wasn’t full of BG members’ comments. Anyway, welcome back, Mark. You work too hard. Fuck them reporters! Let them dig up their own shit. Hopefully, you got my email with that deadly car accident in Russia and will publish it here soon. Get some rest, dude … you deserve it. Can’t wait to read more fleshy virus bullshit and get on with my life. Peace out!

        1. I am in England and the Isle of Man.

          Work dictates that I go all over really. I will be more than happy to provide a service with a smile!

          Provided you don’t mind a tad of deviancy introduced into the mix.

  26. Last night short before midnight there was a newsflash on a commercial TV-station overhere (=somewhere on the Europ. continent) about Luka Rocco . The TV-sheep weren’t as updated as we are, they said rumour had it Luka fled to the USA. Still it was funny to see Luka on another screen than the computer for a change , usually i only read what’s said on BG. Luka’s face is known all over the place by now anyway. Mark, amazing how you have been able to keep up with things. Don’t get a burnout and take good care of yourself.

  27. We need a name for noobs. To know not to be harsh on them if they’re fv brain decides to express itself on a comment. Remember, fv don’t think the way we do, they have alot to learn. So if a fv noob says something stupid like “oh gosh that’s horrible, who would do such a thing” or “DAT SUXX BRUHH”, one of us can jump in like “WAIT, forgive him he’s one of the fags” and you can be like “Oh no wonder he’s new here he’s one of the fags”. Then we can further instruct him into grammar lessons and shit.

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