Hindu Man Allegedly Killed by Muslims During Religious Riots in New Delhi

Hindu Man Allegedly Killed by Muslims During Religious Riots in New Delhi

Hindu Man Allegedly Killed by Muslims During Religious Riots in New Delhi

According to the backinfo I got, the video shows a Hindu man who was traveling with his son on a motorcycle, but got allegedly yanked off it and beaten to death by a mob of Muslims. The son got away, and the bike was set on fire. You can see the fire burning, as the crowd in the background does chant Allahu Akbar.

However whether the backstory is true I have no means to verify. Fact of a matter is, India’s capital city of New Delhi is currently going through the worst religious riots it has seen in decades. So far, 24 have been confirmed dead and hundreds wounded as a result of clashes between Hindus and Muslims, which were sparked by the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act.

Props to Best Gore member @dannic15 for the video:

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      1. Looks like the chicken is coming home to roost. The hindoos have been committing violent hate crimes against minorities for decades; the Christians, the dalits and the muslims. Looks like those people are beginning to make a stand against these vile oppressors.

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  6. The politicians want this to happen. There have been various brutal massacres in the Indian subcontinent, some against Muslims, some against Hindus, some against Sikhs, some perpetrated by Muslims on other Muslims of a different ethnic background and some between different Hindu castes.

    This is what happens when you have a low IQ, easily brainwashed and poor population. They are easily fooled into killing each other and who does it benefit? The politicians. Another common theme among these riots is that people use them as an excuse to act on their rivals. Suppose you have a shop and it’s not making more profit because there’s another shop ran next to you run by someone of a different faith. You call your people and kill the guy, or make him run away and then you loot and burn the shop. Now, your profits will go up due to the lack of competition and this incident will simply be labelled as part of the riot and it will be hard to prosecute anyone under these circumstances.

    1. I guess a revolution would be thier best bet, but they leave the mess behind and create more trouble than they are worth… In America during 1756, we fought the British hostile with are own militia. It would be wise to fight back, win thier country back… instead they become refugees/asylum seekers.

      1. Unfortunately, places like this have been divided into thousands, literally thousands of different sects and there is also a huge gap between the rich and the poor. So, people coming together and fighting the government is not likely and owning firearms is not as easy for the middle class in these places. The lower classes can get them illegally and they do not fear the consequences if they get caught while the middle class has plans for their future and they would not wanna sabotage them by engaging in illegal activities. But as long as democracy remains, these things will continue.

        If you look at it, America is kinda the same way. They have divided their vote banks into white, black, jew, LGBT, female, conservative, liberal etc… Sure, they do not end up going on murder/rape/arson rampages like in India but the outcomes of democracy are similar.

        1. I believe certain areas in America hold the same standards as third world countries to a degree, not as savage, instead cold killing from mass shooters and our own law enforcement. I only know that it’s becoming a global issue, regarding wage differences… race here is minor, still are certain ones and are own kind that find a way to cause destruction. Media call them loose ends… to me it’s the loss of our country due to liberal fags that seek propagandists, while guilt shaming the rich. And we all know they are putting money into false organisation to keep uncle Sam from getting a piece of the pie.
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  7. this was eerie to me and I actually played it back twice because I thought it was first video ever without horns but no they are there although I am not hearing them so much at end ,crazy

    where is @bobby and @hindustan ?
    remember he got all weird before he disappeared like he was forming a cult or going into politics. lol remember he made Indians only forum? lmfao! Bobby was cool ,Neil™ was arrogant bitch

    1. hindustan even hated his own people, I just saw an old comment of his where he stated he wished all the ugly and dark skinned street shitters would just die. His words….and he himself is a street shitter. He was very young, 20 maybe…Bobby was the voice of reason and a nice guy.

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        I guess it would matter how old the son was and what kind of father the dad was also.
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  8. The US and Israel have together been the preeminent powers since WWII.

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    1. The Serbs took a strong Nationalist stance during the 90’s, and the American led capitalist, neo-liberal order saw this as a major threat to their plans, so they backed and armed the muslim agitators. Nationalism and Socialism go hand in hand, and its very hard for lazy capitalists to make an easy buck in a united, homogeneous nation.

      1. No problem but you may not have the rights to comment directly yet. Wait a week or so and if you still can’t let admin know to try and expedite it. In the mean time ,you can respond as you just did.

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  11. THE RELIGION OF PEACE brings PEACE to yet another suffering human being!!!

    In all honesty, I’m starting to believe that most of the retardedness of these muslims and their hindu cousins stems from the fact that they’ve been smashing their cousins and making kids for literally thousands of years, its a miracle they even look (vaguely) human at all

  12. smh at the dumbasses who know nothing of india’s history. look up communal rioting in india,

    anti sikh
    anti muslim
    anti dalit(untoucable)
    anti woman
    anti christian (orissa)
    anti anti poop (not making this up)

    They were one way with Hindus being the killers

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