Hitman Taps Victim on Shoulder Before Assassinating Him

Hitman Taps Victim on Shoulder Before Assassinating Him

Hitman Taps Victim on Shoulder Before Assassinating Him

In a restaurant in Porto dos Gaúchos, a municipality in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, a man was assassinated by a hitman who tapped him on the shoulder to make him look the death in the eyes before turning his lights off for good.

The CCTV video of the incident shows the victim sitting behind a table with another guy, when the hitman approaches him from behind and quickly takes care of business.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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82 thoughts on “Hitman Taps Victim on Shoulder Before Assassinating Him”

  1. Not a Hit that. The guy stood up is the Brazilian equivalent of Ronald McDonald and only squirted him from a toy pistol filled with ketchup. All in aid of a Birthday surprise for the fat retard sat next to him. They all sat together 5 minutes later laughin and eating quarter pounders while retard was dribblin Mcflurry’s down his acne infected chin.

  2. I had a co-worker that would tap me on you right shoulder and I’d always look to the right, but he’d always be on the left.

    Now if someone taps me on the shoulder, I’m just going to spin around shooting until my gun goes ‘click.’

  3. mmmh….

    did i just see a brazilian guy getting killed by a white guy (american ?) ?

    that’s some serious shit right there, i wonder where it will goes… i bet we will see that white guy soon enougth getting killed.

      1. @johnny – that’s not every country on earth, that’s just Murica. I doubt that here in Oz or in New Zealand or Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Fiji or Tahiti there is even 1 hitman. Here in the South Pacific we’re quite peaceful and just get along. If we got a disagreement to settle, we just have a boomerang throwing contest. Easy, no one dies and you still got your whole team for cricket on Saturday……..

        1. wow, you live in Australia? You’re so lucky, Thats the country I always wanted to move to, I agree its probably the best country on earth. Surrounded by water so no 3rd world monkeys flooding in and no Low IQ races, and your government is reasonable, your media is reasonable, you have limited the power of your central bank. I really would like to escape this stupid depressing hellhole Murica and become an aussie. Even the Aussies that come here cant wait to go back.

  4. this one might be the first actual professional hitman ive seen here. i mean, a seasoned old dude, calm as fuck. love it. i wish that old man had a tv show where he came up behind people, tapped them on the shoulder, and blew their fucking heads off. nightly episodes. right into the base of the brain stem.

  5. The agronomist of an agricultural supply company, identified as Silas Henrique Palmieri Maia, 33, was killed with a four head shot Monday in the rural region of Porto dos Gaúchos (650 km from Cuiabá)

    Preliminary information is that Silas, who works as a sales consultant for the company Agroinsumos, would have moved to the Gleba Mercedes region to collect an account for a 2018/2019 harvest.

  6. There is something much different in this video that makes me believe this was not just your standard gang execution! It looked to be much more personal especially since the killer tapped his shoulder to make sure he knew exactly who was killing him. Also that split second reaction of the victim attempting to run and the age of the shooter leads me to believe it was his father in-law who killed him !! Dada

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