Hizbul Mujahideen Commander Shot Dead by Indian Security Forces in Tral

Hizbul Mujahideen Commander Shot Dead by Indian Security Forces in Tral

Sabzar Ahmad Bhat, the commander of the Kashmiri insurgent outfit Hizbul Mujahedeen was shot dead after an encounter with Indian security forces in Tral area of south Kashmir’s Pulwama district.

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39 thoughts on “Hizbul Mujahideen Commander Shot Dead by Indian Security Forces in Tral”

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  1. I have gotten to like these Indian forces, because firstly,,, i never knew how big, and powerful, they really were, and secondly,,, They Don,t Fuck Around, but at the same time, they seem respectful, and care for their people, unlike many other Countries who slaughter their own indiscriminately, and without giving it a second thought.

    1. I have been to India for work trips and vacations and once I was holidaying in the Himalayas when our minivan broke down in the middle of nowhere. the driver went to ask for help from a nearby army camp and they came with a tow truck and let us passengers rest in a big hall for 4 hours till our van was repaired….. all of us were treated with sandwiches from their canteen. when we insisted to pay, they just refused to take any money.
      and most of them were form somewhere in east India. Man, those guys looked brave….. You got to be nuts to mess with them…..

  2. sources: sabzar was a pussy in his death,
    As THE INDIAN ARMY got the tip of hizb commander Sabzar a cordon was laid and three houses were zeroed and repeated appeal were made to surrender. In a view to not divulge their position no reactions were made by the terrorists. it was then indian army brought fire tender filled with imflammable liquid and burnt the first house then second and when the third was put on fire sabzar along with his accomplice ran to break the cordon and was instantly shot dead. both of them could not fire even a single shot.while he was trapped in house he made repeated attempt to mobilize local population to the encounter site on social media.

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