Homeless Man Bound and Suffocated in Caruaru

Homeless Man Bound and Suffocated in Caruaru

A homeless man, identified as 60-year-old José Albino da Silva aka “Ze Boy”, was found dead in an abandoned section of the Santa Rosa neighbourhood of Caruaru on Wednesday, December 2nd. A piece of wood is still tied to his leg possibly from a makeshift chair that got broken but the “Last Supper” painting propped up under his foot just screams symbolism to me but hey, who doesn’t like good mystery? He was asphyxiated by having a rag tied around his face and neck. He clearly struggled but it ultimately proved futile.

It is speculated he may have been killed by another homeless man or perhaps a passing drug addict. The victim’s brother says that despite being a “nomad” his brother was very well liked around the area and does not know who would do this thing.

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      1. Well given what we can see in the pictures and with what we discussed below, I’m going with yet another religious wacko lost his/her last tedious hold on reality and did this in the name of ‘god’ believing to be doing ‘gods work’, just my theory anyway.

  1. The painting of the Holy Grail is quite fascinating. Maybe he was punished for tampering with a virgin ?!. On the other hand, the painting may be totally insignificant, grabbed off his wall and thrown in the mix.

    1. Ewe : I’m not sure this poor bloke had a wall to hang his artwork……

      The victim seemed to have a very hard life and in a very cruel twist of fate, experienced a very hard death too…….

      1. That’s exactly what I mean sugar. As @Epmty Soul mentions this has a Christian connection and if you look into the Spanish Inquisition an in the persecution of Anabaptists during the Protestant Reformation it is argued that waterboarding is seen as a form of baptism “saving” the condemned.

          1. I actually learned that a few years ago when researching torture methods , like ancient ones and which are still used today blah blah, basically I’m a borderline insomniac with heavy nerd syndrome.

          1. Big trouble in little China was a movie directed by john Carpenter. David Lo Pan is A Chinese actor in a lot of fils mostly from that era. Is that right ES?

          2. The movie Big Trouble in Little China with Kurt Russell.

            David Lo Pan(James Hong)forced to live a long life as a result of God?s curse(revenge, retaliation etc).

            I may be near my mid thirties but I sure do feel old these days.

          1. @Horrorgirl,

            I mean it?s sad in the sense that my advancement of years is not met with an advancement of prospects.

            Wages for all but the top few always stagnate, taxes always rise and so does the cost of living. Uncontrolled immigration is destroying social cohesion and indigenous culture, wars are always going on, crime is constantly on the rise and so is corruption etc, etc.

            In the above, I am forced to recognise and endure the fact that I work to maintain a present but never the future because the castle door has been nailed shut and the drawbridge has already been drawn by those who wear silk purses and prance with cockalorum.

            All I am left with then is the aging process and an absence of hope as I live, breathe and die in perpetual limbo.

            It?s a cold, cruel wind.

  2. ?Happiness lives in every corner of your home and if you are homeless, it lives under the leaves of trees, hiding beneath the sky’s cloudiness. All you need to do is to find it with patience.?
    ? Munia Khan

    Rest easy Ze Boy.

          1. And on that note, i am going to listen to mad world gary jules. Luv how things remind me of music, is where i find my safe heaven =|)

  3. I find the notion of a last meal ironic considering that he was a homeless person and therefore not scheduled for meals regardless of timetable.

    The left foot also appears to have been secured by wood in the shape of a cross.

    It is more or less obvious then that he was killed by a Christian person.

    This was not personal hatred however because the killer showed respect towards the killed, my bet is that they were friends but had a falling out and shit happened hence the regret.

          1. Ennio Morricone is an absolutely awesome Italian composer, he’s famous for the music in ‘spaghetti Westerns’ like The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, also A Fistful of Dollars etc. you know, those fantastic Clint Eastwood Westerns from the 60’s. Heaps more too.

          2. Oh so that’s the composer? I never knew that. Ive only watched those films in spurts and never completely. I’m sure they are fantastic just not really my cup of tea to be honest.

  4. Hurry up, Tommy! We need to get rid of Ze Boy before zee germans get there!

    Tried to recreate the death of judas? but they had to hang him from a tree and eviscerate him, if that was the case…

    1. well i was in Croatia with a Travel Group for Teenagers and we decided to Life a few days Outside but we bought food and water 😀 , well i didn’t liked it because the Hygiene was bad but yeah its a simple life if you have an Island. In a City as a Homeless Person no way i wouldn’t liked it

        1. I ran away when i was a kid, and it was fun the first few hours, but when it became dark and cold, I was hungry and cold too. I manged to live a few days before some one found me and took me home.

    2. Thats because in the woods, you can chop trees and gather wood, food, twigs, plants, rocks etc… And you can allways hunt animals… But in the big city… The trees are made of steel and concrete, the ground of asphalt and rock, and the animals are far more dangerous and walk in two feet… And althlough they are edible, they will fight back in packs if you dare to… 😕

  5. This saddens me. My step dad, the only man I ever considered a father, became homeless. He passed away 2yrs ago yesterday. He allowed his addictions to consume him. I’m grateful I knew him as the man he was supposed to be. Unfortunately my brothers (his sons) only knew him as a drunk drug addicted shell. I remember the transition. So sad. I remember driving around to local bum camps looking for him to give him money and tell him I love him. I should have done more. I had to identify his body. His wallet was missing and I was told foul play was suspected, but who gives a fuck about a bum. Now one of his sons is in prison and his other is a homeless junkie too. I love them both but I feel lost when it comes to helping them.

    1. @LD sorry you had to watch his decline like that. Don’t blame yourself for not doing enough, you can’t help someone unless they want the help. I watched my mother decline in health from childhood till six years ago, over a drug, an abusive man, and unknown till 4 months before she died cancer, because she was to afraid to see a doctor in fear of her addiction and retaliation from the sob. I catch myself often in regret thinking on the same lines as you, but there is only so much you can do, but I understand the feelings that follow you over something like this and to be honest I don’t think they will ever leave.

  6. I wonder why the killer didn’t want his victim’s feet to touch the ground. If this was an episode of ‘Silent Witness’ we would all be entertained by at least a double episode it would take the team to catch the killer. Very interesting clues though.

    I thought killers only leave ‘messages’ like this for the investigating police, for if no one understands the message, it becomes pointless…….

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