Honduras – Valentine’s Day Crime of Passion Triple Murders

Honduras - Valentine's Day Crime of Passion Triple Murders

The municipality of Atimas in the department of Santa Barbara in Honduras was a setting for a Valentine’s Day massacre in which three people were brutally murdered. The victims were identified as Eberth Ayestas, Maria Paz and Tomas Soriano. If I understand it correctly, this is how it went down:

Eberth Ayestas was married to Maria Paz for a few years and things were going fine until Eberth caught his wife engaging in undesired extramarital activity with Tomas Soriano at a party. Betrayed, Eberth grabbed a machete and went chop chop on his cheating wife and her secret lover, finishing them up with gunfire.

Friend of Thomas Soriano noticed what jealous husband of his friend’s mistress did to him and responded by killing Eberth Ayestas with his own gun, ultimately terminating the entire love triangle.

Many thanks to my Honduran gore connection Vladimir C. for video and story:

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  1. I speak fluent spanish and they are saying the hubby saw wifey at a party dancing with
    the other guy. Drinks got their heads lighted, and hubby discover them dancing. After hubby killed both with a machete. A family of the other guy finished the jelaous hubby to end the triade….huff, no for a pussy no my man…nonono…

      1. Over THAT (both the bitch, and, JUST dancing??)
        I thought for sure she was AT LEAST giving him a handy in the bushes or something (everyone still has all their clothes on)
        Wow, what a STUPID group of people. It’s also discouraging to know that this HIGH level of intelligence is BECOMING THE NORM.

  2. Words don’t describe what a douche this guy was. I what justalex4ever is true, the girl was only dancing and having some fun. How insecure do you have to be to go all rambo on their ass. What a freak! I wouldn’t care too much if my girl was DIRTY dancing with guys at a party (within reason), in the end, she’ll choose to come home with me. I also think it nice to have a wife that’s desirable. The party didn’t look like it was the Gala Ball. Take it as a compliment. This guy was clearly completely fucked in the head. An unnecessary event that should never have happened.

    1. actually the reporter claimed the two had been separated for some time and the husband went out looking for her drunk. unfortunately he found her at a party dancing with soon to be dead guy chopped them up with a machete unloaded a few rounds then dead guys relative turned the gun on him. i would prob do the same except for the being shot with my own gun.

    1. a beaner once told me that mexican can attend school through 5th grade, after that, school costs money.
      If that is true, then there is a simple anwser to most problems, EXCEPT for when they DO HAVE SCHOOL available to them, they STILL do the same stupid shit.

      And again, Big Johnson, how in the FUCK did you AGAIn get your comment on the bottom???
      Weird. You DO have super powers here.

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