Hotel Manager Shot by Short Guy with Mustache in Murree, Pakistan

Hotel Manager Shot by Short Guy with Mustache in Murree, Pakistan

Hotel Manager Shot by Short Guy with Mustache in Murree, Pakistan

In a hotel in the city of Murree in Pakistan, a short man with a mustache opened fire at the manager of the establishment who was working the reception. According to the information obtained by the local police, the shooter, identified as Masab, was refused a room which angered him so he returned to the hotel to square up with the manager.

The said manager, named Asif, was wounded as a result of fire, but survived. He is said to be in Rawalpindi hospital in critical condition.

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  2. Military protects murree surely he wouldn’t of got far. Mercenaries despite receiving generous pay cheques either refuse to destabilise this region or fail to cause carnage. Multiple terrorist attacks have been foiled over the last couple of decades.

    In this very region pak-army captured mercenaries high on drugs along with Polish & Russian vodka as well as countless bottles of pricey blue label. Some terrorists were reported to have strong european accent & were multilinguistic.

    Murree is on the outskirts of the capital Islamabad which is the most heavily protected city. Special operations elite combat unit, army, rangers & commandos do regular patrols & can be seen scattered across the capital.

    The only other city which has a bigger army budget is Lahore mainly due to having Sikh pilgrimage sites. Every year tens of thousands of Sikhs visit Lahore to perform pilgrimage mainly from the U.S, Canada, Western Europe & India. Security is so tight that even the non-sikh locals are not allowed to enter. Most part of Lahore has airport style security especially the Sikh religious sites, churches & synagogues

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