Huge Mushroom Cloud Forming Bomb Went Off Today in Donetsk, Ukraine

Huge Mushroom Cloud Forming Bomb Went Off Today in Donetsk, Ukraine

Residents of Donetsk in the Ukraine filmed videos of a huge, mushroom cloud forming explosion that went off today near the city. It is not clear at this point what caused this massive pop, that almost looks like a mini nuke.

Coincidentally, Kiev is currently in “peace talks” with the West, who is quite obviously getting antsy that after Billions of dollars invested in the Ukraine coup, things are not going as smoothly as they would have imagined. Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Francois Hollande were part of the discussion on bringing a “diplomatic resolution” to the standoff with the Minsk agreement.

Then you have war criminal Petro Poroshenko meeting with Joe Biden to discuss the “options”. Biden called out the European Union’s resistance to sanctions and refusal to unconditionally side with Kiev’s military aggression as “inappropriate and annoying”.

While this could have been the work of either side, given the plots that the West and Kiev have been concocting, and given past coups orchestrated by the West in the exact same manner, I wouldn’t give the West any benefit of the doubt. What is about to happen should really come as no surprise.

Another angle:

It really lit up the sky:

This one’s a little more intense as the cameraman was a bit closer:

More of the same explosion:

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        1. I had to google that and glad you brought it up because all I was thinking was Bond……. drrrrrr

          I need to see that and shook my head when looking at IMDb that it was made one year before I was born……. oh dear 😆

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  2. Haven’t heard anything in the mainstream media about this. If that really is a nuke, this would be the second time BestGore scooped traditional news sites on a big story. The other time I can remember was the USAF cargo jet crashing just after take-off. Eventually saw it on all the news sites, but it was here first.

    1. Most big explosions create mushroom clouds. More likely a high yield bomb than nuke, its too small for nuke. Also no flash, nukes have huge flashes at the moment of explosion.
      And it happened on ground level by the looks of it. Nukes explode in mid-air.

        1. Yep, definitely not a nuke…just a big fucking bomb. I believe all the videos are authentic but I have a question about the first and last vids. Why is there no lag between the explosion and the Soundwave?? The second video had it right. The explosion looked to be several miles away so there should’ve been a couple seconds of lag. Can anyone explain it?

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    1. It,s all in the distance bro! That first video was really far, and the camera was zoomed to it,s max, so it took awhile for the shock to arrive. One fuck of a blast, either way! That bomb lit the whole night sky up like the sun,,, SCARY for those F-V,s for sure.

      1. sound and the percussion wave would travel at about the same rate (mach 1, right? speed of sound) so if it was the wave that blew out his window, like the shockwave after that comet hit Russia a few years ago, how the fuck could the sound travel that far, that fast?

        Growing up, we’d watch the fireworks go off from the back yard, and they were being set off in the fair grounds parking lot about a mile away from the house, and, although slight, there was in fact a sound delay of aprox 1/4 second from visual detonation (plus factor in the altitude in which they explode)
        BUT, I have no reason to believe this vid has been fucked with. What would be the point?

        1. Yea, that,s what it looked like to me, but again when it comes to bombs, assault riffles, and general military equipment, i,m not the best judge. You American dudes know your stuff in this department a lot more than this Canadian, that is for sure! I am watching CNN to see if they mention something, but nothing yet! If it came from Prochensko,s side, we will not hear squat, i,m sure.

          1. Of course, my friend. This is the ONLY reason that i watch that News Station. It is a freak show of epic proportions, and it is entertaining to watch these clowns fumble for words as they sometimes try to lie live on camera. 🙂

  4. This was not a nuke.

    The explosion was that of a weapons manufacturing facility that produces the chemicals used in both small arms (gun powder) and high grade (bomb) military munitions. This facility in Donetsk (Ukraine) has been attacked before, and most recently so in late 2014. The form of a mushroom cloud is in no way synonymous with atomic weapons. All ground based explosions will create a mushroom cloud due to the thermal convection and vacuum created by an explosion. It’s just physics.

    Further, sound travels at about 340 meters per second, so about a kilometre in four seconds depending upon atmospheric conditions. In the first video, the visible light from the explosion occurs at the 4 second mark and the resulting shock wave reaches the observer at the 20 second mark (for 14 seconds of delay) which indicates that the epicentre of the explosion was roughly 4.75 kilometres (or 3 miles) away.

    When a nuclear weapon detonates, whether it be a fusion or fission bomb, low yield tactical or high yield strategic, the release of atomic energy (from the nucleus of an atom being fused or split) releases enough energy to reach temperatures several times hotter than the surface of the sun (which is 5,500 deg Celsius (or 10,000 deg Fahrenheit)). Some low yield nuclear explosions may reach a couple hundred thousand degrees Celsius, while higher yield bombs can break a million degrees Celsius. In either case, whether it be low yield or high yield, tactical or strategic, the energy released by the nuclei of the atoms produces an abundance of X-rays. So, it logically follows that the people filming this explosion suffered first degree burns and shall also succumb to radiation poisoning within the next week or two.

    Nuclear weapons also create an instantaneous flash of white light that would have overloaded the CCD (Colour Capture Device) sensor of any digital camera. There is also the EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) which is akin to running a high powered magnet over a wire. When a magnetic field passes though a conductor (such as the copper traces in the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) of a digital device), it evokes an electric current within said conductor. This is similar to how a radio works, where radio waves pass through an antenna, interrupting the regulated electrical current within the antenna, that variance of electrical difference amplified and turned into sound (using magnets). Most every digital video device, whether it be a cell phone or a point and shoot video camera, operate at 12 volts maximum at less than a couple Amps. The EMP from an atomic weapon would be the equivalent of hooking you iPhone up to the 120 volt 60 hertz 10 Amp (North American) household current that would normally run large appliances. It would destroy the device at the speed of light, or pretty close to it. And though some more modern atomic weapons have been designed to mitigate the EMP effect (as both sides are vulnerable to it), at the observers approximate range, there should have been some measurable interference in his digital camera.

    And perhaps the most telling aspect of all to indicate that this wasn’t an atomic weapon, the fact that all atomic weapons are detonated at least a mile above the intended target. If some army wants to destroy a city, hitting the ground with such a powerful bomb is a waste of energy. By detonating the device a mile or so above the intended target, the blast radius is the same while the force of the explosion is direct downwards upon the target instead of laterally (to the sides). Aerial detonation also guarantees a greater degree of radiation exposure and nuclear fallout from the blast.

    Finally, Russia is a member of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and a member of the United Nations Security Council (along with America, Great Britian, France and China). Russia is not going to risk their standing at the UN for the sole purpose of detonating a nuke in the backwoods of the Ukraine, nor would risk the collective forces of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) swooping in and disarming them by force. This was just a small and strategic bombing of a weapons manufacturing depot in the Ukraine and not the first rumbling of World War 3.

        1. No.
          He’s/She’s a brilliant bugger.

          And as I was reading the above, I was thinking, Hey, he really is a brilliant bugger. (Apologies if you are a lady and not a mister.)

          Very informative an swer. Why it is so and the reasoning behind the answer. The kind I like. Many thanks. SF

          1. @ sparkle farkle This bug is a guy, just as how most of the insect population upon this planet is comprised of mostly males in service to their lady queen (ie. ant, bees, termites).

    1. You’re full of shit , with your theory you couldn’t film a nuclear bomb going off. From flash to window break was 16 seconds, at sea level 5 miles, more like 6 or 7. Hiroshima smashed windows at 10 miles. Whatever exploded was big , not likely nuclear.

      1. @ fallguy It would be highly unlikely that any digital consumer grade video camera would have been able to withstand the visual flash of light from an atomic explosion.

        Consider Einsteins equation of E=mc2 and that the total amount of available energy in a fissile (atomic nuclei splitting process) nuclear material, such as a single gram of weapons grade plutonium, that the potential energy (in joules) is tremendous. As the reaction happens at the speed of light (or so incredibly close so as to not make any difference) all of the potential energy within that fissile material is released at once. That process excites all of the surrounding electrons to produce a blinding white light that can be seen dozens of kilometres away. Every CCD (charge-coupled device) and CMOS (Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) has overload protection built into their design. I’ve seen videos where people have tried filming white hot metals (such as burning thermite) without the use of an appropriate lens filter. In every instance, the sensor is overloaded and the camera defaults to a type of safe mode that requires a power off and restart. If this bomb was nuclear, there would have been a far greater flash of white filling the sky, illuminating the spectator an all of their surroundings. Though there was a quick flash, an atomic explosion would have been considerably brighter, perhaps even enough to cause some damage to the eye at such a close range. This was the slow release of energy associated with conventional chemical explosives.

  5. Lavrov rightly stated that European elites are too docile towards the Americans. This is Russia’s backyard and what happens there is none of our business. Leave Russia alone! By the way, I don’t mind Russkies in MY backyard. As for the Yankees: stay as far away from Europe as possible. We don’t want to have anything to do with you.

    1. I think we Europeans should be happy to be allied with America. America is one of the reasons that keeps the Russians from invading further into Europe. There are upcoming powers all around the globe, America has been a trusted ally so far, Europe have the strongest Economic with second strongest millitary power, and the Americans have the second largests econony with the strongest millitary. Perfect ally.

  6. I heard on ABC news about 10 minutes ago talking about this video. They mentioned that Obama and the German chancellor were in discussion about arming the Ukrainians against the rebels. However, no decision was made at this time.

  7. Way conventional. The smallest nuke ever built (on record) was a “dial-a-yield” version of the Davy Crockett. The smallest variable setting for that device was 4x bigger than the OKC bombing in 1995. So if this was a nuclear explosion, it was custom built to be unbelievably tiny (in nuclear standards) and just makes no sense at all to spend the effort on, unless the goal was to disperse some radiation – in that case, just use a dirty bomb.

    In these recordings, the witnesses were startled by the huge blast. But if it were truly nuclear at any scale, you’d see something much different and their reactions would be more of “I am getting the fuck out of here.”

    It makes a great news story though. “Sheeple.”

    1. @ ronco Excellent observation upon the minimal yield of nuclear warheads. One should also consider that to built a nuclear weapon, to acquire and refine the uranium or plutonium to its critical mass, building the arming device and trigger, all of the scientists and engineers to ensure that the weapon works, it can cost several hundred million dollars to construct the most basic of atomic weapons, which are typically used upon entire cities and not in the unpopulated regions surrounding them. To use a nuke and not hit a strategic and or populated target, it’s an extraordinary waste of money.

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